Friday, March 9, 2012

NP Set Lip Gloss Trio

Hey dolls,

Its been a while.. Its currently 3am and im still up doing some uni work but i thought while im up i may as well do a quick post before i head off to bed !

So today we are looking at the NP Set Time to Shine Lipgloss Set. I actually got this for Christmas from my sister, it was such a cute little stocking filler and ive finally just opened it- in March !! I cant believe it took me so long to get my hot little hands on it ! I do know for a fact that these came out specifically for Christmas, but ive stll seen them in so many Target stores so they are still available and im pretty sure the last time i saw them they had a $15 price tag which is a bargain.

In the pack you recieve 3 little tubes which hold 2.5ml of product, which sounds a lot less than what it actually is... The colours are three nude /berry colours and they are just beautiful. I wanna get stuck into these little babies over winter especially which is probably now cause those of you in Sydney would know how freezing its been and ive been wearing a jumper for the past week or so !

The wearing time of these are amazing, like all of Napoleons lipglosses. Im really happy that the NP Set range is not a cheaper rip off version of the brand, there are so many quality products.

These glosses are the same consistency and wear time of the normal Napoleon glosses, they are slightly sticky, very shiny and will still be there after eating (if your careful obviously) and drinking.

They are also super moisturising- they contain Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamin C and E.

I think its an awesome product for the price, i doubt you will be disappointed. And the packaging is just too cute !!

What do you guys think ? Have you tried these or any Napoleon lip products ? Do you like them as much as i do ??

Love S x