Thursday, June 30, 2011

Australis Colour Inject Lipstick

Hey all,

Lately ive been playing around with a few Australis lipsticks because i am obsessed with their colour range ! i want every single colour from the range because what i have noticed is that they are all quite universal colours that can warm to most skin tones and suit most complexions which is a big plus ! Ive decided to do a quick review on my favourite colour from the range in the shade 'Salsa'. Its a fresh summer toned lipstick which is a mix between a bright coral and pink and its just really pretty.

The application of the lipstick is quite smooth and easy to apply, and they are an absolute bargain at about $10 mark ! The lipstick applies with a gloss in the formula but once it starts to wear away, the gloss disappears but the lip colour still remains which is good because you can wait a little longer before a touch up is necessary.

Get your hands on these lipsticks at your local Target, Priceline, Big W or Kmart... At this price, youd be silly not to atleast have a browse

Love Suzie xx

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bourjois Eyeshadow

Hey guys,

As i was shopping the other day, i tried to stay clear of the makeup section, trying to save some extra holiday cash but i couldnt help myself but to quickly have a look around for the perfect lilac/lavender/purple eyeshadow. Ive been looking for one for a while and none of them that i have purchased have been the perfect tone of purple until i found the Bourjois individual baked eyeshadow range, which i never knew actually existed because ive always thought that Bourjois is over priced. However when i saw this pretty colour i just had to get my hot little hands on it ! I got the shadow in number 72- ombre a paupieres.

When i got home i started to play around with it and i realised that the $28 price tag which was attached to it, did not necessarily mean super pigmentation or staying power. The first swipe of my finger across the shadow barely picked up anything and i had to really rub my finger in it to pick up some colour. So then i tried to use the shadow wet by slightly dampening a brush and then applying it onto my lid and that just caused it to crumble off and fall into my eye. I tried again with a primer first and then some shadow but even that didnt really work.

Ive come to the conclusion that im officially done with the Bourjois eyeshadow range, and im a little uoset that this pretty colour will be pushed to the back of the eyeshadow drawer because its really not a good shadow. Ive never tried the other eyeshadows by the same brand, maybe its just the baked ones that proved to be a dud ?!

Let me know your thoughts on these if you have tried them..

Love Suzie xxx

Friday, June 24, 2011

Maybelline Designer Chocolate Quad

Hey guys,
My daily makeup is usually quite neutral, just really standard and quite boring actually- it consists of the standard foundation, concealer if needed, pressed powder, bronzer, mascara and sometimes just some pencil liner. And on days where im off to uni, I tend to go for the option of tinted moisturiser with a ballerina bun on the top of my head and im out the door.
But cause im finished with uni now, im out and about every day so ive started to put a little more time into my makeup and have started to include some eyeshadow in my daily makeup routine if im not in too much of a rush (im one of those people who would rather sleep the extra 10 minutes instead of getting up 10 minutes earlier to make my life that little bit more simpler lol)
So lately ive been reaching for my Maybelline Quad in Designer Chocolate which I am seriously in love with !! It has the most gorgeous four colours that compliment every skin tone id say, and every time ive worn these ive been complimented on how pretty my eyes look.
I just realised that I don’t actually own any shadows by Maybelline as I always thought they weren’t pigmented but these are super pigmented and I even bought an extra one for my makeup kit and used the lightest colour from the palette as a highlight colour for makeup that I did at a wedding the other week on all three bridesmaids and it did not budge all night !

Ive probably worn these every day for the past two weeks, with or without a primer and even without a primer, they still stay put and the pigmentation is great. I have been applying it the same way every day, by using the cute little picture guide on the back of the palette as this palette has the words, ‘brow bone’, ‘lid’, ‘crease’ and ‘outer corner’ engraved into each separate shadow so you know exactly where to place each colour, which is great for beginners of makeup and with a $17 price tag attached to it, id say it’s a bargain for pretty good quality stuff ! Yay to Maybelline on these cute little quads. Ill be definitely going back to suss out the rest of the colour range, I wanna get my hands on a smokey eye one if it exists.

Have you guys tried these ? Let me know what you thought and what colour palette should I look out for ?
P.S I just realised ive rambled on about how pigmented these are but I didn’t take a photo of any swatches.. ill try get these up asap ! (my excuse is that its after midnight and I should be sleeping, so my brain must be falling asleep)
Love Suzie xx

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Its getting close !!!

Hey guys,

So ill be leaving for america in about 14 days now and im all over the place doing all my shoopping and stuff now before it gets too last minute, because i know what im like and i will probably have heart failure and freak out at that point.

I never realised how much junk im actually dependant on, on a daily basis and how many things you need just to make one thing work.. like for a camera, you need the camera, a memory card, a case, a charger and an international plug ! Thats like half my suitcase filled up right there ! And what im actually freaking out about the most is what im going to stash in my beauty bag, which im trying to keep to an absolute minimum so i figure imgoing to shop around for things that have two in one purposes, like a lip and cheek tint so i can have one thing and two uses which will hopefully minimise how many things ill be taking.

But because i am the way that i am, i believe that i need to take everything and i mean everything !! I dont believe that just a shampoo and conditioner is sufficient, i need to bring my leave in hair treatment, a detangling spray and a heat protectant spray and like three round brushes for a blowdry and a hair straightener and hairdryer and a curling iron, and oh my goodness im getting flustered just thinking about it lol like who needs all this stuff for a few weeks away !! I do. Suzie. Me ! I need it all !!!!!

Because i know its impossible to bring everything, ive decided to buy little travel bottles and put some product in them so i can have the best of both worlds when it comes to hair, and as far as packing makeup, i guess ill find the room the stash them somewhere and wouldnt it be a shame if i had to buy a whole new bunch while im in new york haha

So on my absolute necessities list i have:

1. ipod: its multifunctional for plane rides and the beach and i have to have it
2. Huge sunglasses: just to hide half my face for the days that ill be too tired to wear eye makeup and ill still look half decent in photos haha
3. Hairdryer: just because !
4. Hair straighetner: another just because ! No questions should be asked
5. HD foundation: ill have these photos for the rest of my life so i want flawless looking skin
6. Mini Travel Brush Set: theres no point in taking makeup if you have nothing to apply it with
7. Summery Smelling Body Butter: something fruity and florally which smells delish. You need to take care of your skin in warmer climates especially if you plan on baking in the sun all day.
8. Sunscreen: because sunburn hurts and red tan lines are hideous !
9. Face Primer: if your out and about all day, you dont want your face to slip and slide
10. Your favourites makeup product ever that you cant go anywhere without: my NP Set liquid eyeliner, I believe it was love at first swipe :)

Ill be uploading photos of what ill pack in my beauty department of my suitcase when i start packing it and hopefully ill be a good girll and will only pack necessities..

So tell me, what are your travel necessities ?? Post me a comment below..

Until next time,

Love Suzie xxxx

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NP Set Pretty Presto Palette

Hey all,

You all need to get your hands on this palette from Napoleon Set in Pretty Presto. It is extremely cute and its the perfect thing you need for a short trip away or even for every day use.

The main reason i actually purchased this was because the blush that is in there is the mst beautiful bright coral which compliments my skin tone so well, which was part of Napoleons holiday set about two years ago and now i finished that blush and couldnt find a replacement until i saw this little palette.

The palette has two eyeshadows which suit every skin tone. It has a gorgeous deep gold shade and a bronze shadow and i love the quality of these and they are long lasting even without a primer. The palette comes with a little baby mascara stick which is seriously too cute and it comes with a baby lipgloss in a neutral colour which is also perfect for all skin tones.

This palette has a price tag of $28 and is worth the money, well i think so anyway ! This can be purchased from Target or any Napoleon store. They have a whole range of mini palettes like this and i wanna get my hands on every single one of them. What i dont like is that the palettes dont actually come with any little applicators or anything even though i dont personally use them myself, im sure there is people out there who do..

Let me know what you guys think of NP set products, cause i know alot of people still havnt really tried them.

Love Suzie xxxx

Monday, June 6, 2011

Chi Chi Eyeshadow Review

Hey guys !

Today i will be reviweing the Chi Chi single eyeshadow range and i always see Chi Chi and browse their products but ive never actually bought anything from there until the other week.

I picked up three eyeshaddows in the colours, 'dont pimp my style' which is a vibrant deep purple which kind of reminds me of cadbury purple, 'carribean lover' which is a beautiful teal with golden undertones and 'show me the money' which is a beautiful vibrant green.

From left to right- dont pimp my style, show me the money, carribean lover (my personal fave)

They are soo pigmented, these swatches are just one swipe of each shadow and im really impressed with them. I wore carribean lover over the weekend and i must say im pretty impressed with the staying power because they lasted all night. The texture of these feel a little grainy, but it doesnt really effect the staying power of the shadow which is always a good thing.

Overall, i do like them, i wouldnt say love, but i do like them and will continue to use them. I guess i just prefer a silky feeling shadow. The only reason id probably repurchase would be because of the crazy colour range that they have available. I am a sucker for the cute packaging, everything in their range is so cute and sleek looking !

Have you tried these ? Did yours feel grainy too ? Let me know your thoughts..

Love Suzie xxx

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Review: Toni and Guy Moisture Injection Shampoo and Conditioner

Hey all,

About six weeks ago i was at work when i noticed that we were selling Toni and Guy Moisture Injection Shampoo and Conditioner for $4.87 a bottle !!! Obviously i had to buy them and i have never ever used a better shampoo and conitioner in my life..

This shampoo was one of those extra lathering shampoos where you can feel your hair becoming cleaner as soon as you rub it in, as stupid as that sounds loll.. And the coniditoner is so soft feeling and makes your hair smell so nice and everytime i use it i just wanna keep running my fingers through my hair because it feels so soft and silky. Ive noticed that this new combo just makes my hair so manageable and i have less fly aways and my hair just feels so much prettier and healthier.

I must say i give this a 10/10 and i currently have it on my shopping list to repurchase ansd stock up on them because im having a strange feeling that they could possibly be discontinuing this holy grail in shampoo and conditioner !!

Let me know if youve tried this and if your from Sydney please let me know if youve spotted these little babies somewhere..

Love Suzie xxx