Monday, May 30, 2011

Hello USA my name is SUZIE =)

Hey guyss !

So today i finished my last exam at uni and i am soo relieved that thats finally over, and now its almost as though July wont come soon enough because in about 4 weeks from now i will be leaving sydney and on my way to america !! (if you didnt get the point from the title of this post haha)

This is where i need some help from all you guys that live there.. I will be going to New York and Vegas before i head off to Hawaii to soak up some sun because im so pale that i almot glow in the dark lol.

So this is what i wanna know.. Where to go ? What to see ? Where to shop ? What to eat ? I need help !!

Love Suzie xxx

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Exams !

Hey everyone,

Ive been missing again and im happy to let you all know that ive actually been studying for my exam on monday and then i am officially done with uni ! yayyy

chat soon xxx

love suzie

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Top 5 Beauty Products !!

Hey everyone,

This is like the hardest post ive done, or even had to think about. Trying to pick just 5 out of the billion favourite products i have was a mission, so ive nailed it down to my 5 most favourite products that i use daily...

1. Model Co 3 in 1 Splash Foundation, in the colour Shore: I love this foundation, its one of those convenient products because once you put your foundation on that leaves your skin nice and dewy, once you pop open the lid, it has a little pot of concealer ! Too cute, im a sucker for packaging !

2. Australis Duo Blush and Contour in Rosy Bronze: This is great because one side is a blusher and one side is a contour colour so its another two in one, which convenient with really good pigmentation. Some times i cheat and use these as eyeshaddows too :)

3. Revlon Colourburst Lipstick in Soft Nude: This is a perfect nude lipstick which i have 3 of and i carry one with me at all times. It matches all makeup at any time of the day. I lovee it !

4. Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara: This is hands down my favourite mascara ever and it looks like your wearing fake lashes when your not. I like it cause its a buildable mascara which can go from natural to dramatic without all the clumping.

5. NP Set Eyeshaddow palette in new neutrals: is the most perfect eye palette for an everyday neutral eye.

What are your 5 favourite products ? Let me know if your decision was as hard as mine..

Love Suzie

Winter Skincare :)

Hey all,

I have been missing in action for the longest time but im backk !! Ive been so sick for the past week or so and i just cant get rid of this flu and i am blowing my nose as i write this ! I havnt been sick for a while now, probably since last winter, which is a good thing but ive actually noticed how much the flu has actually affected my whole body. Ive began my winter skin care ritual because the cold weather has just come out of nowhere and i cant keep up with my ugly dry hands and chapped lips so ive put myself into a little routine so i can stop myself from freaking out about how dry my skin is getting..

While ive been sick, my body has been craving what i think is vitamin c lol because everytime im sick i feel as though i cant drink enough orange juice and just plain water.. which is actually a good thing caiuse im one of those people that doesnt drink heaps of water and i barely ever eat fruit because i just dont like fruit (as weird as this may sound lol). So mandarines, orange juice and water has been what ive been reaching for in the last few days.

My lips become extremely chapped throughout the winter months which i hate because then when i go to apply a lipstick, it just doesnt sit right and it looks all gooey and uneven and i just get so frustrated because i tend to chew on my dry lips and i think i irritate them further so my winter time lip resolution is... exfoliating and applying a  lip balm (about a billion times a day). I picked up the bubblegum lip scrub by lush a while ago but never really used it until now and i lovee it.. Not only does it taste so yum and smell like heaven, it actually does what it claims and leaves your lips so nice and soft. And along with my lip scrubbing ive been reaching for one of my three berts bees lipbalms in either the normal formula, honey or poemgranate). The pomegranate is my personal fave cause it gives a bit of a red tinge to my lips so thats the one i carry everywhere with me in my hand bag. The honey one stays next to my bed and the normal formula one tends to float around the house depending on where i am. I bought these in a 3 pack from myer for about $10 the the post christmas myer sales and i loveee them and they came in the cutest little tin ive seen in my life (im a sucker for packaging).

My face has actually been the biggest problem of all ! I have an oily T zone and super dry patches all over my face. The area on the sides of my mouth are the absolute worst and i find that it gets so dry and flaky and gross throughout the day so ive started to layer my moisturiser upon the morning, because i havnt gone out to get myself a new moisturiser, and my normal ones just dont seem to cut it. So ive been using my normal day moisturiser, which at the moment is my Clinique Youth Surge moisturiser which i apply all over my face and then on the area on the sides of my mouth, i put a little of my night cream which is a Jurlique one i never really used once i bought it and then i layer a bit more Clinique youth surge on top. Its a good remedy for now and keeps my skin moisturised all day but im in the search for something super mositurising (perhaps even a balm type) cream for night and something else for the day.. hmmm this is going to take me forever, any suggestions will be much appreciated :) Youth surge is my most favourite moisturiser of all time and  i know its an age decelerating moisturiser but i figure prevention is a good theory to it, but its just so creamy and feels like such a good treat for your skin everyday- i just wish it would bust my extra dry patches in winter.. grrr !

My hands tend to turn all old wrinkly granny like during the winter so at the moment ive been using Doves new visible beauty hand cream because it sits on my coffee table and i just use it everytime i walk past. Judging by the packaging i thought it would smell like coconuts but its actually really refreshing and smells like cucumbers which still amazes me even though ive used it a billion times lol.. Its a really nice formula that doesnt leave residue or doesnt leave my hands feeling oily after which i really like. In my handbag i carry Garniers hand cocoon which sinks in fast, its not the lightest formula ive used but it leaves no residue which is my number one hand moisturiser must. It smells really good and its a refreshing scent as well and a little goes a long way. I think ive used two tubes in a year so im pretty happy with that.

For the rest of my body, arms and legs, etc, i tend to reach for body butters all the time. Last winter i used Palmers Coconut Milk Body Butter which is soo moisturising and i loved it because it smelt like summer. I finished off the remains of it at teh beginning of the year but its a bit overwhelming for a repurchase. Im feeling lighter products this winter and ive been reaching for my Garnier 7 day intensive moisturiser. This was one of those "i have to get this because i saw it on tv products" lol. It is probably the best body moisturiser ive used in forever. It has immediate results where you can feel your skin feel softer as soon as you use it and after a week of using it, the dryness and roughness that comes around during winter was so much less noticeable and id defrinately recommend this to everyone. Not only for use in winter but all year round- definately on my repurchase list !

Because ive been blowing my nose so much, ive had red nose syndrome going on and no matter how much makeup is there to cover it, it keeps getting rubbed off, so a little suggestion is an extra soft 3ply tissue !! lol.. But i did buy the cutest little pack of tissues from target the other day and theyre called, "tissues for your sniffle issues" haha awwww !

Even though i moisturise my hands alot more often in winter, i bought a cuticle cream recently which helps with your standard cuticle issues but also smooths down all the little rough bits of skin around your nail caused by standard filing and the harshness of nailpolish remover and if your a nail biter, this just smooths everything out and makes your nails look prettier. I use the Burts Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream but anything you can get your hands on will do..

Thats all for now,
im happy to be back !

I hope you enjoyed my post, will speak to you soon !!

Love Suzie xxx

ps. let me know what face moisturisers you guys are using xxx

Monday, May 2, 2011

Where have I been !

Hey guys,

I havnt blogged in the longest time, ive been upto my ears in uni work and i think i got a little bit lazy after the easter long weekend. Im writing by last essay at the moment, so i have a few blog posts lined up for the next few days !

Hope you are all well..

Love Suzie xxx