Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I think im blushing ! :)

Hey dolls,

Now that summer has ended in Australia i find myself pushing my bronzers into the back of my blush drawer and reaching for blushes as i love the pinky cheeks in winter for day and a darker maroon toned blush for an evening look.

So theres a few which im a little excited about this winter so i figure id list them all and describe them and hopefully post a photo by tomorrow because surprise surprise i couldnt locate my camera !

Here we go.. by day time im loving, Benefit blushing bride which is actually an eyeshaddow but its like a really nice pale pink which is a little bright and warms so nicely to your skin tone but it doesnt have the best staying power, but maybe cause its an eyeshaddow and not necessarily meant to be used as a blush ?. However, it is really silky though which i like so sometimes i just use it over a cream blush to help the staying power.
 Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in the colour number 20 which is a cream blush in a really pretty pinky peach colour which gives such a nice natural glow with a bit of colour. This one stays on forever because its cream based which i then set with a translucent powder.
The next two are both from American Beauty and are medium pink toned in Flamingo and Apricot Twist which i bought forever ago and never used them and now i loveeee them ! I was very surprised by these ones because i got them for $2.50 each from a beauty outlet store so i thought at that price they would be complete duds, but oh how i was wrong.. The colour range is pretty good with about 15 different shades to choose from and the staying power is great. I definately recommend these.

And by evening i swear my Mac's matte blush in fever which is a darker maroon colour and the best way to describe it, is something between a bronzer and a blush and cause its matte it shows up beautifully in flash photography especially..

While im on the topic, I might aswell do a quick recap on the bronzers that ive been using through summer. I used an Australis bronzer by day which had a bronzer on one side and a highlighter which was soo shimmery on the other side which was so convenient cause i used it all as a bronzer and eyeshaddow when i was in a rush cause it had a highlighter all in one. Alternatively during the day id use my Stila bronzer in shade 2 or for a more natural look id use Mac matte bronzer in coppertone which is a medium type brown. For an evening id normally reach for Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Deep Medium or my Napoleon bronzing brick which i think ive repurchased atleast 6 times so far- its an oldie but a goodie !

I think i might end this here before i publish a book by the time im done with the bronzing and  blushing blab haha..

Speak to you soon..

xxxx Suzie xxxxx

Eye Primers

Hey all,

So the most important step to applying eyeshaddow is to ALWAYS (and i cant stress enough) apply an eye primer before your eyeshaddow. This to prevent creasing of your eyeshaddow and to make it last longer as well as stopping your eyelids producing oil which is the ain reason why your shaddow will crease to begin with.

Ive tried a few, being Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance but with the big price tag attached to them, i was so happy to find something a little cheaper such as the Face of Australia Eyeshaddow Primer which comes in matte and shimmer. I purchased the matte one seeing as most of my shaddows are shimmery anyway and i must say i love this product and it works exactly the same as higher end brands. It cost me a whole $7 which is a complete bargain and its so creamy that you only need to just tap your brush or finger into the product and its enough to cover your whole lid. Ive had mine for about 3 months so far and have used it pretty much every time i wear shaddow which is about 4 days a week (cause i dont wear eyeshaddow to uni).

If any of you have this, let me know what you think cause i love it !

Speak to you soon

Suzie xxx

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fave nailpolish atm !

Hey guys,

What a week I have had ! I had no internet access for about two days cause my computer went completely dunzo and I never realised how important internet is in the 21st century ! For the first time in forever, i had to actually use a street directory instead of whereis.com, i had no idea what was going on in the news because i had no ninemsn updates and i couldnt even track my internet shopping parcels because im not sure if you can do that if its not online and importantly i couldnt blog.. I had the most fabulous idea about a post for you guys about mint green nail polish which is my current fave colour for nails but then i had this internet problem and i forgot what i wanted to blab on about. But back to my point, i found one which im obsessed with and its by BYS and its called Minte Green but its a matte polish and im in loveeee ! Now that i look at my nails its not necessarily mint, its more like a bright mint medium happy green haha, ill post a pic below and then maybe you will understand my not so logical explanation.. It cost $3.75 which is a bargain and the application is so good and easy cause the brush was really nice, so ill definately get some more by BYS, its such a cheap alternative to OPI with a huge range of colours too which is good. Ive had my nails done for three days now and i still have no chips or anything which is great seeing as its such a cheap polish and i must mention again that there is like a billion colours available !!
Ive also had my eye on B by Bloom that they sell in Target but none of the colours a really appealing to me.. Has anyone tried these ? If you have please shoot me an email or comment below and tell me what you thought of them.What other brands have awesome green polishes ?

PS. for those of you that will ask, i got my BYS nailpolish from a store called Gloss here in Sydney and im sure they have heaps of locations.

Until next time,

Love Suzie xxx

Monday, March 14, 2011

What do you think i should blog about !!

Hey guys,

Im really interested in what you guys want me to blog about or something you want tested and reviewed or if you have suggestions for random blogging sessions id love to hear them.. You can comment below with them or email me like a few of you have already done..

Im overwhelmed with the lovely emails that some of you have sent me and im getting soo many more blog hits a day than id ever expected, but id love for you all to subscribe and follow (ive posted instructions on how to do this- i think it was my 3rd post).. The more followers i get means the quicker we can have a give away !!!

Much love


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Makeup for Passport photos

Hey everyone,

So today i went to take my passport photo and i wasnt too sure how much makeup i was allowed to wear so i just wore a wingled eyeliner, loads of mascara and brozer.
I then saw my photo and freaked out and inststed on taking another photo cause i looked ugly but the guy just looked at me and walked away and said my photo was fine lol so mean !

Here are my tips ill definately be paying attention to when my passport expires in 10 years haha

1. apply a foundation that wont wash you out and one that is made for photography, ie. HD foundations or something like Revlon Photo Ready (my personal fave :))
2. countour contour contour !! Use a matte bronzer to contour your face and make sure you pack that on because flash photography takes away about 30% of the intensity of makeup, so a simple solution is add 30% more makeup ! Contour your cheeks to perfection and make them even because your passport photo is taken head on and contour along your nose to stop your nose being washed out of the photo.
3. eyeshaddow in your crease is definately a necessity just to add some defintion to your face.
4. winged eyeliner just adds that little extra length to your eyes and makes your face appear slimmer
5. false lashes !! i know it sounds silly, but it will help and look gorgeous (nothing to wacky and crazy, just a bit of length)
6. coloured lips: anything bright like pink and reds will stand out or darker colours will really make your lips pop in the photo.
7.because your hair must be up and out of your face, style your fringe to stay the way youd like it instead of having to pin in back last minute and therefore making your photo look poopie cause most of the time you will be unhappy with it (like me !). I had to pin my fringe back and i pinned it in the wrong place and i look horrendous !
8. I forgot to mention a blush, something warm toned will come out better.

That is it ! Hope this helps, if only i had read a blog post like this before i went, it wouldve been a life saver !

Good Luck

Love Suzie xxxx

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beauty Blessing !

Hey guys,

Ive just jumped into bed and thought id do a quick blog post before i go to sleep, lets hope my sleep tonight is more successful than last night before i got attacked by mosquitos and had huge welts all over my body. Then the strangest thing happened, i woke up and i had no evidence of anything on my body and my mum looked at me like i was a crazy person when i explained the story to her haha

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog post minus the rambling is that i purchased a range of new face creams last week and heres the beauty of it... They were $5 each !! woo hoo love a good bargain !

Its a new range that is exclusive to Coles called Derma Q10 and at $5 a piece how could i not buy the day cream , the night cream and the eye cream. Ive been using them for a week and the all smell delish ! The day cream has spf15 in it which is awesome and the night cream and eye cream both have anti wrinkle agents, so ive becomes to figure that maybe prevention is always a good thing considering how much makeup i wear all the time which cant be doing me any favours so maybe a little TLC is what my skin needs, especially with the horrendous dryness i had on my face the other week :(

I love the creams so far because they are all lightweight and i dont feel like my face is heavy like it does with so many other night creams. The night cream isnt extremely oily or anything, its just really moisturising with no greasy feel after and my skin just absorbs is asap ! It has a refreshing cucumber smell to it which is nice. The eye cream has a peppermint smell and is a cream but feels more like a gel which is nice and light too so i love it at the moment. The day cream is also non greasy which has bonus points for me cause i do have combination skin which can get quite oily.

Its a bit early to see extreme results but so far, im loving it and a $5 a product, even if i didnt love it i could throw it away without a second thought. I reserached it just before and saw that this is apparently the new miracle cream with such a small price so i wonder if maybe the prices will boost eventually.. My mum actually bought the Derma Q10 face wipes from the same range and they worked so well removing all my makeup because they have a rough kind of texture to exfoliate your face but it feels so nice and smooth when you wipe it across your face and these were only $1 !!! I know right, its ridiculous even, so obviously when i went to Coles to get these they were all gone and that was where i first saw the Derma Q10 range cause i was originally after the towlettes.

Let me knwo if youve tried these, would love to hear what you think.. Ill definately do a proper review in a few weeks to see if this little cheapie really does work miracles,

Until then,
kiss kiss.

Suzie xxxx

Monday, March 7, 2011

Favourite product of February: Lipstains !

Hey guys,

Im doing my favourite product of February and i went lipstain crazy last month. I  used to think lipstains only came in colours like red and burgandy but freaked out when i saw they came in like mauve purplish colours and pinks and just cute colours all round.
I bought quite a few actually.. well a few is only two so i suppose i bought three times of a few lol.
Ill tell you the best bits of each one and my faves and ill post pictures at the end that ill look for online cause im really not bothered going upstairs to look for them and take photos haha !
So my absolute favourite is the Rouge Hi-tech lipstain by Borjois which i got in two different shades of red which i loveee ! They just look so natural on your lips and the packaging is so cute with a little sponge tip applicator in a nail polish type of bottle. Im not sure if you can use this as a lip and cheek stain but ive used it on my cheeks too so im going to say yes to that.
The Covergirl Outlast lipstain and the Revlon Just Bitten range are pretty much the same now that i think of it, marker type of application tip, with a lip balm on the other end. I wouldnt recommend the Covergirl ones, the two i bought both dried out within about 2 weeks but the Revlon ones have been good since i got them. These arent anything really special or exciting but the application is alot easier especially when your in a rush for something or somewhere and i found they were the ones that won their place into my handbag.
The Napoleon Set lipstain and lip plumper duo worked really well for me, it plumped and coloured so what else could i ask for ! These are cute in the classic NP set white packaging in a lip gloss tube.
The one ive been using alot lately is the Australia brush on lip and cheek tint which i actually really like the taste of and it does as it claims, it has a cute little brush applicator so its just like putting gloss on with a lip brush and it blends really nicely into your cheeks so thats an A+ !
Lastly, most expensive of the lot is the Benefit benetint which i love because the packaging is too cute, its like one big nailpolish bottle. It really does the same job as all of the above, no product will stay on forever so you will eventually need to re apply it like the rest. My advice would probably be, save yourself a few pennies and buy one not so pricey as the benetint.

Until next time,
love Suzie