Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flowerbomb !

Hey guys,

Ive been on the search for my favourite winter perfume and ive narrowed it down to Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf.. Everytime i smell it, it just makes me feel so warm and wintery and i just wanna grab a huge mug of tea and curl up on the couch !

So i wasnt sure howd i would explain the scent to you guys, so i googled it and i found that it has notes of tea, bergamot, sambac jasmine, orange tree, catleya orchid, freesia, rose, and amber, musk, and patchouli. I also found out that patchouli is the scent in the perfume that makes it smell so earthy (kinda like the woods lol) and thats what comes through and smells like wintery warmness- which is the part that i love ! At the same time its so florally and smells very luxurious.
The bottle is soo cute, its shaped like a hand grenade in a way, cause its meant to be an explosion of flowers and very smart marketing if i dont say so myself :)

I actually got this perfume back in January for my birthday, and i used it a few times back then and i liked it but i didnt love it for summer. I wanted something lighter and fresh for summer that was citrus based, not something so earthy and florally like flowerbomb. Now that its getting colder, i just have to spray myself with flowerbomb everyday and i love the way it makes my scarfs smell nice too.. <3

All in all, you have to run to your closest myer or whatever department store is near you. Its a little bit pricey but i like to think of it as an investment and very worth it !
Let me know what you think about this perfume, i think its one of those that you either love or hate !

Love Suzie xxxx


  1. i absolutely love this perfume!! i only recently brought it myself (i brought it for myself as a christmas present), before that i used to occasionally 'borrow' it from my housemate. it smells amazing! i try not to use it too much as i'm worried i will get used to the scent:) definitely worth the money

  2. haha i wish i had someone at my place who had it.. with that price tag id 'borrow' it everyday !

    Love Suzie x

  3. this perfume has such a cute bottle ♥