Friday, April 8, 2011

WInter Nailpolish Shopping List !!

Hey everyone,

I just realised that i never did the second part of my nailpolish post yesterday because i never quite made it to the library at uni to study last night, which is good and bad at the same time !

I just rummaged through my nailpolishes looking for a wintery colour because i wanted to wear boots tonight but i have nothing thats intact, everything is dried out or just not cute anymore which has led me to make a winter nailpolish shopping guide for me and for you guys..

1- OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: A deep purple which almost looks black but the purples comes through in the sunlight (my fave winter polish)
2- OPI Romeo and Joliet: A maroon colour thats not too dark, very autumn going into winter i think
3- OPI You Dont Know Jacques: a colour somewhere in between taupe but grey and its matte (<3 matte)
4- OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue: the most perfect navy blue you have seen in your life !
5- OPI Barefoot in Barcelona: A midtone nude that reminds me of weak hot chocolate which i secretly wanna eat or drink seeing as your drink drinks not eat them !
6- OPI Mrs O'Learys BBQ: A dark chocolatey red brown
7- OPI Dont Mess with OPI: An emerald green because i love green lately

As you will see in the pictures that ill post below, winter polishes are all about dark colours because it just works on some sort of level. Its a bit like when you see more brunettes in winter and then they all go blonde for summer ? Maybe its just in Australia where this happens but its true so take this into account next time haha Back on topic, im going out to but these 7 polishes first thing monday morning and yay i am so excited about this !

Feel free to add to my list..

Hugs and kisses xxx

From top to bottom: You dont know Jacques, Lincoln Park After Dark, Miss O'Learys BBQ, Barefoot in Barcelona, Yoga-ta get this blue, Dont Mess With OPI, Romeo and Joliet

Happy Shopping :) xxxx


  1. What a great idea, warmer colours for the winter. I generally stick to pinks and reds but why not incorporate browns and dark blues and greens for winter - I mean they will suit all outfits considering winter clothes are generally greys, blacks and browns!

  2. Thats what i think too ! Brighter colours in summer to match bright and flowly summer outfits and darker colours for winter because it just fits the mood :) Glad you enjoyed my ideas ! xx

  3. Romeo and Joliet is my favourite shade out of this ones :)