Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Covergirl 50% off sale !

Hello makeup divas !!

I suggest you hurry and run to your closest store that sells Covergirl anything because they are currently celebrating Covergirl's 50th birthday and places like Target to Woolworths are having the same sale.
So the other day i picked up the Covergirl foundation that is mixed with olay cream as well as the concealer and all i can say is that these are the most creamiest products i have ever touched in my life ! I picked up both products for under $20 which was a bargain and ive worn them for the past 4 days and i am in loveee <3 !!

Id always seen these but never really stopped to look at it until i saw Dulce Candy on youtube talk about them and thats why i actually stopped to take a look, and along with the 50% off price tag it was a win win situation for me..May i also add, i bought the Lash Blast Fusion mascara (as i like to call it, "The Orange Mascara") for less than $7 from Target.
The foundation has medium coverage which is perfect for everyday and it just makes you look so fresh and alive and evens out your skin tone so well. The fact that it has a moisturiser in the foundation means that ive actually skipped moisturising my face in the morning because the foundation has so much in the actual product. I set mine with a powder because i am a freak for matte foundation but i actually dont hate the thought of not mattifying this one. Once this foundation dries, it leaves a smooth, healthy and glowy feel to your face and its just soo pretty. The concealer too is creamy and gorgeous and they both work really well together and id say this concealer would be medium to heavy coverage cause its easy to layer this one without looking all cakey. However, i did pick up the concealer which is a shade too dark for me, so im  thinking while the sale is still on, ill get one thats 2 shades too light for me and if i mix them i like to think it will end in perfection :)

Until next time,
keep on playing around with your makeup and let me know of any new discoveries !

Suzie xxx


  1. i got this concealer. i'm not sure if i like it yet, i haven't really used it much yet. i like the fact that its olay and covergirl combined tho.

  2. Did you get it on sale ? haha im sure that would make you feel better.. You know what i have actually noticed, it creases quite alot under my eyes, but i still love the fact that it has olay also. Keep on using it and let me know what you think ! What ive been doing is making sure i really set it in with a loose powder xxx

  3. cover girl has some great products

  4. I use the Invisible Concealer.