Thursday, August 25, 2011

GIVEAWAYYY- what exactly is in there ?

Hey dolls,
I cant thank you all enough for helping my hit the 60 followers mark, you have all been so amazing and im surprised how quickly it all happened !! Im going to keep the competition open for about another two weeks because i want everyone to have a chance to be able to enter...
So today im going to give you a brief run down of all the stuff that the winner will be receiving...
Dove Visible Beauty Body Moisturiser: i love it, it smells good and its super moisturising. It has a slight smell of coconut and vanilla and is non greasy and you will thank me later, once you start lathering it all over your body !

Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser: just because its nivea, you can never go wrong.. its perfect for the winter months, its been my go to product during this cold weather in Australia.

Choose Chi Chi Hand Cream (exotic flowers, peach and mango, watermellon, coconut vanilla): These are the cutest moisturisers ever and ive come to the conclusion that four is absolutely necessary because i need 4 all the time- one for my handbag, one for my bed side table, one for my car and one in the living room underneath the coffee table... this means theres no excuse for dry hands !

Pantene Night Miracle Leave in Serum: this does wonders, you can immediately feel the effect of it. I use it after i wash my hair at night before i blow dry it and it just gets so soft and gives you shiny healthy looking hair.

PPS Colourwear Survival Foam for Colour Lock: this is like a leave in foam treatment that is meant to pro long your hair colour, i alternate this and the Pantene Night miracle, every second night (because i wash my hair every night)

Herbal Essence Toussle Me Softly Mousse: I have a very slight wave in my hair, and a little bit of this baby makes me look like i have beach waved, messy ghd curls.. Its awesome !

Neutrogena Micro Mist Tanning in number 3 (deepest dark): This has such a fine mist, which means your tan always comes out even looking and its so easy to do it yourself. Ive been using this for about 3 years now, for a healthy glow especially when im wearing skirts or something, it makes me ghostly legs look like theyre actually living.

Palmers Coconut Milk Formula Coconut Body Butter: this smells exactly like coconuts, so think beach and summer and Hawaii and because its coconut milk its so thick and creamy and it just sinks right into your skin and you smell so beachy all day. This just helps me get through depressing winter months and it makes me happy lol
Nivea Young Control Shine Mattifying Gel Cream: This is a non greasy moisturising gel, that i use during summer because its light, controls oil and any shine that will come up during the day and it still moisturises.

Garnier Youthful Radiance Day Cream: This just brightens up my face, and its another moisturiser that i reach for in summer.

Garnier Roll on Eyes: is an awesome pick me up for eyes in the morning. It wakes them right up with the cold roller and the caffine gets to work straight away. I use it after my moisturiser and then lock it in with my face primer.

Napoleon Bronze Bombshell Bronzing Kit: I havnt tried these before, but it comes with a bronzing geln and a huge bronzer. I do have Napoleon Perdis bronzers though and i know the products are awesome and ultra pigmented. For those of you not familiar with Napoleon Perdis products, its sort of like the Australian version of MAC, it hits the same sort of price range in Australia and also has some cheaper options than MAC such as their eyeshaddows are $10 cheaper than MAC but pretty much the same quality.

Its a huge bronzer and the star in the middle is extremely shimmery, but the background is a matte bronzer. It looks a bit orange in the lighting of the picture though.

LUSH Jasmin and Henna Fluff- Eaze: such a treat for your hair, i recommend you use it once a week and just scoop a little in your hands, i dont think its necessary to use the whole pot in one hit, how the instructions say. I also use mine after i shampoo my hair, not on dry unshampooed hair how it says, i believe it works better this way.

LUSH Dream Cream: it just really is a dream. That is all.

MAC Eyeshadows in Carbon (matte), White Frost (frost) and Espresso (matte): these eyeshadows should be the staple in everybodys collection because they are so versatile. Espresso is awesome for most brows and doubles as an eyliner and shadow (obviously lol) and Carbon can also be a liner and a staple for smokey eyes and White frost is the best highlight colour ever because i love the way it shines and it opens up your whole eye when applied in your inner corner.

MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack: I mean, i dont even have to say anything about this one. Its here just because.

MAC Painterly Paintpot: Again, just because.

Napoleon Set Pasarella Pressed Powder Foundation: The best face powder ever. I recently blogged about it. Here ive photographed mine, but i will choose the winners colour out for them, when you tell me what foundations you use in other brands, and ill work it out for you.

Rimmel Silky Loose Face Powder: The best translucent powder. Worth every cenrt. It doesnt budge !

Chi Chi Black is Black Liquid Eyeliner Pen: I bought one for me when i bought it for the giveaway, so i havnt used it yet so i really have nothing to say about it. But it excited me when i saw it, so hopefully its good.

MAC Mineralize Sheersheen Loose Powder in Lucent- awesome as a highlight or all over luminizer. I brush mine all over my face after i set my face with powder. A tiny bit goes a long way with this one.

MAC Mineralize Blush in Love Thing.
Mac Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Dollymix.

Who doesnt love MAC blushes?

Revlon Colourstay Mineral Finishing Bronzing Powder in Sunkiss- blends so well !

Sportsgirl Stars in your eyes Glitter Eyeliner in Green and Black: Im a sucker for glittery things and these have fine glitters in their formula and a bit goes a long way. Its just enough to make your eye sparkle.

Revlon PhotoReady Foundation: My favourite foundation ever, i think i have about 8 backups (no joke!)

MAC face and body foundation: A foundation that will last forever !

Again, the winner will tell me colours and i will go and purchase them their colour.

Benefit Stay Dont Stray Eye Primer: Ive only used mine a handful of times, but it was instant love.

Napoleon Set Eye Primer: It does the distance, i took mine all though the USA with me and my eyes wouldnt budge after hours of wear.

Smashbox Photo Finish Lid Primer: Ive never actually used this. I got two as free gifts from Sephora for basically maxing out my credit card in there ! I havnt used mine yet, and i thought id give you guys the other one !

MAC Satin Lipstick in Snob: my favourite pinky colour
MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Creme d' Nude: best nude ever !

Burts Bee's Beeswax Lip Balm: a necessity before any lipstick application, before bed, during work, after dinner, while watching tv, during an exam.. Its necessary ALWAYS.

Bourjois Rouge Hi-Tech Lipstain in Rose Pixel: the lipstain that i always reach for.. The colour is somewhere between a pink and a red.

Napoleon Perdis Cheek to Chic Blush Duo in Sand.. A pretty pinky and a peachy brown (which looks darker in the photo). Pretty much a blush that suits everybody and one i carry in my makeup kit for clients.

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer in Medium: i thought medium was the safe way to go and it should hopefully suit anybody. I got mine in a medium and ive shared it with a few of the girls and we all have different skin tones and it sorta worked on everyone. Basically this stuff should be renamed like concrete or something, cause once its on, it doesnt move !

Revlon Custom Eyes in Rich Temptations: I love Revlon eyeshadows and these colours are such a nice mix !

Smashbox Softbox Eye Palette and Too Faced Natural Eye Palette: I just love palettes and both of these have awesome pay off. I bought doubles of these in New York for you guys. One for me and one for the giveaway :) I fugured neutrals will make everyone happy !

Beautiful. I love the two eyeliners in each side that come with it.

This is one of those, 'i gotta have it' products because everybosy has them !

Manicare Glameyes Faux Lashes in Jessica: my favouritest pair of false lashes ever.I always buy multiples in this style cause thats all i use. The glue that comes in the packet is actually really good, but i thought while i was giving my fave lashes, i may aswell give you my fave glue.

Ardell Lash Grip Adhesive for Strip Lashes in clear: Its never left me with eyelashes that hang off lol

Maybelline Pulse Perfection in Blackest Black: Its exciting cause it vibrates and i think everyone needs to try one.

Maybelline Colossal Volume in Classic Black: Can you say hello volumeee !

BF Beauty Pre patterned false nails: I bought these two wear last Halloween as Snooki and i forgot to put them on lol.. Im not so daring with my nails, so hopefully you guys are and will find a use for these.

Napoleon Perdis Lip Courture Lipgloss in Marlene (pink) and Josephine (red). I prefer Napoleon Perdis Lipgloss to MAC. They smell better and taste better and last longer :) My fave shade of red lipgloss, hands down !
Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Lipcolour- Premium Pink. My fave pink lipgloss by Revlon.

Napoelon Perdis Lip Lacquer in Rio. These live up to their name as being a lacquer. These are a thick gloss, that seriously last and they have an awesome range. Probably one of the products that Napoleon is most famous for.

Napoleon Perdis Coral Island Lipgloss Collection (Tangerine, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Mango, Stawberry): I just couldnt help myself because i love love love love Napoleon glosses, so i thought because these have a colour variety, why not ! Theres something for everyone and they smell and taste like heaven because obviously i bought two sets lol

Thats it for everything in this giveaway- i hope it tickles your fancy.

Love Suzie xxx

P.S The Marylin Monroe Picture is not part of the giveaway- sorry :(
Its actually the picture thats hung up above my bed, but i took the photos on my mums dressing table in her bedroom, and there was a mirror there. I was in my pyjamas and didnt wanna be in every product photo lol So Marylin was there to block me out !


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey girlies,

Heres a sneak peak at whats in my giveaway !! I just couldnt help myself, im too excited !!

My HUGE GIVEAWAY  has begun !
Its going to be my 60 follower giveaway so start spreading the word about Suzie Makes You Up and her huge giveaway which has all the things i have personally tried and loved and still use to this day...
Who has room in their makeup and beauty closet for new products ??? I know I always dooo !

So heres the details that you probably want to know...

-Im going to open my giveaway nowwww !!!
-All you guys need to do is try and spread the word because the winner will be drawn just a few short weeks after i reach 60 followers (so everyone gets a fair chance) so make sure you put your entries in quick cause we never know how soon that might be..

----------HOW TO ENTER----------

1. You need to be a follower of Suzie Makes You Up !

2. Leave me a comment about what you like and what you want to see more of in my blog, as well as an email so i can contact you if you win :)

3. You can enter as many times as you like, but you cant keep commenting on the same post (so this means you can comment on every post, and for example if theres 50 all up, thats 50 chances at winning !!!)

4. Its open internationally

5. If you blog about my giveaway to boost my followers upto 60 and let me know about it, you earn yourself five extra entries !!

I hand picked every product in this giveaway, and they are all products that i have personally used and tested and loved and thats why i want you guys to share them with me ! So ive gone and purchased a whole lot of goodies just for you guys.. I have taken some of the products out of the original packaging just for photo purposes only. I will post some pics of the items close up with some descriptions and a quick review of why i love them within the next few days..

Let me know if you guys have any questions and most important of all,

Good Luck


Love Suzie

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Save your dollars: Max Factor Xperience Foundation + GIVEAWAYYYY

Hey girlies,

As you can see ive changed the layout and background of my blog and im not too sure how i feel about it, but i know i like it better than what i had before. Now that i think of it, i never really liked what i had before which is probably why i decided to change it lol leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.. yay or nay to new background ???

So todays post is called, 'save your dollars' and its what im going to start naming my posts when ive tried out a product and i think its poopie and not worth your money, so dont make the same mistake i did, and therefore save your dollars :)

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation is probably weightless because it seriously has no coverage what so ever ! For a 30 something dollar foundation, youd hope it have a little more than a light to light medium (at its absolute max !!) coverage. I was seriously disappointed with this cause i liked the idea of weightless, but hate the idea of no coverage. Its definately a foundation that id just rub on my face before work on a Sunday morning to try and hit the 'i look half decent for sunday morning' status. Besides Sunday morning and possibly the super duper ultra natural look, i wouldnt really recommend this. When i first purchased it, i thought it would be awesome and when i was swatching them in the shop, i was like woooahhh its so smooth and its gonna be my fave, but when i got home i was like errr you can be thrown in the back of my drawer now !
I must give it some recognition in the fact that its really smooth and creamy and easily blended, but it cant be layered which just turns me off it that little bit more. I do like the fact that it has SPF10, so its not too bad for photos cause it has a small amount of SPF, and it still allows a little bit of protection from the sun, but id rather more SPF protection during the day, if i was to use this as a day foundation, so it doesnt become too weightless when you gotta put on a sunscreen underneath.. Maybe this is only cause im a freak for sunscreen cause im as pale as a marshmallow !!

Complete random fact. but on the topic of sunscreen, i cant believe they sold sunscreen with SPF 50+ in Hawaii and after i had my little freak out session pf excitement, i looked along the shelf and saw that it went up in 5 until it hit SPF110+ haha i still cant get over how awesome that is.. I think we only make it upto SPF30+ here in Australia, anything higher is probably hard to find considering ive never seen it before.. Just a quick note on how pale i am, i still burnt through SPF50+... yepp !! i told you, marshmallow !!!

This was  the first Max Factor foundation ive tried and for that price tag, im a bit iffy of whether id try one again.. I have to admit though, the only reason i bought this was cause the girl in the advertisement for it was sooo pretty, so i had to atleast go and check it out ! I know all Max Factor products arent this bad because if you know me personally or ive done your makeup before, you would have heard me ramble on about the fact that the best mascara in the whole entire world is Max Factor False Lash Effect, but thats another post in itself, which i have already mentioned before in my 5 most used products post.

So tell me, what do you guys think of Max Factor and what have you tried that i should try ? Whos tried this foundation and loves it, or even hates it like me?

Love S xx

PS. Stay tuned for my HUGE GIVEAWAY thats coming up hopefully soon, and by huge, im not even joking ! Its going to be my 60 follower giveaway so start spreading the word about Suzie Makes You Up and her huge giveaway which has all the things i have personally tried and loved and still use to this day.. Who has room in their makeup and beauty closet for about 30 new products so far ??? (and counting) YAYYYY xxxxx

If you blog about my upcoming giveaway to boost my followers upto 60 and let me know about it, you earn yourself five extra entries !! Give away photos will come up once we hit our target of 60 followers x

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Face Primers

Hey girls,

So lately ive had a thing about looking for the perfect face primer that actually does what its supposed to do but the only catch was that i wanted something in a decent price range. I didnt wanna spend alot of money on a primer, but i didnt want something that actually did something and i was determined to find something in Target one day so i spent quite a while in the makeup section.

 I splurged a while ago on the ModelCo Face Base Primer which set me back about 50 something dollars and it is a good product but just not for me. It is a gel like formula that when applied feels awesome because its so smooth and luxurious and super moisturising, but if your like me and have stupid combination skin from super dry to super oily, this is not for you. It sits really nicely on my super dry bits but on my super oily bits it just slips right off, so it just doesnt work for me, and im a little upset about it and this is what triggered my search for a cheaper alternative. So id recommend this product for someone with dry skin, it would work like an absolute dream and would be worth every cent for you, so if you happen to find yourself in a David Jones in the next few days, its worth trying out.

(Ive actually battered this when ive thrown it around and it eventually found its way into my makeup kit so it can be used on clients with drier skin)

So back to my trip to Target i picked up the Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Primer which i absolutely love and i think i found that cheaper option primer that actually works. I love it, it sits well on both my oily and dry patches of skin on my face  and it doesnt feel oily, it feels like an oil free moisturiser and it smells like watermelon which is cute and it has an orange tint, but it doesnt show up on your skin when its applied. It does what its meant to and keeps my makeup in place all day and ive used about half the bottle and will definately be purchasing another bottle of it.It controls the oiliness of my skin and it keeps my dry patches moisturised which means my makeup never goes flaky or cakey which is awesomeeee.. It was around the $13 mark in Target, but dont quote me on that but im definately sure thats its under $15 which equals a complete bargain !

What face primers are you guys using ? Let me know cause maybe theres something better than this cause im almost due to buy another bottle...

Love S xx

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laguna with a touch of orgasm ? Yes please :)

Hey guys,

As soon  as i got to NYC i ran to the information desk in our hotel and asked where is my closest Sephora and i need a cab there asap !

Sephora is like makeup heaven and being an aussie and seeing all these fab products for less than half price compared to what we pay here, led me to go absolutely insane and spend hours in Sephora, stocking up on stuff that i didnt even need.. However when i walked in i just found myself being drawn to the NARS section of the store.

And then i saw these two little babies.. Laguna and Orgasm and its like i couldnt put them in my basket fast enough ! These are hands down the best purchases i made and its so true that they suit any skin tone and the colours are just so amazing, that ive used them everyday since i got them, so lucky i bought doubles !

Laguna is a gorgeous shade of medium brown and unlike most bronzers, it has just a speckle of shimmer, not huge chunks of shimmer which gives your face a really nice glow instead if a party sparkle. I love it because it compliments my skin really well, cause i usually have the problems of bronzers looking a little too orange on my skin, even though its completely brown when i swatch it on my hand, so i dunno whats going on there ! Laguna works well as an all-over sunkissed look or just as a bronzer and can also be used just to contour your face because of the medium brown colour and fine shimmers throughout the product. I know you should use a brown matte powder to contour but because the shimmers are so fine, it works non so many different levels with this bronzer.

Orgasm gives you that lovely flustered pink cheeks look with really fine golden shimmers and i just love it. I really cant explain it anymore beyond the word of love ! Its a medium toned frosted pink and it blends so well into your skin and makes blush application almost effortless. This blush is so versatile and i use it daily because its quite a mellow colour compared to alot of the other blushes i own, which are quite bright and need time to blend them out so the lines arent so harsh, but with nars blushers and orgasm particularly, i can quickly just smoosh my brush into some product and swipe it across my cheeks and run out the door and i know that in the back off my mind, i dont need to worry about blending and harsh lines because of the ultra smooth formula and the light pinkish colour where flaws in application wont show up.

I think from memory, these were $35 each at Sephora in NYC, please correct me if im wrong and as always, id love to hear your thoughts xxx

Is there anything in particular you guys want reviewd or researched or anything along those lines ?

Until next time,

Love S x

Monday, August 15, 2011

The absolute best face powder !

Hey guys,

The best face powder i have ever tried in my whole entire life is Napoleon Set Pasarella Powder Foundation.. Once this goes on, it does not come off.. It doesnt slip and slide off and my face takes like three times as long to become oily throughout the day !

I took this on my trip to the USA and used it every day and not once did it make my skin feel heavy and i danced it away in Vegas and my face was still matte by the end, so going by that, im going to call it my miracle powder. The colour range is so good and im sure that theres a colour for every skin tone.

I love this powder so much that i bought it in a darker shade for when i get a bit of a sun tan and i came home with about 3 more the other day because i have to stock up cause it sometimes gets a bit difficult to find my colour because i am smack bam in the middle, a number 3 ! Its such a smooth product to apply and it is an absolute pleasure to brush over my face after my foundation is on and it blends like a dream..

You guys have no idea how obsessed i really am.. I have never found anything that compares to this powder. If your like me, and like a little extra coverage from time to time, theres no need for a heavier foundation, you can just buff a little bit extra of this powder on and the coverage that it offers is just crazy. And the best part is, that it never gets cakey !

You can get these from Target for $45, and please let me know if any of you guys have tried these !

Love S xx

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Im backkk ! Lush Review

Hey guys,

It seems like i havnt written in forever but ive just arrived back to Sydney a few days ago and i had an absolute ball in the states, i loved every minute of it..

Before i left, i did a quick haul post about what i recieved from Lush and im going to give you guys a quick review on a few of my fave and not so fave products, just something brief for today before i get into the swing of things again.

So my lifesaver has been Skin Drink which im using as my facial moisturiser and its like my skin just drinks it all up, hence the name lol, but it leaves no oilyness after and it makes me skin so soft and its definately my favourite moisturiser ever. You really dont need much product at all, i just dip my fingertip in it and you can immediately feel how soft the product is and it just melts in your face and a fingertip amount is all it takes it moisturise my face. If i had to sum it up in one word, id say loveeee !!

The Tea Tree Cleansing Spray is also a good one, i us two spritzes in the morning after cleansing my face, one on the top half of my face and one on the lower half. It has an instant relaxing agent in it and it dries almost instantly. No mess or fuss, just pure convenience.

Ultrabland is a cleanser which Lush raves about but i dunno what the fuss is over. If you want a thick layer of oily residue onyou face then this is the product for you. I tried it a few times on my face, even on the super dry patches and it had a heavy feel on my skin and felt like a layer of grease. It says to swab it off with a cotton ball but that didnt work so i tried to rinse it off. Now with a layer of thickgrease on your face the water just splashes right off. So i attempted to use another cleanser to wash it off and it took three washes before i wanted to throw Ultrabland out the window because my face hurt from scrubbing it. Then when i aplied my makeup it basically slid off my face, not a good look !!!! So i decided, not to have it as a complete waste and use it in the shower to cleanse my body- also a big no no. It was the same issue just on a bigger area of skin which annoyed me even more lol. So heres a tip, save your dollars and stray far away from it. I kept using smaller amounts and nothing was positive in that experience.

Dream cream is nice but i like Charity Pot better because i like the smell better so thats my reasoning for that. Dream Cream is quite lavendery smelling which is too strong for my liking but all in all, both pretty much do the same thing and its a good choice for a body moisturiser.

And finally, the Jasmine and Henna Hair Treatment is the best treatment ever. It smells fab and does what it promises. My hair feels healthier and alot tamer, no frizzing, my hair falls into a perfect wave after a quick blowdry and i use it once a week and even though i wash my hair daily it smells like the treatment all week and even once a week is not necessary because of how well it works..I use a small scoop, not the whole thing how its recommened but i dont believe you need much more. Its a pre shampoo treatment for dry hair but i shampoo first and then use it and then shampoo again and conidition. Definately my fave treatment ever and will put another order in for this stuff..

Thats all for now, cant wait to show you all the goodies i picked up in the states (everything is soo cheap)

Love Suzie xxxx