Thursday, August 4, 2011

Im backkk ! Lush Review

Hey guys,

It seems like i havnt written in forever but ive just arrived back to Sydney a few days ago and i had an absolute ball in the states, i loved every minute of it..

Before i left, i did a quick haul post about what i recieved from Lush and im going to give you guys a quick review on a few of my fave and not so fave products, just something brief for today before i get into the swing of things again.

So my lifesaver has been Skin Drink which im using as my facial moisturiser and its like my skin just drinks it all up, hence the name lol, but it leaves no oilyness after and it makes me skin so soft and its definately my favourite moisturiser ever. You really dont need much product at all, i just dip my fingertip in it and you can immediately feel how soft the product is and it just melts in your face and a fingertip amount is all it takes it moisturise my face. If i had to sum it up in one word, id say loveeee !!

The Tea Tree Cleansing Spray is also a good one, i us two spritzes in the morning after cleansing my face, one on the top half of my face and one on the lower half. It has an instant relaxing agent in it and it dries almost instantly. No mess or fuss, just pure convenience.

Ultrabland is a cleanser which Lush raves about but i dunno what the fuss is over. If you want a thick layer of oily residue onyou face then this is the product for you. I tried it a few times on my face, even on the super dry patches and it had a heavy feel on my skin and felt like a layer of grease. It says to swab it off with a cotton ball but that didnt work so i tried to rinse it off. Now with a layer of thickgrease on your face the water just splashes right off. So i attempted to use another cleanser to wash it off and it took three washes before i wanted to throw Ultrabland out the window because my face hurt from scrubbing it. Then when i aplied my makeup it basically slid off my face, not a good look !!!! So i decided, not to have it as a complete waste and use it in the shower to cleanse my body- also a big no no. It was the same issue just on a bigger area of skin which annoyed me even more lol. So heres a tip, save your dollars and stray far away from it. I kept using smaller amounts and nothing was positive in that experience.

Dream cream is nice but i like Charity Pot better because i like the smell better so thats my reasoning for that. Dream Cream is quite lavendery smelling which is too strong for my liking but all in all, both pretty much do the same thing and its a good choice for a body moisturiser.

And finally, the Jasmine and Henna Hair Treatment is the best treatment ever. It smells fab and does what it promises. My hair feels healthier and alot tamer, no frizzing, my hair falls into a perfect wave after a quick blowdry and i use it once a week and even though i wash my hair daily it smells like the treatment all week and even once a week is not necessary because of how well it works..I use a small scoop, not the whole thing how its recommened but i dont believe you need much more. Its a pre shampoo treatment for dry hair but i shampoo first and then use it and then shampoo again and conidition. Definately my fave treatment ever and will put another order in for this stuff..

Thats all for now, cant wait to show you all the goodies i picked up in the states (everything is soo cheap)

Love Suzie xxxx


  1. i would love to see more reviews on lush products, it is something that i'm saving money for :)

  2. I'm Lush addict too... Love to see reviews before buying their products :)

  3. ohhh i love lush!

    Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke

    Thanks :)