Thursday, August 18, 2011

Face Primers

Hey girls,

So lately ive had a thing about looking for the perfect face primer that actually does what its supposed to do but the only catch was that i wanted something in a decent price range. I didnt wanna spend alot of money on a primer, but i didnt want something that actually did something and i was determined to find something in Target one day so i spent quite a while in the makeup section.

 I splurged a while ago on the ModelCo Face Base Primer which set me back about 50 something dollars and it is a good product but just not for me. It is a gel like formula that when applied feels awesome because its so smooth and luxurious and super moisturising, but if your like me and have stupid combination skin from super dry to super oily, this is not for you. It sits really nicely on my super dry bits but on my super oily bits it just slips right off, so it just doesnt work for me, and im a little upset about it and this is what triggered my search for a cheaper alternative. So id recommend this product for someone with dry skin, it would work like an absolute dream and would be worth every cent for you, so if you happen to find yourself in a David Jones in the next few days, its worth trying out.

(Ive actually battered this when ive thrown it around and it eventually found its way into my makeup kit so it can be used on clients with drier skin)

So back to my trip to Target i picked up the Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Primer which i absolutely love and i think i found that cheaper option primer that actually works. I love it, it sits well on both my oily and dry patches of skin on my face  and it doesnt feel oily, it feels like an oil free moisturiser and it smells like watermelon which is cute and it has an orange tint, but it doesnt show up on your skin when its applied. It does what its meant to and keeps my makeup in place all day and ive used about half the bottle and will definately be purchasing another bottle of it.It controls the oiliness of my skin and it keeps my dry patches moisturised which means my makeup never goes flaky or cakey which is awesomeeee.. It was around the $13 mark in Target, but dont quote me on that but im definately sure thats its under $15 which equals a complete bargain !

What face primers are you guys using ? Let me know cause maybe theres something better than this cause im almost due to buy another bottle...

Love S xx


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment, I really appreciate you reading and so happy you like my blog :) !

    I am a student and therefore a lover of drugstore products!

    xxx Kat

  2. Hmm... I'll have to try the Rimmel primer. Have yoy tried the Loreal primer? I have it and i really like it!

  3. @Layla.. No i havnt tried the Loreal primer.. whats it called ?

    S xx

  4. I have the rimmel primer & Love it! Makes my makeup last through all this heat.

  5. i'm using the Hard Candy primer ... they sell it at wal-mart so I do not know if you could find it in Australia :s

  6. I have the Rimmel London Fix and Perfect Primer and I'm happy with how it works! Really good & cheap too :)

  7. I use BH Cosmetics foundation primer :) they always have a sale. in fact, they are having one right now! :) 35% off everything in their website. check out my blog for the link or just go to

  8. right now i'm using smashbox photo finish light primer!

    Following you on GFC as Ashley Brooke

    Thanks :)

  9. I'm currently using a Natio mineral primer but most days I just skip priming (I know, Napolean Perdis would be ashamed of me) as my moisturiser does such a great job of priming my skin already. However, I have noticed the redness showing even through my foundation... does the Rimmel primer do anything for concealing redness?

    Thanks xx

  10. Hmm interesting, i might try the rimmel one but i'm not sure if i can find it in my country :-<


  11. Hey love! I will have to look for this primer whenever I get some extra cash! I don't have or can afford expensive items either- so good quality and good price is always a must! That usually requires more work to find! I haven't tried too many primers but I have tried Monistat Chafing Gel - I know that sounds gross but its really not and has almost exact ingredients of some top primers. It has silicon in it so it conceals very well and makes the face feel smooth. It's only about 8-10$ at your local drug store too, so it's easily accessible! Im not sure that it helps your makeup stay on that much longer, but some. I have also tried Palladio ( I got this at Sally's Beauty Supply Store). It's an Herbal face primer and I found it to work very well. I would say I like it better than the Monistat Chaffing Gel and I believe it does keep the foundation on longer. Hope this helps :] ♥

  12. @Sarah.. ive heard of chafing gel working as a primer, but the idea at first scared me lol im really curious about it though, so maybe if i cover the label it would be alot easier to use haha

    Im going to search Palladio right now ! sounds interesting.. I wish we had a Sally's in Australia !

  13. I have been using the faceprimers from I.D and ModelCo.. I think they're quite good actually :) You should give them a try :)