Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chi Chi A-List Foundation !!

Hey girls,

Hope we are all well :)

Todays post is on my new Chi Chi foundation which i purchased the other week for an absolute bargain !! This foundation retails at about $29.95, but as i was taking a quick look through the bargain bin at my local Target store i found a wholw bunch of these in there for $9.95 !

This foundation is amazzzingggg !! Ive looked at it for the longest time but never actually bought one. I didnt really test the foundation before i bought it, so i winged it and picked up the light one cause im pretty fair and lucky for me it was the perfect shade ! Its actually pretty dark for your standard light foundation shades, but it just works for me in a weird way and gives me a fresh bronzed look, without making my face look different from my neck.

Now this foundation can be layered for a medium to heavy coverage and it kind of dries into a dewy look but feels like youve powdered your face after ! Its hard to explain but its worth every single cent, even if you do pick it up at the $30 price.

Has anybody tried this ? Let me know your thoughts on Chi Chi products... I love them !

Love S xx


  1. I've tried some Chi Chi eyeshadow before, but not their foundation. Glad it works for you!

  2. i havent even heard of this brand before! but thats a great bargain! glad you love em :)

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  6. hey hun love your blog just started to follow you cant wait for more posts xx

  7. Hi, will try it out. looks like a quality product, am following you, hope you can also follow back, it will remind me to visit your blog.


  8. I'm glad my money was well spent... this is my first foundation product and its been perfect!. Love it.

  9. I found this for $15 reduced at Myer, had it for a few months now, use it for daily use and it's fantastic!