Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lush Goodies arrived today :)

Hey girlies,

I was so excited to come home today and see that my Lush package was delivered today.. I am so excited and it came just in time because tomorrow is the day i leave for a lovely getaway to the USA and Hawaii... ahhh heaven ! I mostly placed my order for the skin products because my skin has been playing up on me lately, it feels so congested and its dry in certain spots and its just not how it should be and usually is, so i thought that maybe organic is the way to go so i found myself drawn to the lush online store..

So heres what i found on my front door step this afternoon..

Ultrabland cleanser: "With an almond oil oil-base, this cream cleanser takes off make-up and leaves your skin nourished. It’s gentle, but the deeply cleansing oils reach down and remove stubborn dirt and makeup. Rose, beeswax and honey soothe and moisturise the skin. Cleanse each night, then remove with a warm cloth and your skin will feel soft and smooth without any scrubbing at all. It’s Ultra Bland and ultra effective"

Breath Of Fresh Air toner: "Softening toner to soothe and revitalise the skin. Breath of Fresh Air is one of our seaside products, inspired by the Dorset beach coastline. You don’t have to live by the sea to appreciate it; all you have to do is get up in the morning! Sea water is full of mineral salts. Breath of Fresh Air makes your skin feel extra fresh and healthy because we add soothing aloe vera gel, rejuvenating rosemary and calming rose. Use it after cleansing, or refresh yourself at any time of day"

I forgot to take a photo of this one !
Skin Drink moisturiser: "Rich moisturiser to refresh and rehydrate parched skin. This is our rich, thick cream to turn rough, dry skin into soft, supple skin for as long as you continue to use it. A delicious blend of sesame, almond and evening primrose oils to moisturise, organic avocado to soften and nourish and calming rose oil, all mixed up in soothing aloe vera. This is an impressive, rehydrating cream. Give thirsty skin the drink it needs"

Dream Cream Moisturiser: "Incredibly soothing body lotion for troubled skin. Dream Cream is Lush’s best-selling product because it makes sore skin feel good again. Chamomile and lavender calm irritations, reduce redness and banish blotches. We also use oat milk, too, which has traditionally been used on troubled skin for centuries. It contains everything nature makes for soothing your skin"

Charity Pot Moisturiser: I wanted this but i got 4 small samples instead so i can pack them in my travel makeup case so i can always have one handy whether it be hands or dry skin on my face.
"Our hand and body lotion is made with skin-softening cocoa butter and almond oil to make your skin feel lovely, and it has a scent you’ll want to sniff all day long. Every penny that you pay for it - excluding the GST, will go into our Lush Charity Pot Fund, which is then given to the various organisations we support. Each pot has a label on it telling you a little story about one of the charities, good causes, and hand-picked groups that we have supported"

Lip Service lipblam: "Our original super-softener. We've been making Lip Service for almost a decade and it is still hugely popular because it works so well at making lips, heels, toes, cuticles and elbows soft. It has a magical mixture of effective oils and butters, plus tangerine oil for tone and a bit of taste. For cracked, rough lips always choose this one first; once you've sorted yourself out you can move on to the others"

Jasmin & Henna Fluff-ease: "Smoothing and softening the fluffiest locks. Ease your fluff with our supremely calming, jasmine-scented, pre-wash conditioner. Almond oil is smoothing and the blend of essential oils will de-tangle hair that's become troublesome and difficult. If you suffer from tangled and frizzy hair, this one's especially for you"

They also sent me three free samples which was exciting:

Honey i washed the kids soap: "The irresistible toffee and honey soap. Once you've sniffed it, you've got to have it. On paper, it's difficult to portray the full effect of this honeycomb and toffee scented soap. People who fully intended to walk past a Lush shop find themselves unable to resist its tempting fragrance. They inhale, drool, pick up a big chunk and join the queue for the till. It's hard not to buzz about this one"

Sandstone soap: "The exfoliating citrus and sandy one. On the glorious beaches of Rio de Janeiro, stunning Brazilian babes, and their mothers, mix up tanning oil with the fine sand and scrub their backsides to make them as smooth as silk. Sandstone soap has a layer of sand and the seductive scent of a caipirinha cocktail"

Q10 Toner Tab: "They developed the skin soothing Q10 for men, specifically for after shaving, for the modern chap who likes to take care of his skin. Women can use it too, all over after shaving, waxing, sugaring or anything else that makes your skin sore. Another of the inspirations was a request from our Japanese team, who loved the idea of using co-enzyme Q10 in skincare. Q10 is sometimes called a vitamin, but technically it’s not; it’s an anti-oxidant. The medical evidence says that Q10 supplements have been shown to increase sperm mobility!  In each tab we’ve got aloe vera that rehydrates when it hits the water, to help soothe your shaved skin and keep redness under control. We add lavender from the perfume fields of southern France and soothing sandalwood; they calm your mind as well as your skin, to help you avoid shaving cuts"

Have you tried any of these products and what did you think? Whats your fave lush product?

Love Suzie xxx

Ill be back in a few weeks !! Will miss you guys xxx

Monday, July 4, 2011

Favourite Everyday Lipsticks

Hey guys,

Im currently obsessed with lipstick so i put together a quick list of my favourite lipsticks that i reach for on a daily basis. I was trying to narrow it down to a list of 10 but i managed to get as close as 11 which i think is a good effort !

From left to right: Revlon Colourstay in Soft nude, Australis Colour Inject Mineral in Jive, MAC Blankety, Bourjois Doctuer Glamour in Rose Retabli, NYX Rea

Left to right: NYX Strawberry Milk, MAC Viva Glam Gaga, Rimmel Pink Fame, Rimmel Kiss Me, Australis Colour Inject Mineral in Salsa, Australis Colour Inject Mineral in Flamenco

I dont know why but this picture is keeps uploading upside down so ive listed them all in order above, but the names will now go from back to front, so you can match the swatch to the above names by listing them in reverse. Im sure you smart cookies get what i mean :)

Much love,
Suzie xxx

let me know your fave lippies for daily wear xx

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bacon Perfume ?!!

Hey all,

A perfume that smells like bacon ? Yep for just $36, you can get yourself your very own perfume that has a bacon scent while stocks last. I dont know how i feel about this but at the same time i love bacon but spraying the scent on my body just seems a little whacky. But on the other hand, im really curious and have decided that i must order myself a bottle. Or maybe its just because i love bacon and the idea of bacon itself makes my mouth water lol so maybe, the perfume will smell as delish as the actual thing.

The perfume is called Bacon by Farginnay and the reviews on the website mostly say that people are surprised about the beautiful scent and that its a soft yummy scent.

The website, states that it all began in, "The year was 1920 and quite by accident John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher discovered the ability to dramatically elevate his customers' mood with a secret recipe blending 11 popular pure essential oils with the essence of...bacon."

The fragrance is available in Bacon Classic and Bacon Gold and both are unisex perfumes. Absolute exciting craziness in my opinion. Each scent has 11 essential oils and all batches are handmade and ingredients are not available every season so you better hope that you dont miss out on the batch.

The product description of Bacon classic is as follows, "bacōn Classic is designed for men and women.  A common question, does this fragrance really smell like bacon?  The answer is yes & no.  Our Classic formula is a sophisticated spicy maple fragrance with just a hint of bacon and the fun… is in finding it.  This artisanal Classic formula is lovingly crafted with the pure essential oil blend of bergamot, orange, lime, grapefruit, black pepper, cedar wood, vetiver, guaiacwood and two pinches of Bacon salty goodness.  What on earth could you be waiting for?  Available while supplies last."

And bacon gold, "bacōn Gold is designed for women & men.  A common question, does this fragrance really smell like bacon?  The answer is yes & no.  Our Gold formula offers a memorable sizzling citrus aroma with an ever so slight hint of bacon and the fun… is in finding it.  This artisanal Gold formula is lovingly crafted with a pure essential oil blend of mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, nutmeg, pimento berry, black pepper & a touch of sweet, a smidgen of savory, and one pinch of Bacon salty goodness.  What are you waiting for?  Available while supplies last"

What do you guys reckon ? Would you happily spritz your body with bacon ?

Love Suzie xxx

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daily Haircare Routine

Hey everyone,

I am one of those people that breaks the two most important rules when it comes to haircare:

  1. I wash my hair daily
  2. I brush my hair in the shower and after my shower, with a normal hair brush
I wash my hair daily because i feel dirty if i dont and if i was to wash my hair every second day, its impossible to style it on the second day and my hair just becomes one huge flop and an oil build up begins, so it makes my life that much easier to just wash it daily.

The washing part of things i dont mind, i like shampooing my hair and giving my scalp a quick massage while im at it but the hair drying side of things is what really begins to annoy me ! But not to get too ahead myself, i must say, i have become quite a pro at a super quick 10 minute completely dry blowdry styled straight with a little body.  This way, when i wake up in the morning, all i have to do is run my fingers through my hair and im out the door because i wash my hair every night because if i had to do this in the morning, it would never happen because i usually sleep until the last minute that i can, i am far from a morning person !

A quick tip to a faster blowdry when styling your hair straight is to use a normal paddle brush instead of a round blowdrying brush. I learnt this on an episode of Jerseylicious, when Tracey was working on hair for fashion week.. And i must say, it seriously works because i used to spend about 20-25 minutes trying to blowdry my long thick hair straight and now the time is cut by half ! Another reason why i love reality trashy tv, they sometimes prove to be useful to my life :) I use the same lady jayne one which is pictured below.

So everyday after i wash my hair i apply three products to it after i have towel dired it quite well.. Thats another thing i probably do wrong, i smoosh my hair altogether and rub it vigorously when towel drying !

First i spritz my hair with Sunsilk Leave in Coniditoning Mist which cares and de-tangles and claims to make your hair 'fresher for longer'. I love this product because even if i have to choose one thing only to put in my hair this would be it. It detangles and smells fresh and coniditons and does everything an all rounder hair product should do, and has a very attractive price tag of about $6.

Secondly I apply a tiny little blob of Normal Balance Leave in Treatment from the Shwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair Range. I apply this though the middle to the ends of my hair and it really locks in moisture and helps style my ends to look neat when i blowdry my hair and i noticed that it really protects my hair from split ends and heat damage. I purchased this for $11.95.

And last i apply PPS Colourwear Colour Lock Survival Foam. This is a mousse type product which i apply from my roots to my ends and it locks in my colour and makes my hair colour really stand out and gives my hair the most gorgeous shine and makes my hair look extremely healthy and ive noticed that since i started using this, i have recieved compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looks, so this is definately a product which i will keep repurchasing. These are originally $19.95 but i picked it up on sale for $5, so i bought two of them incase i loved it and lucky i did !

This is basically all i use. At the moment my hairdryer is a Tresemme  Professional for Phillips which my mum bought from Target for me like years ago for about $40 and the heat which is reaches is amazing and the most important thing is that it comes with an awesome nozzle which also helps for a quicker and smoother blowdry. It is 2000 Watts with an AC motorCeramic element which is very important to not damage your hair too much.

Image from google images- Tresemme for Phillips Hairdryer

What daily hair products do you guys depend on ?

Love Suzie xx

Friday, July 1, 2011

Im disappointed: Revlon Smoked Peach Lipstick

Hey girls,

I bought this lipstick a few weeks ago and i love all Revlon lipsticks, whether matte or glossy or whatever finish, ive just always loved their staying power and their colour range which is hugeee ! Ive been quite into new lipsticks lately, ive even began to put my makeup on around my lipsticks..

For the past year or so, all i really wore was nude lipsticks or id just pat a little concealer on my lips and just swipe of lipgloss on top was all i needed, but these days, ive been buying reds and pinks and dark reds and peaches and purples and everything but nude. I was searching for a pretty peachy colour and i thought i found it when i picked up Revlons Matte Super Lustrous Lipstick in Smoked Peach.

The swatch looked beautiful on my hand and i swore that i would wear this every day until i got home and tried it on my lips... It was hideous, it makes me look washed out and the colour does nothing for me what so ever.. All i wanna know is whyyy doesnt it suit me !!! Im a little devastated because i got my hopes up thinking id found the perfect peachy lipstick in a matte form, with the most perfect formula..

So now i need help, tell me, what is your favourite peachy matte lipstick ?? Because it looks like im going to have to start expanding my horizon and start searching for a new peach lippie

Love Suzie xx

Nail of the day: OPI Malaysian Mist

Hey guys,

Ive never done a 'nail of the day' post before, but i just painted my nails in my most favourite/ perfect nude colour ever by OPI in the shade Malaysian Mist. Its a lovely light pinky beige tone and its one of those colours that would look good on anyone.. However, my nails are still wet and looking at the photo, i think i will need to apply a third coat because i made them quite thin so i could hurry up and give my hands some TLC but on a normal day, two normal codes are perfect.

Ive been going for darker colours as we are in our winter months (see my winter shopping list here) in Australia, but i looked down at my hands before and saw just how dry and ugly my hands were looking with rough skin and just very unpleasant. I thought that painting them a nude colour would make my hands look alot neater, and after i finish this post, im off to do a quick hand scrub and some intense moisturising with some cuticle cream to get my hands back to tip top shape.

What is your favourite nude colour from OPI ? I feel as though it took me ages to find this one and i know OPI has a huge selection of nudes in their collection..

Love Suzie xx