Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer

Hey guys,

Finallly finally finallyyyy i got my hands on this little baby and i am seriously in love. The Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer lives up to its claim and is heavy duty and will hide just about anything. One little dab of this product is all it takes to hide blemishes or scars or anything that needs to be covered and once it is set with a powder, wherever it is placed, it will not budge !

I like to prime my face and then apply foundation before my concealer so as soon as i dab it on my problem areas its almost as if it has 10 times the coverage of any concealer ive ever bought before. Bad news is for those of us in Australia, i dont think theres anywhere that we can purchase it from here so head online and get your orders in ! This product is so easily blended, its waterproof and doesnt move from wher it should be once its been set- whats not to love.

I find its a bit heavy for everyday but perfect for a night out or if your desperate to hide up anything- possibly tatooss from parents haha

Let me know if youve tried this or tell me your favourite concealers that actually cover amazingly !

Love Suzie xxx

Monday, April 18, 2011

How to get rid of under eye circles

Hey guys,

So last night i saw my friend Emilia who is getting married in about eight weeks and she asked me how is she supposed to get ger skin wedding perfect and how to get of those under eye circles that shes had for the longest time... I told her that she should use cucumber slices and tea bags and on my way home, i thought i should probably research this incase what i had said was just made up in my own little head lol..

1. Cucumber slices :)
Cucumber slices have been around for almost forever and are used as a solution to puffy eyes and they refresh the appearance of the area around your eye and is the best instant pick me up remedy. All you have to do is place a thicker slice of cucmber over each eye and lie down and relac for 10-15 minutes and let the cucumber do its job. I would suggest that you should take advantage of this time and put on a face mask and light up an aroma therapy candle- ahhh heaven :)

2. Tea Bags
Tea bags which have been used and cooled can be placed on to your eyes daily. The tannin which is found in tea is released onto your eye and calms any swelling and discolouration and the caffine in the tea, is a natural pick me up for tired eyes. It is suggested that you do this in the morning and lie down with the cool tea bags on your eyes for about 15 minutes and let them do their work. The only tea bags which should be used are black tea, white tea, green tea and chamomile tea.

3.Frozen Spoons
Place a spoon in the freezer for about 10 minutes and hold them under your eye on your dark circles until the spoon goes warm. Something similar can be done with wet Q-tips that have been placed in the freezer for a few minutes and you can gently rub them along your dark circles. Both of these methods will reduce swelling, puffiness and help calm the dark circles under your eyes.

4. Sleep
The more sleep, the better. You should be aiming for atleast 8 hours of sleep a night. Those of us who are sleep deprived have less circulation and therefore causes our faces to become paler and under eye circles to become darker ( it makes us look a little like the Cullen family from Twilight lol). Alot of people dont sleep enough due to stress, so solve your stresses and get your sleep on !

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet with lots of water. Black circles can be traced to a lack of vitamin B12 and vitamin K. Plenty of veggies like cabbage and spinach and leafy greens contain lots of water which help provide necessary water in your body to get your circulation back on track and get rid of the dark circles under your eyes. Too much salt causes the blood vessels under your eyes to appear blue, so dont add salt when its not necessary !

6. Cosmetics
Under eye creams and concealers were invented for a reason !

Good Luck

Love Suzie xxxxx

I <3 sleep and homerr !!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flowerbomb !

Hey guys,

Ive been on the search for my favourite winter perfume and ive narrowed it down to Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf.. Everytime i smell it, it just makes me feel so warm and wintery and i just wanna grab a huge mug of tea and curl up on the couch !

So i wasnt sure howd i would explain the scent to you guys, so i googled it and i found that it has notes of tea, bergamot, sambac jasmine, orange tree, catleya orchid, freesia, rose, and amber, musk, and patchouli. I also found out that patchouli is the scent in the perfume that makes it smell so earthy (kinda like the woods lol) and thats what comes through and smells like wintery warmness- which is the part that i love ! At the same time its so florally and smells very luxurious.
The bottle is soo cute, its shaped like a hand grenade in a way, cause its meant to be an explosion of flowers and very smart marketing if i dont say so myself :)

I actually got this perfume back in January for my birthday, and i used it a few times back then and i liked it but i didnt love it for summer. I wanted something lighter and fresh for summer that was citrus based, not something so earthy and florally like flowerbomb. Now that its getting colder, i just have to spray myself with flowerbomb everyday and i love the way it makes my scarfs smell nice too.. <3

All in all, you have to run to your closest myer or whatever department store is near you. Its a little bit pricey but i like to think of it as an investment and very worth it !
Let me know what you think about this perfume, i think its one of those that you either love or hate !

Love Suzie xxxx

Friday, April 15, 2011

Current obsession: Hot Pink Lips

Hey hey,

Going by the title of this post im sure you know what im about to blab about.. thats right, hot pink lipstick, my current obsession and i love it.. Im not too sure if i can actually pull it off but i like to think i can so thats what matters i spose haha..

Rimmel has a lipstick range called Rimmel Show Off but i think im only 90% sure on the name, but you will recognise them by their hot pink shiny packaging which is only part of the reason of why i love these soo much.

Their pigmentation is amazing and when you want a pink lipstick this is exactly where you should go.. I picked up two lipsticks a few weeks ago in Pink Flame and Kiss Me and i have worn them a billion times since. I also noticed that if you mix them both together, they compliment eachother so well and really compliments my skin tone- they are a match made in heaven :)

The staying power of these is amazing and when applying any lipstick i do as i used to watch my grandmother do.. apply lipstick, blot with a tissue and reapply- its a fool proof way to keeping your lips on longer ! These lipsticks are a velvet matte finish which again means longer lasting !

Let me know if youve tried them, i am in love and think that bright lips are fabulous for the upcoming winter months.. Just because the weather is gloomy, it doesnt meant your lips should be.. brighten up your day and reach for a bright lipstick..

Also, Im sure the next question on your lips is how exactly am i meant to pull of hot pink lipstick ?.. The same way you would a bright red lip. My advice is flawless skin, minimal eye makeup or something cute like simple winged eyeliner and loads of mascara, a rosey blush and pink lips ! Always keep your eyes nudie if your having big bold lips and always keep your lips nudie if your having huge dramatic eyes :)

Kiss Kiss

Suzie xxx

ps. ive tried to swatch colours but its starting to stress me out because the colours wont show up well on camera.. i will get back to you with proper swatches lol x


Hey all,

Its been a whole week since i last blogged, it feels like forever !
So i went to the shops yesterday and it was very exciting when i came across LUSH because im obsessed with the way it smells, but i must be honest that im not the biggest fan of all the products, i like to stick to what i know... maybe because im not a bath person ? this just rules out bath bombs altogether...

I have the usual order everytime i go and it always consists of a large block of rockstar soap and i loveee the smell so much i wish i could eat it !! Its such a beautiful smell that i cant even explain it and i love that after i use it, my skin still smells of it and its just heaven !!!
Im a fan of massage bars and yesterday i picked up one in, heavanilli and it is hands down my most favourite lush product ever. It is in the cutest little love heart shape ever and smells like musky vanilla and i love it and i find it compliments the smell of the rockstar soap, so i love to use it right after i shower.. Its definately my number one recommendation of what to buy when you go to lush next time !

Until next time xxx

Love Suzie

Ps. what are your favourite lush products of all time ?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Hair Colours !

Hey all...

I had an email sent to me this morning enquiring about what colour hair i have...

Drum roll please........... BLUE BLACK ! yayyyy haha

I love dark hair and i love black hair which is obviously why i have black hair. But what i have learnt in my many years of hair colouring is that blue black is a darker black than any other black colour which is made for dying your hair. I have naturally wavy hair, more like beach waves thought, so just very subtle but if i wear it down its always been straightened. My hair is pretty low maintenance cause its really healthy, I colour it once a month, i put a leave in conditioner treatment every night because i wash my hair every night. I use a hair mask once a week and that is pretty much it and yes i break the golden rule about not brushing wet hair unless its a wide toothed comb. The shower is where i keep my paddle brush and probably rip half my hair out cause it gets so many tangles after i shampoo it.. ooops !

I do have a bit of a hair history, here we go...
So wayy back when i was in year 7 (my first year of high school) i begged my mum to pleasee let me colour my hair and i begged for days that i wanted to get red streaks in my naturally dark brown hair- to my amazement she said yes ! You could imagine my excitement walking down to the hairdresser with the money that my mum left me on the bench so i could finally get streaks in my hair. The whole process was soo exciting until i got home and realised that my fabulous new red streaks were barely noticeable- it was an epic fail.

After these red streaks continued to disappear in my hair i decided that i wanted to use that Sunsilk Hair Lightening Mousse that you gradually put in day by day to make your hair lighter which actually worked and looked quite nice and natural now that i think of it. But i wanted more than this, i wanted to have noticeable hair so i could maintain my awesomeness at school because "suzies mum lets her colour her hair.. how cool" lol.. kids really are pathetic !
My next stage was somewhere along the lines of blonde foils, which then got altered to blonde and red foils, then different shades of blonde and then black as my bottom layer, followed by a dramatic mullet hair cut somewhere along the line by the time id reached year 10.
Once year 10 came along, i again wanted more, i wanted i dramatic- i wanted blonde ! Off i went to my hairdresser again and asked for a full head of white blonde streaks into my black hair which would have to be stripped out and a base of light brown hair had to be created. It was nice and i loved it until a few days later i realised the stress id put my hair through and that my goregous light brown hair with white blonde streaks was stringy and snapping off my head like there was no tomorrow... What did i do next ? I cried like a baby brushing my hair infront of the mirror watching it fall out.
I made my way back to the hairdresser and went medium brown and kept it this way for a few months.
Once year 11 had hit, i wanted to go blonde all over again, but this time it was the 'safe way' where i gradually foiled my hair and it was probably the nicest hair id ever had until i woke up on day and wanted to have sharon osbourne red hair and i just completed ruined by favourite hair colour ever and i was now a red head.
Again i kept it like this for a while before i realised the maintenance of it and went back to black hair, i just felt the most comfortable like this. Once year 12 came, i decided i wanted hair extensions in my already long hair and now i knew i was content and that i never wanted to take them out ever !
Now 4 years later, no extensions, no crazy colouring experiences, i finally have myself some very healthy black shiny hair..

The End :)

Love Suzie xxxx
This is my favouritest hair colour in the world !! This is what ive been using for almost a year now xxxx

WInter Nailpolish Shopping List !!

Hey everyone,

I just realised that i never did the second part of my nailpolish post yesterday because i never quite made it to the library at uni to study last night, which is good and bad at the same time !

I just rummaged through my nailpolishes looking for a wintery colour because i wanted to wear boots tonight but i have nothing thats intact, everything is dried out or just not cute anymore which has led me to make a winter nailpolish shopping guide for me and for you guys..

1- OPI Lincoln Park After Dark: A deep purple which almost looks black but the purples comes through in the sunlight (my fave winter polish)
2- OPI Romeo and Joliet: A maroon colour thats not too dark, very autumn going into winter i think
3- OPI You Dont Know Jacques: a colour somewhere in between taupe but grey and its matte (<3 matte)
4- OPI Yoga-ta Get This Blue: the most perfect navy blue you have seen in your life !
5- OPI Barefoot in Barcelona: A midtone nude that reminds me of weak hot chocolate which i secretly wanna eat or drink seeing as your drink drinks not eat them !
6- OPI Mrs O'Learys BBQ: A dark chocolatey red brown
7- OPI Dont Mess with OPI: An emerald green because i love green lately

As you will see in the pictures that ill post below, winter polishes are all about dark colours because it just works on some sort of level. Its a bit like when you see more brunettes in winter and then they all go blonde for summer ? Maybe its just in Australia where this happens but its true so take this into account next time haha Back on topic, im going out to but these 7 polishes first thing monday morning and yay i am so excited about this !

Feel free to add to my list..

Hugs and kisses xxx

From top to bottom: You dont know Jacques, Lincoln Park After Dark, Miss O'Learys BBQ, Barefoot in Barcelona, Yoga-ta get this blue, Dont Mess With OPI, Romeo and Joliet

Happy Shopping :) xxxx

Loreal Facewash Review

Hey guys,

So i got this facewash a while ago and i just realised that its still not finished so i started using it for a few days and now remembered why- i simply just dont like it !
Im really picky about washing my face and the end result has to be squeaky clean and every bit of oil removed off my face because if not i just feel unclean lol if that makes any sense to you at all.
I usually go for foaming cleansers with little exfoliating beads in them because i know ill always love them but i have no idea why i went for this one- The Loreal Paris Perfect Clean Facewash.

The name of this one just really annoys me now because i never feel like ive had a perfect clean with it, its almost as thought when you wash it off you can still feel old makeup and oil on your face so my final verdict has to be that i dont like it.
I wanted to try the other 2 in this range, but i think i might keep my dollars in my pocket for the time being..

If anyone has tried this, please let me know what you think.. maybe i just bought the worst one out of the 3 ? Lets just be honest here, the only reason i really bought this in the first place was because of the cute scrubbing pad things thats attached to it !

Love Suzie


Ill try and get a photo up asap ! Its not letting me upload one, grrr sometimes i hate technology !!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer Nailpolish !

Hey guys,

Im just at uni and i thought id have a quick break and instead of staring at the wall, i thought id do a quick blog post on the nailpolishes that i used through the summer days and i like to call it welcome to sherek-ville !

I bought the 4 pack of OPI nailpolishes that were apart of the Shrek collection in the colours 'whats with the cattitude' which is a sky blue, 'who the shrek are you' which is a brightish lime green and my personal favourite, 'fiercly fiona' which is a baby yellow and 'rumples wiggin' which is a light lavender purple..
I bought these back in Novemeber and pretty much just rotated these colours every few days all through out summer cause they were so fresh.. The cute thing was that i bought these in miniature form and got all 4 for about $18 which was so worth it !

I lean more towards darker colours in winter and i find that Big Apple Red is an all season colour which i use all year round..

I will be back with another quick post on colours i have my eye on for this winter during my study session tomorrow..

Speak to you soon dolls xxxx

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Covergirl 50% off sale !

Hello makeup divas !!

I suggest you hurry and run to your closest store that sells Covergirl anything because they are currently celebrating Covergirl's 50th birthday and places like Target to Woolworths are having the same sale.
So the other day i picked up the Covergirl foundation that is mixed with olay cream as well as the concealer and all i can say is that these are the most creamiest products i have ever touched in my life ! I picked up both products for under $20 which was a bargain and ive worn them for the past 4 days and i am in loveee <3 !!

Id always seen these but never really stopped to look at it until i saw Dulce Candy on youtube talk about them and thats why i actually stopped to take a look, and along with the 50% off price tag it was a win win situation for me..May i also add, i bought the Lash Blast Fusion mascara (as i like to call it, "The Orange Mascara") for less than $7 from Target.
The foundation has medium coverage which is perfect for everyday and it just makes you look so fresh and alive and evens out your skin tone so well. The fact that it has a moisturiser in the foundation means that ive actually skipped moisturising my face in the morning because the foundation has so much in the actual product. I set mine with a powder because i am a freak for matte foundation but i actually dont hate the thought of not mattifying this one. Once this foundation dries, it leaves a smooth, healthy and glowy feel to your face and its just soo pretty. The concealer too is creamy and gorgeous and they both work really well together and id say this concealer would be medium to heavy coverage cause its easy to layer this one without looking all cakey. However, i did pick up the concealer which is a shade too dark for me, so im  thinking while the sale is still on, ill get one thats 2 shades too light for me and if i mix them i like to think it will end in perfection :)

Until next time,
keep on playing around with your makeup and let me know of any new discoveries !

Suzie xxx