Friday, April 8, 2011

Loreal Facewash Review

Hey guys,

So i got this facewash a while ago and i just realised that its still not finished so i started using it for a few days and now remembered why- i simply just dont like it !
Im really picky about washing my face and the end result has to be squeaky clean and every bit of oil removed off my face because if not i just feel unclean lol if that makes any sense to you at all.
I usually go for foaming cleansers with little exfoliating beads in them because i know ill always love them but i have no idea why i went for this one- The Loreal Paris Perfect Clean Facewash.

The name of this one just really annoys me now because i never feel like ive had a perfect clean with it, its almost as thought when you wash it off you can still feel old makeup and oil on your face so my final verdict has to be that i dont like it.
I wanted to try the other 2 in this range, but i think i might keep my dollars in my pocket for the time being..

If anyone has tried this, please let me know what you think.. maybe i just bought the worst one out of the 3 ? Lets just be honest here, the only reason i really bought this in the first place was because of the cute scrubbing pad things thats attached to it !

Love Suzie


Ill try and get a photo up asap ! Its not letting me upload one, grrr sometimes i hate technology !!

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  1. i've been tempted to buy this one too, but i've read too many not so great reviews about it, so i finally decided it was a no go for me