Thursday, March 10, 2011

Makeup for Passport photos

Hey everyone,

So today i went to take my passport photo and i wasnt too sure how much makeup i was allowed to wear so i just wore a wingled eyeliner, loads of mascara and brozer.
I then saw my photo and freaked out and inststed on taking another photo cause i looked ugly but the guy just looked at me and walked away and said my photo was fine lol so mean !

Here are my tips ill definately be paying attention to when my passport expires in 10 years haha

1. apply a foundation that wont wash you out and one that is made for photography, ie. HD foundations or something like Revlon Photo Ready (my personal fave :))
2. countour contour contour !! Use a matte bronzer to contour your face and make sure you pack that on because flash photography takes away about 30% of the intensity of makeup, so a simple solution is add 30% more makeup ! Contour your cheeks to perfection and make them even because your passport photo is taken head on and contour along your nose to stop your nose being washed out of the photo.
3. eyeshaddow in your crease is definately a necessity just to add some defintion to your face.
4. winged eyeliner just adds that little extra length to your eyes and makes your face appear slimmer
5. false lashes !! i know it sounds silly, but it will help and look gorgeous (nothing to wacky and crazy, just a bit of length)
6. coloured lips: anything bright like pink and reds will stand out or darker colours will really make your lips pop in the photo.
7.because your hair must be up and out of your face, style your fringe to stay the way youd like it instead of having to pin in back last minute and therefore making your photo look poopie cause most of the time you will be unhappy with it (like me !). I had to pin my fringe back and i pinned it in the wrong place and i look horrendous !
8. I forgot to mention a blush, something warm toned will come out better.

That is it ! Hope this helps, if only i had read a blog post like this before i went, it wouldve been a life saver !

Good Luck

Love Suzie xxxx


  1. haha doesnt everyone have a bad passport photo!

  2. thank you for these tips, i never seem to get it right with this kind of photos

  3. This tips works for any kind of photo?

  4. ahaha.. don't want to remember my passport photos, disaster.. :)) i'll definitely remember this!

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    snow0016 at yahoo dot com

  5. wow! Nice tips. I always wear a highlihter to give that extra glitz to my official photos!

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