Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Shopping: Napoleon Perdis !!

Hey everyone,

I love Napoleon products, ive been buying them for years and years since i found out about their products when i was about 15years old and would have to save all my money to buy a few things cause they were quite expensive.. And when their Xmas Range comes out, im the happiest girl alive, cause they always have such good themes.

Last year, i got the whole range on sale at 50% in the Boxing Day sales. However, i dont think ill be rushing out this year. This years Christmas 'Luxe' Collection is quite boring and bland and has a total of four products, in very neutral shades. I remember last years holiday collection being full of colour ! My favourite purchase was a pack with an eyeshdaow quad, blusher and bronzer and a lipgloss in a pack for about $69 (which was available in about 3 different colours and was soo worth the money).

This year the collection has 4 items, only two which i believe are worth our dollars.

I must give Napoleon credit for his glosses- i love love love them !! This is a really good deal, dont you just love a bargain !

This is a great idea for that person that always wears neutrals. For myself, i will personally stay as far away as possible from neutral eye palettes because i have a billion- bring on the brights !

The other two items of the range are a 4 piece synthetic hair brush set in a clutch bag for $69 which come in a travel size and the other gift set is priced at $99 and has a lipgloss, mascara and a body dust spray. I dunno about you guys, but these dont really tickle my fancy and i dont think theyre worth my money.

Will you be looking into these gifts for Christmas pressies ??

Love S x

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Shopping- MAC !!

Hey dolls,

Todays post is on MAC's Holiday Range for 2011, which im loving !! Ive picked out what i loved the most for a xmas gift and I also think that MAC has nailed it on the head this year with prices too !

Dazzlesphere Ornament in Coral
Contains 4 glosses :)

Dazzlesphere Mini Nail Laquer

Dazzlesphere Ornament in Pink
Ill definately buying this one on Saturday when i hit the shops- my own little gift for me :)

Dazzlesphere Ornament in Berry

The colours are beautiful !

Fabulously Festive Face Kit

Such a bargain !

So tell me your thoughts on this one, i personally really like it ! It just reminds me of snow and Christmas (even though it doesnt snow in Australia, but i know you get me lol)

Even if you dont love the range, you could buy somebody a single item from MACs normal range, but your saving so much money by purchasing a gift pack. I love gift packs, i buy everything in a pack !

Will you be buying anything from MACs holiday range ?

Love S x

PS. Completely off topic...Are you guys watching Gossip Girl Season 5- I love Chuck Bass !!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Shopping: DVDs !!

Hey everyone,

Just another quick post of my favourite DVD's as Christmas presents- theyre obviously all my personal favourites and quite common choices which I think most people would like.

Im not a huge DVD person, but id rather buy a box set or start collecting a television series as opposed to buying an actual movie- I feel as though a series is better value and something you will watch more than a movie.. What do you guys think on this one ?

Sex and the City...
Must i say more ? Who isnt obsessed !

Gossip Girl...
 Its so easy to get lost in, so much bitchiness and fashion and a lifestyle that everyone would love a taste of !

How I Met Your Mother...
I love Barney !!

Im secretly in love with Glee, but i have trouble admitting it haha

I hated this at first and then became addicted !

I love it cause its such a classic and i could watch Friends episodes over and over and over and never get sick of them. Maybe cause theres like a billion seasons worth of episodes to pick from lol

One Tree Hill...
I watched so many episodes, but ive never sat down and actually watched a season. Something I really wanna invest in.

So there you are.. my DVD picks for Christmas gifts...

Feel free to add to my list in the comments below ! Would love to hear what you guys have to say !

Love S x

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Shopping- Cross Body Bags !!

Hey hey !!

Today's post will be on Cross body bags- as much as i love huge tote bags, sometimes its nice to give my shoulders a break from breaking, and carry something light where i can just throw in my wallet, phone and a lipstick..

I found some really great deals and had to share !!
Colette- Peta Croc Plate Cross body Bag

I love the colourrr !!

Colette- Extra Large Turn Lock Bag


Forever 21- Twist Buckle Handbag
You can never go wrong with a classic style

Colette- Bow Cross Body Bag

Cotton On- Maddie X Body Bag

All these bags are wallet friendly, so get onto it ladies- Xmas is coming in a month !!!!

Lots of Love,

S xx

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vogue Online Shopping Night !!!

Hey dolls,

I just recieved an email from ModelCo about their Vogue Online Shopping Night deals that will be happening on the 30th of November which is this coming Wednesday, but only between 12pm and 12am.

I love ModelCo products, theyre just so exciting, especially their lash fibres and the fluid splash foundation which has concealer in the lid- too cute !

Special Offers...

Spend between $29 and $49 and recieve a bonus 20% off
Spend between $47 and $79 and recieve a bonus 30% off
Spend Over $100 and recieve a bonus 40% off


Bonus gifts will be available throughout the day depending on what time you purchase your goods so make sure you keep your eye on the clock !!

12pm-3pm: Recieve a free ModelCo Shine Gloss in Striptease with every purchase
3pm-6pm: Recieve a free gel eyeliner with every Lash Fibre purchase
6-9pm: Recieve a free Tan Mousse 100ml with every purchase over $49
9pm-12pm: Reciece a free Face Base for all purchases over $59

Im really excited about this cause there is so many options you can choose from, its not just a normal sale !

Im trying to work out what i want, i just cant decide and i cant decide what time i wanna purchase my things either lol

Will you guys be stopping by the ModelCo sale ?
Let me know what you have your eye on..

Love S xx

Christmas Shopping: Benefit Cosmetics !!

Hey dolls,

I was just on the Myer website, looking for some Christmas pressies, cause im all about online shopping and point systems (i love the vouchers you can get from your Myer One card) and you have probably realised by now, that i have a thing for gift packs.

I love Christmas time ranges and special gift packs, exactly for that reason- gift packs ! Its value for your money because its a discounted price and alot of gift packs only come out for the holiday season, which is probably pointless to say cause im sure you all know that haha..  I usually buy alot of these gift packs for myself, especially when i catch them in the post xmas sales, i like to be stocked up because you never know when your going to need something :)

I had a browse through Myer's beauty counter gift sets and the only ones that i thought were worth the money, and as it turns out, all my picks were from Benefit. Im actually quite happy with what they have to offer this Christmas, because Benefit is quite pricey here for those of us in Australia.

Now I have to be honest in the fact that, im not exactly 100%sure that these are exclusive to the Christmas season, except for one of them, but lets just say regardless, they all make great Christmas pressies :)

Glossytown Lipglosses

Is it just me or is this seriously cheap !?

Benefit Boxing Day Beauty

I'm Glam, Therefore I am

One word- CUTE ! This is probably my favourite item.

Finding Mr Bright

Im pretty sure ive seen this before, so definatley not a Christmas item lol

I also forgot to mention, that Myer currently has free shipping so yayyyy for us !

Also, to everyone else outside of Australia, Im sure you can locate these gift packs at places like Sephora for just a fraction of the price lol

Lots of love

S xx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And the winner is ME !!... Blog Award Time :)

Hey girls,

Ive been awarded with a few blog awards lately, which is quite exciting, so here i am to pass on the three awards that have been so generously awarded to me..

The first one is the Liebster Blog Award, which was awarded to me from the lovely blog of  "Makeup & Things by Olgie Polgie". Her blog is awesome and one of the ones i always find myself scrolling through and always browsing around because she has a range of posts, including eye of the day posts, hauls and swatches. She just seems like such a sweetheart ! So thankyou again :)

The Liebster Blog Award is awarded to those with less than 300 followers and here are the rules:

- Copy and paste the award on your blog.
- Thank the giver and link back to the blogger who gave it to you.
- Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here they are, I award this blog too...
  • Pola Berrys Beauty Blog
  • Bless this Mess
  • Xtina Hayden: A beauty and fashion blog
  • World According to Shia
  • Arianne Cruz
Congratulations to these girls, because they all deserve it, with all their hard work they have put into their awesome blogs. Yayyyyyy !!!

Now onto the other blog awards that i have recieved... They are the Kreativ Blogger Award and the Tell Me About Yourself Award, which were both awarded to me by Mursal at "Azizwa Zeba". Shes a new blogger who has some lovely fashion picks for winter at the moment and just opened her blog sale.

The simple rule the Tell Me About Yourself Award is to share seven things about yourself, and link back to the person who passed you this award!
Be sure to award 5 blogs and drop them a line about it.

7 Things About Suzie...
  1. I wash my hair every day, even though my hair doesnt go oily straight away- but what else am i supposed to do in the shower if i dont wash my hair lol it just seems like the right thing to do.
  2. I think there is no uglier sight in the world than feet !! I try to wear closed toe heels and flatties as much as i can because even the sight of my own feet make me sick !
  3. I dont really like dressing up as much as most girls do- id rather wear a jumper and track pants whenever i can, which means i dont actually wear make up every day.
  4. I dont really have a hobby, ive been in search for one for about two years now- i thought it was yoga until i actually started doing it and realised i was wrong- so any suggestions to help me find a hobby would be awesomeee !
  5. I paint my nails almost every single day, the first chip in my nail means i have an anxiety attack and i have to paint them all over again, even if its the same colour.
  6. Half of my clothes in my wardrobe still have their original swing tags on them.
  7. I stopped buying textbooks for uni after my first year and i still managed to graduate !

I didnt actually realise how hard this actually was to try and pick seven facts about myself when you actually need to list them.

I award these two blog awards too...
  • Makeup & Things by OlgiePolgie
  • Me, My Best and I
  • An Obsession with the Fabulous
  • Beauty Down Under
  • Dreaming of Verona
Congratulations dolls !

Until next time,

Love S xxx

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Shopping: Everybody loves Lush !!

Hey guys,

Another Christmas post featuring the adorable gift packs available from Lush !! 

Gifts from Lush are perfect for that girl that loves natural products and appreciates all sorts of bath and body products- which lets be honest, its most girls right !! Who doesnt love some extra pampering and smelling like nothing but deliciousness after. I think what gets me with Lush's soaps and massage bars especially is the smell- its just too good to even describe !!

So below I have selected some gift packs to suit all sorts of price ranges- starting from just $9.95 which are perfect for little Secret Santa Gifts (aka Kris Kringle) and perfect for stocking fillers. I think the smaller Lush gift packs are definately my stocking fillers this year, i mean who wouldnt love to open a gift and the first thing they do is see the word 'Lush' before they are taken over by the heavenly smell of any of the products !!

Also, just a note incase any one who plans on buying me a pressie for Christmas is reading this- i really really want something cute from Lush, even if it is just a little stocking filler :)

Best Wishes Gift Box

  • Satsumo Santa ballistic
  • So White ballistic 
  • Superstars bubble bar


Christmas Delight Gift Set

  • Sugar Babe Sugar Scrub
  • 100g Vanilla Dee-lite body lotion
  • 100g Candy Cane soap
  • 100g Snow Fairy shower gel
  • 100g Angel's Delight soap
  • Heavenilli massage bar


Christmas Star Gift Set

  • Superstars bubble bar
  • Lil’ Lush Pud ballistic
  • Cinders ballistic
  • So White ballistic
  • Candy Mountain bubble bar 
  • The Melting Snowman bath melt


Cosy Christmas Gift Box

  • Tiny Hands hand cream 
  • 60g Snowcake soap (in a star shape)

Happy Christmas Gift Box

  • Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic
  • 100g Candy Cane Soap
  • Satsumo Santa ballistic
  • Lil’ Lush Pud ballistic 
  • Christmas Eve bubble bar
  • 100g Snowcake soap

Have A sweet Christmas Gift Box

  • 60g Angel's Delight Soap (in a star shape)
  • Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

Secret Santa Red Gift Box

  • 60g Snowcake Soap (in a star shape) 
  • Li’l Lush Pud Bath Ballistic

Snow Fairy Gift Box

  • 100g Snow Fairy shower gel 
  • 60g Angels Delight soap (in a star shape)
  • Shimmy Shimmy massage bar.

Billy Bonkers Bathtime Favourites Box


  • Candy Mountain bubble bar
  • 100g Candy Cane soap
  • Mrs. Whippy ballistic
  • Magic Wand bubble bar
  • Melting Marshmallow Moment bath melt, 
  • Lil’ Lush Pud ballistic
  • Ma Bar bubble bar
  • Gingerbread House bubble bar.
  • Celebrate Lip Tint

Wonderful Christmas Gift Box

If i got this for Christmas, id be the happiest little girl ever :))


  • Satsumo Santa ballistic
  • Hottie massage bar
  • Jungle solid hair conditioner
  • Superstars bubble bar
  • 100g Candy Mountain bubble bar
  • Christmas Eve bubble bar
  • Golden Wonder bubble bar
  • 100g Snow Globe soap
  • 100g Candy Cane soap
  • None of Your Beeswax lip balm
  • Bubble Gum lip scrub
  • Pied De Pepper foot lotion
  • Twilight ballistic
  • Rocketeer ballistic
  • The Comforter bubble bar
  • Ultrabalm
  • The Melting Snowman Bath Melt
  • 100g Dirty Springwash shower gel
  • 100g Karma soap
  • 100g Sweetie Pie shower jelly
  • 100g Snow Fairy shower gel
  • Tiny Hands solid hand serum
  • Seanik shampoo bar
  • 100g Dream Cream body lotion
  • Ultrablast toothy tabs.

So tell me, whats your favourite pick from the bunch, besides the hugee gift pack cause we all know we drooled on our keyboards when we saw it !!

Also, has anyone tried anything from Lush's Christmas Range so far- i think im lusting over everything thats Snow fairy atm, especially the lip balm. Its such a cute bubblegum pink colour. I need to get to Lush ASAP, i just wish they were more accessible to me.

Love S x

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Xmas Shopping: Clutch Bags !!

Hey girlies,

Its time for clutch bags- something i can never find when im looking for them ! So i have a few suggestions for you :)

Forever 21- Faux crocodile clutch- $10

Can you say bargain !!!!

ASOS Envelope Clutch Bag- $25

I love that its nude and can be worn with everything- too cute ! Its also available in black with gold trimming instead of silver.

Betsey Johnson- Glam Clutch- $72

Perfect for any glam night out !

Kardashian Kollection- Sparkle Clutch $70

Im seriously obsessed with the new Kardashian handbag range ! Love this..

French Connection- Mock Croc Clutch- $86 (available at ASOS- my new fave website)

Every girl needs a basic envelope black clutch cause she will use it forever !! This is something i dont own, a black clutch so i really wanna get my hands on this.

Oroton Oversize Clutch- Raisan Snake Clutch- $245
(also available in a rusty red/orange, and black)

Ive eyed this clutch for months now...

Pink Corportaion- Bella Envelope Clutch- $100

I love the brightness, it works in any season and makes colour blocking a dream through accessories.. love love love ! Probably my fave of the lot.

What are your thoughts ?

Love Sx

ps. let me know if you guys have any specific lists you would like me to look into xxx

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Christmas Shopping- Tote Bags !!

 Hey dolls,

Todays Xmas shopping list is on tote bags. Im trying to make these posts as international friendly as possible so everyone can have an idea where to look if they see something they like :)

Colette Tote- $45

 (Available at Coltte Stores for my Aussie girls only)

This is the perfect everyday bag. It just fits everything and would be able to hold your whole life in it.

Colette- $50

Perfect gift for our chic working girls.

ASOS- Leather twist lock- $115

(available to everyone at

I am obsessed ! I love bright things.

BCBG- Bardot Satchel- $134

(Available at Macys, and now the Macys Australian Website woooo hoooo !!!)

Everyone needs a huge black tote, i actually dont own one of these.

Kardashian Collection- Pocket Shopper- $100

(available at Stranbags in Australia, online, and i guess everywhere in the US)

This bag is just cute.

Kardashian Collection- $110

I just love their range. This bag also comes in green, couldnt decide which i liked better.

Michael Korrs- Hamilton Trompe large tote- $84

(Macys, Macys Australia Website)

This is a bargain for such good quality, it reminds me a little of a birkin bag and the colour is beautiful. Perfect colour blocking accessory.

Michael Korrs- Signature Tote- $220

(macys, macys australian website)

I love the classic part about this bag. This is another one i must get. LOVE <3

Cotton on- Bian Barrel Bag- $50

(Available at Cotton on Stores)

Perfect for someone who doesnt lug around such huge bags !

What do you guys think ? Whats your fave ?

Love S xxx