Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Christmas is coming :):) Need help !!!!!!!!!!!

Hey dolls,

Its been almost a week ! And what a week it has been- Ive gotten myself a new job starting Monday and I also got accepted in to the university where i wanted to do my masters so im pretty happy at the moment, its been one of those good weeks..

I looked at the date today and started having anxiety about Christmas and presents and there was so much excitement at the same time because Christmas is my most favourite time of year, it just feels so holiday like and theres so many parties to attend; so many friends to catch up with and it just gives you that extra time to spend with your family and loved ones.

My family does Kris Kringle, and even though i only have one person to buy for, i stll freak out thinking of who it might be and what I would get them (cause we dont pick our names from the hat until the 1st of December, after we put up our Christmas tree). And sometimes i just really wish that it snowed in Australia for Christmas, id love to have a white christmas with cocoa and beanies in front of the fire place- but i suppose having barbeques with a nice chilled cocktail in the heat of the sun, is equally appetizing.

I just get so carried away because i get soo excited and all giddy cause i love love love Christmas time.

I also havnt blogged this week, because my phone broke. And i know what your thinking, what does that have to do with blogging, but i do have an explanation behind this.. My phone is what i use to take all my blog photos with, because its constantly in my hand and i always upload them asap for the same reasons, as opposed to searching for my camera and cords and what not. I seriously shed a little tear when my phone broke, it was like the worst thing that could've happened (as ridiculous as it sounds- i know you all feel where im coming from !).

But anywho, back on topic- thinking about Christmas today made me think of a fabulous blogging idea. An A-Z guide according to me of awesome xmas pressies. I figure that ill start with shopping for females and then possibly do a post on guys if i get the time before Christmas creeps up on us. I was thinking of something along the lines of my favourite gift ideas in categories- bags, clutches, rings, heels, flats, etc etc etc.

And this way, i can google and find all these products online from my favourite stores that i always shop at- so this will give you guys a little look into the kind of stuff I like and what i think is fashionable..
And also, this will give me some time before i get another phone to be able to take blog pics again, instead of locating a camera because im never happy with the photos i get...(someone put their thinking hat on this morning !!!)

What do you guys think ? Id really like to hear your feedback on this one...

So tell me- is my idea helpful and a good idea or is a complete and utter flunk and i should probably delete this post so i can remove my silly idea from the wider web lol

Love S xx


  1. oh yea thats a fab idea! i love it :) also I had to look up what Kris Kringle was cause I had no idea! haha

  2. Thanks Charlie ! haha im not sure why i said Kris Kringle, its such an Australian way to say it- Most people call it Secret Santa i think lol thanks for reading xx

  3. It's a great idea! Who doesn't need help buying a gift for someone? I know I'm easy to buy for, but I get stumped when it comes to non-makeup-loving friends and family!

  4. Sounds like a great idea. :)

  5. I think this is a fantastic idea too, what a great way to give everyone ideas about xmas ideas which I find challenging cause I have soooo many people to buy for.

    I really should bring up the whole secret santa idea to my family and friends, would make life sooo much easier.