Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Shopping: DVDs !!

Hey everyone,

Just another quick post of my favourite DVD's as Christmas presents- theyre obviously all my personal favourites and quite common choices which I think most people would like.

Im not a huge DVD person, but id rather buy a box set or start collecting a television series as opposed to buying an actual movie- I feel as though a series is better value and something you will watch more than a movie.. What do you guys think on this one ?

Sex and the City...
Must i say more ? Who isnt obsessed !

Gossip Girl...
 Its so easy to get lost in, so much bitchiness and fashion and a lifestyle that everyone would love a taste of !

How I Met Your Mother...
I love Barney !!

Im secretly in love with Glee, but i have trouble admitting it haha

I hated this at first and then became addicted !

I love it cause its such a classic and i could watch Friends episodes over and over and over and never get sick of them. Maybe cause theres like a billion seasons worth of episodes to pick from lol

One Tree Hill...
I watched so many episodes, but ive never sat down and actually watched a season. Something I really wanna invest in.

So there you are.. my DVD picks for Christmas gifts...

Feel free to add to my list in the comments below ! Would love to hear what you guys have to say !

Love S x


  1. I can't seem to stop Sex and the City. Just love those girls.

  2. Gilmore Girls. Love it's small town charm. It's so relaxing to watch. Perfect while snuggling on your couch with a mug o hot chocolate and snow outside the window.

  3. I love Gossip Girl!! The OC is my all time favourite though


  4. Great choices, nothing better than a box set for a lazy weekend! I'm the exact same with One Tree Hill, would love the complete collection!

  5. I cant get enough of Gossip Girl!

    Yeah Gilmore girls is a good idea, I also like most of the Real Housewives series.. now thats some good drama to watch :) :)