Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Im feeling a little vampy !

Hey dolls,

Ive been missing for about a week, ive been super busy looking for a job and going through some job interviews and all that sorta stuff and here i am- still without a job lol ! So it hasnt been a very good week.
And on top of that, im currently phone-less and have gone back to my old nokia slide phone, because mine decided to die on me.. I was actually happy when my phone decided to cross over cause i was all like wooo hooo iphone 5 will be released and then when i realised there was no such thing, i cracked it and decided that i didnt want a poopie iphone 4S, so here i am today- jobless with an old slide phone !! (i know its partially my fault, as im being stubborn over this whole iphone thing lol but i just need to find something that ill love because just like most of us these days, i do most things with one hand, because my other hand is constantly nursing my phone)

So what reflects my "blahh" like mood atm is a dark lipstick- something that i wouldnt wear too often, but im obsessed with this shade because its somewhere between a purple and a deep red which surprisingly to me, actually looks really nice.

This is Rimmels Long Lasting Lipstick range- i love their classic packaging ! Its just so neat.

Doesnt this lipstick colour just make your heart melt, its so wintery but so fresh at the same time. Its perfect when added to a nude face with some basic foundation and one simple sweep of mascara and then you have these gorgeous lips to spice it all up.

Definately a winner. These lipsticks are about the $10 mark and the colour range is okay, not the best that ive seen. The formula is smooth, the application is not a problem and the product is long lasting. Is it as long lasting as they make it out to be ? Definately not- no glossy lipstick will ever be long lasting. I have one bit of advice- a long lasting lipstick will only come in the form of something matte.

Whats your favourite deep coloured lippie ? Im on the search for a deep burgandy red so i need your help- what are your suggestions ?

Love S xxx


  1. Ahh The lip colour looks nice but not something for me! I love my fresh pinks and corals hehehe!

    You should've included a photo of you wearing it too <3 Would love to see it!

    As for recommendations, I not sure! I don't wear bold lippies like that.. so :(


  2. I considered posting a photo of me wearing it but i was like hmmm i like to think it suits me, not sure if it really does hahaha

    thanks for reading ! xxxx mwahhh

  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous colour! Going to have to pick it up next time I'm at the shops.