Monday, September 16, 2013

Remember me ???

Hey everyone :)

So I have been missing for the longest time, almost a year but im happy to say that you will be seeing me around quite a bit.
Where have I been you may ask? Well, Im just about completing what has been the hardest year of my uni life, i even cried at some points and was so stressed alot of the time so im very happy to say thats almost finally overrrrr :) So fingers crossed i pass everything !! Im in my last semester of uni and like to think im finally a little bit more prepared, so that means I will have some extra time up my sleeve that I can spend on here talking to you guys !

Im going to try my hardest to post every other day as of Monday and get myself organised ahead of time, so if theres anything you want to see or know, let me know.

Id also like to thank everyone for still visiting and reading while ive been away, ive recieved some really nice emails from you guys and your comments have been still coming through which has been amazing.

Cant wait to get into this regularly again, ive missed it !!

Lots of love,
S xxx

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Love this !

Hey girls

Thought I'd share this while I was just browsing online, reminds me of myself haha

Love S x

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cheap MAC products

Hey girls..

I have one thing to say.. MAC is coming to Target :)

Love S x

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Revlon Eyeshadow

Hey girls,

I've never really purchased Revlon eyeshadows and it's never been anything that pulls me to their brand, I'm in love with their foundations mostly :)

But I was moving my makeup into my new tall boy and came across a palette which I had never used, it was still sealed so I figure I must have bought it one day, I just dont remember when..

What I found was a Revlon Custom Eyes palette which is so pretty and the colours have an amazing pay off so I did some swatches for you guys. It's my new favourite product now that I realised I own it.. I think the colours are in the perfect shade to compliment my brown eyes..

What do you guys think of Revlon shadows ? What's your fave cheaper alternative to higher end brands ?

S x

Essence express dry drops

Hey dolls,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

I spent my Friday afternoon shopping around Target because I seriously love it there.. I love looking around for some bargains in the makeup section and there was one particular product which caught my eye and at $3.45 I had to buy it..

Introducing Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops... Amazing !!

Basically it's a little bottle with a dropper that drops a water thin, oil like drop on your freshly painted nails.. The result ? Instantly dry nails in 30-40 seconds. Then you can just rinse your hands under some water to get off the residue.

The best $3 I've spent in a whole and for someone who always freaks out about chipped polish on my way out, I can always have them painted and dried.

This product is a must buy for every girl..

S x

Friday, August 3, 2012

Favourite blush !

Hey dolls..

I love wearing blush in winter and the one I can't stop reaching for lately is dollymix by MAC. It used to scare me cause of how bright it looks in the packaging and I always thought it would make me look like a clown and I always thought why on earth did I buy it..
The thing is, dollymix is a buildable blush so it can be worn to its full extreme of just a subtle pink glow.. I say a product like this is a win-win situation cause it's like a few different colours in one.

What's your fave blush ATM ? Do you reach for blush more in winter ? Do you love dollymix too ?

Love S x

Monday, July 30, 2012

Revlon Top Speed Nailpolish

Hey dolls,

Because pastels are the new thing this season and I'm yet to start building them in my wardrobe, the fastest way to get on trend is through nails :)

I purchased Revlons top speed Nailpolish in cloud which is a purple grey and I love it- I love it's paleness and neatness.

What do you guys think ? Do you love pastels and is your wardrobe upto date unlike mine ??

Love S x

Ps I'm on the hunt for a pretty minty green, let me know suggestions !!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Nail of the weekend !

Hey girls,

I love nothing more than a Friday afternoon so I thought I'd celebrate with painting my nails.

So I'm not too sure about what my plans are as of yet, but I hate having chipped nails and running around and trying to get my nails sorted ten minutes before I leave the house.

This weekend I've opted for linkin park after dark by opi- long lasting, beautiful for the cold weather and matches everything.

What colour are your nails this weekend and do you wear darker colours in colder weather ?

Love S x

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Home Treatments

Hey dolls,

So I'm always after home remedies and home beauty recipes, it just saves you a bit of cash and you can make a night out of it if you invite the girls over, or like me, you can just enjoy your "me" time..

I found these recipes today.. Have you guys tried anything like these ? Let me know what recipes you all use.

I'm going all organic and home made for simple beauty treatments..

Love S x

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hey girls !!

Its been a while, I've been super busy trying to get my life sorted especially around uni and I've enjoyed the longest break especially after all assessments are completed so I thought id get back into the swing of things...

I've just downloaded blogger for my iPhone and I think this is the best thing ever and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner !! Enough blabbing, I finally got my hands on the nail sticker things and I have one word... Amazing !!!

So the ones I tried, I only tried cause they were a freebie.. I never thought I would bother with these things cause I lack patience but once I sat down and concentrated its quite simple.. Even though it took me an hour, I became a bit of a perfectionist about it..

The good thing is that they provide you with 16 stickers which basically allows you six stuff ups ! Very handy..

They claim to last upto 10 days, mine lasted about 5 which is still really good before my nails started to chip and therefore made the pattern peel off. I wasn't too excited for the design I ended up with, only cause it felt so Christmas like so i intend on going a few packets where I can actually pick the design..

What are your thoughts ?? Have you tried these ??

Love S xx

Ps its good to be back :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chi Chi A-List Foundation !!

Hey girls,

Hope we are all well :)

Todays post is on my new Chi Chi foundation which i purchased the other week for an absolute bargain !! This foundation retails at about $29.95, but as i was taking a quick look through the bargain bin at my local Target store i found a wholw bunch of these in there for $9.95 !

This foundation is amazzzingggg !! Ive looked at it for the longest time but never actually bought one. I didnt really test the foundation before i bought it, so i winged it and picked up the light one cause im pretty fair and lucky for me it was the perfect shade ! Its actually pretty dark for your standard light foundation shades, but it just works for me in a weird way and gives me a fresh bronzed look, without making my face look different from my neck.

Now this foundation can be layered for a medium to heavy coverage and it kind of dries into a dewy look but feels like youve powdered your face after ! Its hard to explain but its worth every single cent, even if you do pick it up at the $30 price.

Has anybody tried this ? Let me know your thoughts on Chi Chi products... I love them !

Love S xx

Monday, April 30, 2012

ghd Scarlet :)

Hey dolls !!

It has seriously been wayyy too long.. I hope you have all been well, ive just been super busy and upto my ears in uni work and ive started to work so much more lately so im trying to find the balance between my life and blogging, only cause i love it so much and when i see your comments on here it just really makes my day so i hope your as happy as i am that im back :) I went away for a few days with a few friends of mine last weekend and mini breaks are seriously a life saver so ive decided that id like to do about 4 mini getaways a year- so refreshing and revitalizing at the same time..

So i actually have a really exciting post today, well i think so anyway..

I introduce to you.. The ghd Scarlet Limited Edition Collection.. I actually received one of these for my birthday in January this year from my lovely mum and my two sisters, theyre so good to me :)

The first thing i love about this straightener is that its not your classic ghd thats black with the gold plates, the plates are red !! And for you guys that know me personally should know that i love red, especially that i bought a red car and obviously i had to find red sunnies to match it lol.. I think the first thing that comes to mine when someone mentions ghd to me is “super hot, super fast” and “curls”.

The campaign for the Scarlet Collection is amazing cause its inspired by the roaring 1920’s which is filled with glamour and glitz- if only i was a 1920’s baby :)
Katy Perry is the face of the campaign and she looks amazing !!

Theres two gift packs which are available, The limited editions are presented in two luxury art deco indulgent gift set options, both available for a limited time. The Scarlet Collection includes a gorgeous heat resistant red satin styler roll bag, perfectly encasing the limited edition red plated
stylers, along with 2 sectioning clips and protective plate guard. Ideal for girls on the go, the Scarlet Collection Deluxe also features a compact ghd travel hair dryer and styler clutch bag, enclosed in a deep red vanity case.

Because im a lucky girl, i was given the Deluxe gift pack for my birthday which has the hairdryer and its super cute and usually travel haridryers dont work well, this one is awesome and my mum actually uses it as her everyday hairdryer now cause its so compact and dries hair so quick.

Through my careful research and i mean google lol, i read that ghd IV styler was named the ultimate styling gadget in the Readers kiss of approval Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards 2011 for the ninth consecutive year. I have one thing to say to this- would Cosmo ever lie ?? Get your hands on one of these stylers asap !

Check these out at ghd Australia

Let me know your thoughts on this limited edition collection, its a big 10 points in my books.

I will upload some photos of my ghd when i walk myself upstairs and take some photos :)

Love S xx

It feels so good to be back !!

Friday, March 9, 2012

NP Set Lip Gloss Trio

Hey dolls,

Its been a while.. Its currently 3am and im still up doing some uni work but i thought while im up i may as well do a quick post before i head off to bed !

So today we are looking at the NP Set Time to Shine Lipgloss Set. I actually got this for Christmas from my sister, it was such a cute little stocking filler and ive finally just opened it- in March !! I cant believe it took me so long to get my hot little hands on it ! I do know for a fact that these came out specifically for Christmas, but ive stll seen them in so many Target stores so they are still available and im pretty sure the last time i saw them they had a $15 price tag which is a bargain.

In the pack you recieve 3 little tubes which hold 2.5ml of product, which sounds a lot less than what it actually is... The colours are three nude /berry colours and they are just beautiful. I wanna get stuck into these little babies over winter especially which is probably now cause those of you in Sydney would know how freezing its been and ive been wearing a jumper for the past week or so !

The wearing time of these are amazing, like all of Napoleons lipglosses. Im really happy that the NP Set range is not a cheaper rip off version of the brand, there are so many quality products.

These glosses are the same consistency and wear time of the normal Napoleon glosses, they are slightly sticky, very shiny and will still be there after eating (if your careful obviously) and drinking.

They are also super moisturising- they contain Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and Vitamin C and E.

I think its an awesome product for the price, i doubt you will be disappointed. And the packaging is just too cute !!

What do you guys think ? Have you tried these or any Napoleon lip products ? Do you like them as much as i do ??

Love S x

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Where have I been !!!

Hey girls,

So i have been missing for a little while and i totally miss blogging. Ive just been so caught up with work and starting uni and im just a little all over the place really..

 I kinda feel like this just thinking about it !!!

I do have some posts lined up for next week which im pretty excited about so ill be seeing you all soon.

Love S xx

What have you guys been upto ?

Friday, February 10, 2012

OPI's Red

Hey girls,

I seem to be lagging on my posts, I've just been so busy getting myself together with work and trying to plan my new uni semester which starts soon so that's just poo isn't it lol

I thought I'd quickly post another nail of the day which I quickly snapped when I was grabbing my bag to run out the door for work.. It's opi in the shade opi red. I've always seen it but never really picked it up until the other day. I had my first day off in three months and went to a friends place and painted my nails there. It's a gorgeous red color with a slight pink sheen to it. It's like a perfect mellow red, if such thing exists.

Have you guys tried this ?

And what's your ultimate go to red nail polish- I really need one cause I'm kind of over big apple red by opi but I prefer polishes that are matte, especially if it's a red one, unless I really love it !

Let me know,

Love S x

Ps I think I need to start some kind of exercise routine, I've never exercised a day in my life so what do you girls suggest ?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maybelline Mini Colorama

Hey girls,

So the weather today is kind of crappy, its overcast and rainy and cold so what a better way to brighten up the day then with a bright nail colour !
I bought this a few weeks ago from kmart and once i got home i looked at it and was like what they hell were you thinking !! So its really just sat here for the longest time until i saw it this morning and thought id just try it out.

I love the brightness of it, its just such a happy colour. This is in the colour 100 Urban Lemon.
And for $5.95 its a total bargain and theres a mint green one which i really wanna pick up the next time im out.

As much as i love nudes, im still a little obsessed with brights.

Whats your favourite bright nailpolish that i have to try ? And have you tried this range ?

Love S xx

Monday, January 30, 2012

Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick

Hey girls,

Im really into lipstick lately, its the product of the moment for me- if i can only choose one thing, a lipstick will win the race.

I finally picked up a lipstick from the Maybelline Coloursensational range the other day. I had alot of trouble picking out one, because nothing really stood out for me except for one- which is obviously the one that i bought lol.. I just felt as though the whole range was very 'blah' and neutral and too pearly and shimmery for my liking. But the good news is, that if you like pearly and shimmery lipsticks- this range was made for you ! Theres a huge colour selection which was also fun to be able to swatch a billion of them when looking for one to purchase.

The one i picked up is in a medium pinky shade, with a slight shimmer. I was really happy with my choice cause when shopping for pink lipsticks I usually buy a light pink or a bright pink, so im now looking to build it with all the pinks inbetween.

I love the pretty packaging, its quite sleek and it smells like playdough which reminds me of when i was little and would play with my mums lipstick. Its just got that kind of playdoughy, classic lipstick smell to it.

Its a pretty sheer lipstick and im quite happy with it and im not hating the idea of shimmery lipsticks anymore.

Have you ladies tried this range ? What are your thoughts and what other colours should i get ?

Love S xx

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Top 5 bronzers for every budget !!

Hey girls,

I love bronzer and i wear it every single day but ive realised that it doesnt always mean paying big dollars is necessary. I mean i do love to splurge on some pricier items but i still find that a standard bronzer i find at Target is usually the one i reach for every day.

So here are my top 5 most reached for bronzers...

1. Rimmel Natural Bronzer

2. Benefits Hoola

3. Mac coppertone

4. Australis Duo's

 5. Stilas Sun Bronzing Bronzer

So tell me, What are your favourite bronzers ??

Love S x

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spreets Voucher Giveaway !!

Hey girls,
So today I have a bit of a treat for you all- A guest post by  Becki Chester ( Senior Copywriter at digital marketing agency, Cayenne Red, based in Reading) aka a lovely lady who works with Spreets has written an article of why make-up is magical through her eyes.

Whats even more exciting is that there is a $25 Spreets voucher up for grabs. I don’t know about you guys but ive used Spreets a hand full of times and there are so many bargains and Daily Deals in Sydney to get your hands on.

 Why Make-Up is Magical
When I was little I used to watch my glamorous Auntie prepare for evenings out. I sat on her bed and witnessed the steady transformation from lovely lady to incomparable beauty.
Firstly, using a soft cotton pad and some lotion, she would gently wipe the day’s residue from her face. Then she would apply a clear tonic called toner to: ‘tighten the skin and reduce the pores.’
After that a creamy, rich moisturiser mixed with a hint of foundation was smoothed evenly across her features making her already clear skin look flawless.
Eye-shadow was then swept across her lids. She layered it, lightly by the top lashes and darker in the sockets which made her appear enigmatic and other-worldly.
A smudge of liner and thick, black mascara completed her look.  Instead of eyes she now had glistening oceans hinting at a million secrets but revealing nothing
Blusher was now swept across her cheekbones, lifting them so they almost kissed her bottom eyelashes; a touch of nude lipstick filled her mouth and made it irresistible.
A naturally pretty woman had sat before me half an hour before but a goddess now claimed her place.
This began my love of make-up.
Make-up can transform a pock marked complexion into an unblemished plane.
Make-up can turn tired eyes into clear, sparkling diamonds
Make-up can make the hung-over seem tea-total.
Make-up refreshes even the most work –weary face
Make – up allows the apprehensive to be confident.
Make-up lets the wearer be whoever they want to be.
Make-up is magical.

Spreets offers so many Daily Deals at

All you guys have to do is answer the question- "What would you like to spend your $25 Spreets voucher on?"

Entries close on the 8th of February, so get your entries in !!! Dont forget !! Daily Deals Sydney !!

Love S x

Monday, January 23, 2012

Tanning safely and maintaining your glow !

Hey girls,

Im so happy to be back blogging, but cause im still on holidays im a bit all over the place and feel like i have had some trouble finding time to blog- so here i am on Sunday night at midnight writing a quick post.

I always love going away and especially if im on a beach holiday, i love the golden tan that comes home with me but somehow i always end up crispy no matter how much sunscreen i use. I even went for the 50+ option and still managed to not be able to move my legs for two days..

So here are my tips..

1. Exfoliate your skin- now i know what your thinking, this is usually what you do before a fake tan.. After some careful research and by research i mean Google lol, if you exfoliate your before you head out to the sun, it removes all dead skin cells which prevents you from peeling after and getting yourself an even tan. But if your like me and are already tanned this is probably a completely void point, but keep it in mind for next summer :)

2. Sunscreen- yes i know what your thinking, well done Einstein lol but layer it on because burning means an uneven skin tone after. And more importantly it prevents premature wrinkles, which is a hot look in your bikini next summer lol

3. Water- you need to drink ridiculous amounts of water, to keep your skin hydrated and prevent peeling afterwards and also because a long day of tanning means you have had nothing by the pool to drink but that water bottle that then becomes a billion degrees after its been in the sun for 5 minutes.

4. Moisturise- this should be done every day- morning noon and night ! Lather your body up with a rich and creamy moisturiser to keep your skin nice and hydrated seeing as its gotten a tad damaged from tanning. This will also prevent peeling, because we all know theres nothing worse than looking like a giraffe !

5. Tan extenders- use a tan extender to keep your nice glow going for weeks later. I usually go for moisturisers with fake tan in them so you can slowly build the tan and stop when you start to look a little orange. It gives you that subtle glow which just blends in with yor natural tan most the time.

What are your tips on prolonging your tan ??

Love S x