Sunday, January 29, 2012

Top 5 bronzers for every budget !!

Hey girls,

I love bronzer and i wear it every single day but ive realised that it doesnt always mean paying big dollars is necessary. I mean i do love to splurge on some pricier items but i still find that a standard bronzer i find at Target is usually the one i reach for every day.

So here are my top 5 most reached for bronzers...

1. Rimmel Natural Bronzer

2. Benefits Hoola

3. Mac coppertone

4. Australis Duo's

 5. Stilas Sun Bronzing Bronzer

So tell me, What are your favourite bronzers ??

Love S x


  1. Good picks. I enjoy N.Y.C bronzer. It's $2 - 3 and works well.

  2. i am new to bronzers, actually.
    how do you wear them?
    i just use it instead of using blush or sometimes i put it on the hollow parts(?) in my cheeks but i don't feel it makes much difference for me. ; /

    i would love to see some future tutorial post from you. ;)

  3. Love love love benefit hoola!!! So happy to see it on your page!! Best for pale skin like mine :/
    Love samantha xx