Friday, September 30, 2011

Holiday Makeup Necessities

Hey girls,

I thought id do a quick post on the essentials that i pack when i go away, whether it be just for the weekend or for a few weeks.. Its posts like this that make me think twice about why i have so much makeup when all i need is a few necessities !! (I dont like to admit that i have a slight obsession haha)

So today i thought id give you a quick look into the makeup bag that i took away with me on my trip to America and Hawaii earlier this year.

This Nivea moisturiser is small and compact and has SPF15 along with UVA and UVB protection which was perfect for the warmer whether. I love it cause its light and moisturising with a price tag ofabout $9 from Coles.

Instead of using foundation everyday, its usually easier to quickly rub some tinted moisturiser on your face and de-shine with a quick dusting of powder. This is my fave tinted moisturiser for daily use- it feels like your wearing nothing at all, and the colour suited me well. Its only available in one colour though which is probably a bit difficult for everyone to use. This was about $12 from Target.

Nivea be beautiful tinted moisturiser swatch

Revlon PhotoReady foundation- this makes sense because what do you do on a holiday when sight seeing ? You take a billion photos, so you may aswell have pretty skin for the photos. This is my favourite foundation everrrrr ! I try not to use it daily cause its quite heavy, but its definately used on nights out. This is sold at Target for $38.

I use the colour in 004 Nude

You guys should know how i feel about this powder. I couldnt leave Australia without it because im obsessed. NP Set is available exclusively to Target for $45- worth every cent !

I had to use a new compact for photo purposes because the one i actually took was all used up in America- Im a freak for shine free make up !

Ahh NP Set Powder how i love you haha.. Im in the colour Set 3.

Covergirl and Olay Concealer. I got this on sale for really cheap and it was just an impulse purchase. This stuff is awesome, its light feeling but with quite good coverage.. I think it has something to with the Olay cream swirled through it. Some days i just used to use this to pat some under my eyes and on any problem areas, and then i would just scoop out a little bit more and gently pat some product all over my face and tah dah- face was done ! Its my fave method of coverage on a good skin day.

Stila Bronzer i purchased on strawberry net in a huge sale for just $10 !

Stila Bronzer in shade 2

Beautiful bronzy swatch :)

This is the highlighter i always pack- MAC Blush in Honour. Another purchase from strawberry net for $23.

NP Set Palette- available from Target for $38. So small and compact with all the essential colours you will need.

Its such good value with so many shaddows and two blushers, a highlight and contour and 4 lippies !

Im sure you have read about everybody raving about this mascara before and you probably own it because of all the good reviews..

The brush shaped in an 'S' adds so much volume and length and allows you to pack on the product- something im usuall guilty of ! I get way too excited and dont know when to stop !

NP Set eyeliner in Paris which is a khol like product and its super creamy and worth the $28 price tag attached to it !

Sooo creamy !

My favourite nude lippie from MAC

Blankety.. Yes i have multi coloured nails lol i just got back from the shops and bought two new polishes and had to test them when i got home- so i slapped on the taupe brown on my thumb and the purple on my pointer !

For a little bit of colour, i took my first ever Revlon Lipstick from ages ago with me. I love it cause its matte and because its such a bright red, i love its staying power as it doesnt transfer or bleed.

My favourite lipgloss ever- this is probably my 8th bottle. It lasts forever ! Australis Colour Inject Lipgloss in the colour Contemporary. I got this from Big W for about $8 as far as i remember. I love Australis, you guys have no idea- im a fan of all their lip products from liners to gloss to lipstick.. Do you guys reckon i should do a post just on my favourite Australis products ?

Lip swatches: Revlon really red matte lipstick, Australis Lipgloss in Contemporary and underneath them in MAC lipstick in Blankety.

So there we go, thats everything i took away with me and ill take the exact same products on my next getaway- i was really happy with my choices.

What are your holiday makeup bag essentials ?

Love S x

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newspaper Nails

Hi dolls,

I thought id get with the times to try the new trend of newspaper printed nails and you have no idea how freaking excited i am by the whole thing haha.. I think it kinda reminds me of my first pair of heels i had years and years ago and they were pointed heels with newspaper printing and they were soo pretty and i loved them and wanted to wear them everyday and everyone would always compliment on how nice my shoes were !

Anywho, back on track.. Today i will show you my nails that will carry me over the week- my newspaper nails which were alot easier than i thought they would be. I saw this in cosmopolitan magazine and was like i must try this nowww !
Basically, you just pick your favourite nudie coloured nailpolish and apply two coats as per usual and let them dry completely- I used a neutral orange colour from the Face of Australia Luxe range and i just realised that i dont have a picture to show you !!.

Then you find a newspaper, rip out a random page and rip little squares up- you obviously need 10 and probably 2 spare just incase. Then you need a shot glass with some vodka in it (and maybe one for yourself, if youve had a rough day !). Next you simply dip your finger in the vodka and press down a little newspaper square on it and wait a few seconds so you can get a good transfer.

When all this is done, just apply your fave top coat to lock it all in place and your done !

You have to try this if you havnt already, its seriously exciting- it feels like craft i wouldve done in primary school haha

I just realised i have nailpolish all over my fingers ! (how embarrassing lol)

So tell me, have you guys tried this and what do you think ? A little childish or just something cute and different ?

Love S x

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Help !

Hey girlies,

I need your help.. why arent my new posts coming up in the reading list on the dashboard of your blog ?

hmmmm blogger can annoy me sometimes !!!

S x

Can I interest you in some Cheap Lashes ??

Hey hey  !

While i was doing some online shopping, i decided i wanted to buy a billion fake lashes because i have decided that i wanna wear them every single day and the ones that i use now cost about $13, which becomes a little expensive seeing as i throw them out after the second wear. I googled fake lashes and i came across ebay and a lovely seller in China, who had dirt cheap lashes  for dirt cheap prices. I was very excited when i saw that she offers free shipping, so i knew id definately buy some..

I got 80 pairs of lashes for $8 !!!! I know its crazinesss.. They came in a few different styles which is awesome because the price is just insane.

(I took this photo from ebay, just cause i was lazy to take photos of my own as that would involve walking upstairs haha )

The lashes are synthetic and were a little hard to work with at first, but i worked out the easiest way to use them and makes applying them a breeze..

1. Bend the lashes and really get them nice and curvy so they fall onto your eyelid alot easier.

2. When you apply the glue, dont get annoyed with waiting and apply them when the glue isnt tacky enough like i always do.. You must must must wait for the glue to be tacky or these babies will flick straight off once you put them on.

I applied the craziest ones to show you girls how they look- im in loveee <3 these are perfect for a night out with the girls !!

Excuse my pasty looking skin lol i probably shouldve worn foundation for my close up !

Love S xx

NOTD: Charcoal Matte

Hey dolls,

Im using darker colours on my nails while the weather is still cooler, before i reach for more pastels and lighter and fresh colours for spring and summer.

On the topic of nail polish, all i can say is that i am seriously obsessed with BYS nail polishes. Todays colour is 'Charcoal Matte' another one from the matte collection that dries almost instantly.

My nails arent exactly matte because i applied my OPI top coat on top because i rarely use top coat so i thought hey why not ! I actually bought this colour because it looks like a grey purple in the bottle, but it comes out charcoal grey (hence why its called charcoal dahhh lol). But it does shine a little purple in the sun which is quite sweet.

What do you think ?? yay or nay ?

Let me know in the comments below !

Love S xxx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NOTD: Royal Blue

Hey girls,

Lately my favourite colour in clothes and shoes has been anything navy blue. Its like ive become obsessed, anything navy is everything i want ! Ive been buying navy tops and jumpers and cardigans and shoes, so now ive decided that my nails must also be navy !

Todays NOTD is a navy blue polish by BYS called Matte Royal Blue, which is apart of their Matte collection. And im telling you for a proce tag of $3.95 these polishes are awesome. My polish usually lasts for about 4 days before it chips and for that price range, the quality is well worth the money.

These Matte polishes dry in what seems like seconds, with a semi matte gloss finish, which i love because because im not the biggest fan of shiny nails. 

Overall, I love this colour and formula and i lovee BYS nailpolishes and i wanna get my hands on the whole matte range !

BYS Nailpoloshes can be found at Kmart, Gloss and at BYS online..

What do you guys think of this colour ? Is it something you would purchase ?

Love S xxx

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giveaway winner revealed !!

Hey dolls ! :)

So for the past few hours, ive been sitting here tallying up all your entries and there was like fifty billion of them ! I decided to go old school and write down every single entry from the first post, all the way to the last and i put them all into a hugeee bowl, ready to give it a shake and  pull out the winning name.

So i thought id document the event, so i didnt sit here like a loser by myself doing this whole process haha..

These were the last few entries that i had written from the last post on my blog, before putting them in my huge bowl !

See how many entries there was ! You guys are awesome...

In goes my hand...... drum roll please......

I got one :)

CONGRATS to Stephania Green, you are my hugeee giveaway winner :)

Please contact me at so we can work out where this prize will be shipped off too !

Id like to thank everybody else sooooo much for entering and being part of my giveaway.. I wish that you all could have won, it wouldve made me so much happier cause i feel so mean for having just one winner lol but the good news is, im already gathering some extra things for my next giveaway which wont be too far away.

Ill be back to regular blogging from tomorrow onwards, i have a nail of the day post ready to go !

Again thankyou to all my lovely followers !!

xxxx Love Suzie

Ps. Im going to start going through all these posts again and hopefully start fulfilling your requests and what you guys wanna see in my blog


Monday, September 5, 2011

Closing Date of Giveaway !

Hey guys,

Ive been a bit MIA and just realised my last post was like 10 days ago ! Ive been super busy lately with working out what exactly is happening next with my life and what to do and where to go and all of that jazz. And ive still come to the conclusion that i have no idea because im seriously very indecisive with stuff like this but im still thinking that i will be definately going back to uni in March, but i dont know what exactly ill be doing there.

Anyway, back to more important things, we have 7 days to go.. My giveaway will end next Tuesday on the 13th of September so be sure to get your final entries in :)

What i do need help with, is how exactly will i draw this ? The whole idea of stuff like i dont think will necessary work, because some of my followers have tweeted and facebooked and blogged about the giveaway which means they get extra entries. So what do you reckon, do i go completely old school and write it all down and draw it out of a hat ? or is there some fancy technological answer to my problem lol.. Its kinda embarrassing because sometimes it seems like im so behind this whole technology thing haha but i think the truth is that i seriously dont have the biggest interest in all these fancy technological advancements that are meant to make my life easier because i never quite learn how to use everything properly !

So any advice would be soo helpful :)

Lots of Love,

Suzie xxx