Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can I interest you in some Cheap Lashes ??

Hey hey  !

While i was doing some online shopping, i decided i wanted to buy a billion fake lashes because i have decided that i wanna wear them every single day and the ones that i use now cost about $13, which becomes a little expensive seeing as i throw them out after the second wear. I googled fake lashes and i came across ebay and a lovely seller in China, who had dirt cheap lashes  for dirt cheap prices. I was very excited when i saw that she offers free shipping, so i knew id definately buy some..

I got 80 pairs of lashes for $8 !!!! I know its crazinesss.. They came in a few different styles which is awesome because the price is just insane.

(I took this photo from ebay, just cause i was lazy to take photos of my own as that would involve walking upstairs haha )

The lashes are synthetic and were a little hard to work with at first, but i worked out the easiest way to use them and makes applying them a breeze..

1. Bend the lashes and really get them nice and curvy so they fall onto your eyelid alot easier.

2. When you apply the glue, dont get annoyed with waiting and apply them when the glue isnt tacky enough like i always do.. You must must must wait for the glue to be tacky or these babies will flick straight off once you put them on.

I applied the craziest ones to show you girls how they look- im in loveee <3 these are perfect for a night out with the girls !!

Excuse my pasty looking skin lol i probably shouldve worn foundation for my close up !

Love S xx


  1. I also have some from china! I think they are brilliant. Its crazy how much companies try to charge when all they are just some fibres attached to a strip. yay for cheap lashes! Id love to ear them everyday but I rub my eyes way too much :(


  2. loving those ebay lashes;) Style #2 from left are my favourite :)

  3. I sometimes buy my eyelashes from ebay too. I think they can be a hit or miss. I once bought eyelashes from eBay and when I got them, they were smashed! not even in a box. Luckily they refunded my money :)

    Anyway those eyelashes look fab on you!

  4. That is amazing! Yeah I bought nail wheels from China and it only cost me £2 and it was free delivery couldn't believe it!

  5. When I find bargains like this I wonder why i shop retail ! Everything from china is so cheap, and even if they don't work, you havnt wasted a lot of money on the product.. all in all I think its a win win situation x

  6. I love bargains! And I can't believe the great variety of lashes incuded, a pair of lashes for every event!

    That's awesome!