Friday, September 30, 2011

Holiday Makeup Necessities

Hey girls,

I thought id do a quick post on the essentials that i pack when i go away, whether it be just for the weekend or for a few weeks.. Its posts like this that make me think twice about why i have so much makeup when all i need is a few necessities !! (I dont like to admit that i have a slight obsession haha)

So today i thought id give you a quick look into the makeup bag that i took away with me on my trip to America and Hawaii earlier this year.

This Nivea moisturiser is small and compact and has SPF15 along with UVA and UVB protection which was perfect for the warmer whether. I love it cause its light and moisturising with a price tag ofabout $9 from Coles.

Instead of using foundation everyday, its usually easier to quickly rub some tinted moisturiser on your face and de-shine with a quick dusting of powder. This is my fave tinted moisturiser for daily use- it feels like your wearing nothing at all, and the colour suited me well. Its only available in one colour though which is probably a bit difficult for everyone to use. This was about $12 from Target.

Nivea be beautiful tinted moisturiser swatch

Revlon PhotoReady foundation- this makes sense because what do you do on a holiday when sight seeing ? You take a billion photos, so you may aswell have pretty skin for the photos. This is my favourite foundation everrrrr ! I try not to use it daily cause its quite heavy, but its definately used on nights out. This is sold at Target for $38.

I use the colour in 004 Nude

You guys should know how i feel about this powder. I couldnt leave Australia without it because im obsessed. NP Set is available exclusively to Target for $45- worth every cent !

I had to use a new compact for photo purposes because the one i actually took was all used up in America- Im a freak for shine free make up !

Ahh NP Set Powder how i love you haha.. Im in the colour Set 3.

Covergirl and Olay Concealer. I got this on sale for really cheap and it was just an impulse purchase. This stuff is awesome, its light feeling but with quite good coverage.. I think it has something to with the Olay cream swirled through it. Some days i just used to use this to pat some under my eyes and on any problem areas, and then i would just scoop out a little bit more and gently pat some product all over my face and tah dah- face was done ! Its my fave method of coverage on a good skin day.

Stila Bronzer i purchased on strawberry net in a huge sale for just $10 !

Stila Bronzer in shade 2

Beautiful bronzy swatch :)

This is the highlighter i always pack- MAC Blush in Honour. Another purchase from strawberry net for $23.

NP Set Palette- available from Target for $38. So small and compact with all the essential colours you will need.

Its such good value with so many shaddows and two blushers, a highlight and contour and 4 lippies !

Im sure you have read about everybody raving about this mascara before and you probably own it because of all the good reviews..

The brush shaped in an 'S' adds so much volume and length and allows you to pack on the product- something im usuall guilty of ! I get way too excited and dont know when to stop !

NP Set eyeliner in Paris which is a khol like product and its super creamy and worth the $28 price tag attached to it !

Sooo creamy !

My favourite nude lippie from MAC

Blankety.. Yes i have multi coloured nails lol i just got back from the shops and bought two new polishes and had to test them when i got home- so i slapped on the taupe brown on my thumb and the purple on my pointer !

For a little bit of colour, i took my first ever Revlon Lipstick from ages ago with me. I love it cause its matte and because its such a bright red, i love its staying power as it doesnt transfer or bleed.

My favourite lipgloss ever- this is probably my 8th bottle. It lasts forever ! Australis Colour Inject Lipgloss in the colour Contemporary. I got this from Big W for about $8 as far as i remember. I love Australis, you guys have no idea- im a fan of all their lip products from liners to gloss to lipstick.. Do you guys reckon i should do a post just on my favourite Australis products ?

Lip swatches: Revlon really red matte lipstick, Australis Lipgloss in Contemporary and underneath them in MAC lipstick in Blankety.

So there we go, thats everything i took away with me and ill take the exact same products on my next getaway- i was really happy with my choices.

What are your holiday makeup bag essentials ?

Love S x


  1. Ever since I saw the Nivea tinted moisturiser from dolly magz, I've always wanted to try it. but I couldn't find it in my country TT_TT

  2. @ Lina Kim- that sucks ! maybe try ebay or ordering off an Australian or American website

    @ Me,my best and i- im excited :)thankyou x