Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Magnetic Nail polish

Hey girls,

So now that crackled nail polishes are very 'last season' haha the new craze thats caught my eye is Magnetic Nail polishes. I was never too into the crackled nails, so I wonder is magnetic nails will tickle my fancy, but im still undecided.

How does it work you ask ? The polishes are just normal polishes with little magnetic particles in it. When you put your polish next to a magnet, the charged particles in the polish align themselves with the magnet poles and create all cute, little funky patterns on your nails..

My research shows that apparently this isnt the first time that we have heard of Magnetic Nail Polish, and apparently Lancome had these a few years ago, but it was too hard to get your hands on, so it never really took off, but hopefully LancĂ´me will be re-releasing its 2007 Le Magnetique polish... weeeeeeeee !!

Some brands have already released there magnetic polishes for 2011 and the word on the street is that they are a little bit pricey for now, so if you can hold on a little, more reasonable priced polishes will come out in about a billion different colours from different brands.

Im sure brands like OPI and Essie are working on complete ranges of the magnetised polishes and they should have their ranges available to us by early 2012.

These Magneffect polishes by Layla are currently $16 (in the UK and US) but im yet to find some available in Australia (i did read somewhere that they arent available to us yet), besides buying them online.
Heres another version of magnetic polishes by Nails Inc. which has been released in the UK.

Will you be purchasing these or have you purchased one yet ? Let me know your thoughts cause i think im still on the fence about this one.

Love S x


  1. I really want to try this too... I'm getting bored of just plain colurs in my nails. What a great idea!

    Hope they hurry up and release them in Aus!