Thursday, October 6, 2011

Save your dollars: Olay Moisturiser

Hey girls !

Time for another "Save your dollars post" cause i got alot of good feedback from my other one, and i love telling you my honest opinion of a not so great product, so you guys can put your money towards something better.

I feel bad not writing a very good review on something like Olay, cause i feel as though its one of those classic brands, sorta like Vogue that you just dont speak bad about- so please Olay, dont hate me for this, its just really not one of your best products..

Here we have the Olay complete facial moisturiser. This originally caught my eye cause i was like "oh olay is a good brand and my moisturiser is running out.". My second thought was, "it has spf15 which is awesome along with UV protection" and then i was like, "its on sale for $14 so in my basket you go."

My problem with this is that, a moisturiser is meant to be moisturising and this is something that it just doesnt do. Especially in the winter months, when i have dry skin and some patches that are drier than others, it just doesnt help my skin what so ever. At first i thought my skin must be ridiculously dry, but i really knew that it wasnt.. The formula is quite runny and light which is good because its non greasy but its not so good when its non moisturising.

I even tried to give it to my sister and thought maybe she would have better luck with it than myself, cause she has non complicated skin that is fine with or without a moisturiser- even she gave it back to me a few days later.

All in all, im disappointed with it and i dont like that i have a 150ml worth of it, so ill probably use it to slather on my legs after shaving or something so its not a complete waste.

Have any of you tried this ? What are your thoughts ? I hope your experiences are better than mine.

Love S x


  1. I've never tried this particular olay as it's not sold in Singapore. But I remember using a product from this brand and it gave me a bad breakout that skin actually turned red and nasty!

    Now that I'm older I absolutely love the olay regenerist line! :)

  2. Ive heard that the regenerist range is good, ive just starting using the whole range of loreal youth code.. review to come soon x

  3. This is my HG moisturizer and I use it all day. I always grab it if it's on sale in Coles, I have heaps stocked in my cupboard.
    I have combination skin though so I don't like to use greasy or thick moisturizers.
    And I've always thought the same thing about Olay, like it's just a classical brand.
    Also could you please do a review on a gel consistency moisturizer? I would love to just maybe change it up this summer even though I will always love my Olay.