Friday, October 21, 2011

Breast Cancer Pink Nail of the Weekend !

Hey dolls,

Ill be attending a breat cancer charity event on Sunday afternoon, so i thought id paint my nails now and be prepared to think pink !

This is Revlon's 'Sweet Tart"- too cute ! :)

Ive never actually used it before, cause im not a huge fan of pink nails on myself, but i like it !

Just a random thought.. i feel as though my Revlon polishes last longer than my OPI ones ? What are your thoughts ??


  1. I love this color! i think for me they wear about the same.. but im rough on my nailpolish... btw did you ever pick a winner for your giveway.. i have been watching to see :) id love to win it! especially going into my 30's hehe. My b-day is today. and i would love to try some new stuff.

  2. Haapy birthday even though im a day late !! Yeah i did already pick a winner, the post is still up.. i will be having another giveaway for either xmas or a goodie bag to welcome in the new year (it really just depends on how much time i have over the holiday season!)

    xx S

  3. Love this colour... perfect pink!

  4. I love pink on nails, its my favourite! I am always disapponted when I change to another colour.
    I really like Revlon too, I don't know if it lasts longer though because I have acrylics and everything lasts on acrylics :)