Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How expensive is too expensive ?

Hey dolls,

So quite often I find myself on a bit of a budget because like most of you, i like to blow my pay on makeup and even makeup items i know i wont use, but i just simply want it. I tend to buy that blush which is the hot topic of that month (happily blowing a whole days pay on it) and then realising that it doesnt suit my skin and its not pigmented enough for me and blah blah blah... epic fail !

So this brings me to nail polish.. because all nail polish will chip regardless on how fab it is, i dont mind using cheapo versions because i like variety, its better for my bank account and i really do enjoy changing my nail colour every two days, because painting them simply makes me happy :)

I cringe at the idea of paying something like $40 for a Chanel nail polish because i really think it cant be worth it, because it will chip eventually, it is nail polish at the end of the day so it will dry out and go gluggy like every other polish.

So how much is too much to pay for a polish ? I usually stay under the $15 mark- Revlon is priced at $15, I love BYS which is a lovely $4 and my local beauty warehouse sells OPI for $10 which makes me a very happy girl..

I guess my next question is.. would you pay $133,130 for a nail polish ? I know its unlikely for pretty much all of us now, but think of it in this way.. if you had ridiculous amounts of cash to throw around, would you spend $133,130 on a nail polish ? Keep in mind, it is limited edition, with 1,118 inlaid diamonds on the bottle even though the actual formula has no diamonds in it..

I introduce you to this beautiful bottle of Models Own polish is priced at a hefty $133,130.

To answer my own question, "would you buy this is you had ridiculous amounts of money to throw on stupid stuff?" - Yes i would ! The idea that its limited edition and a fancy bottle with DIAMONDS and in a pretty gold shade, i just couldnt help myself whether i actually wore it or not..

Back to reality, for now, it looks pretty exactly where it is- pictured in this blog post.

What are your thoughts ?

Love Sx


  1. mmm i think its just a gimmick.
    I am in the same boat as you though I reallty dont spend much on polish..they just dry up at the end of the day! Bottle looks pretty though


  2. I dont know how much this would cost in English pounds, a tonne im sure! Ouch.
    I wouldnt buy it, but the colour does look nice! There will ofcourse be dupes by smaller nail polish companies, so it wont be long until everyone can own this shade, just for A LOT cheaper!

  3. Very pretty bottle, but I think even if I was a millionaire I wouldn't spend that much on a nail polish. I am all about getting the most for my money. Although, I guess maybe some people would say that spending 8 - 10 dollars on polish is too much, but that is about my limit.

  4. I love that you girls are all about a bargain ! x

  5. wow that's too expensive!!! better use OPI than that!

  6. I'd rather those diamonds in my jewellery where i can wear them rather than on my nailpolish bottle that will be hidden in mu cupboard! xx

  7. Yyyeah no way I'd spend money on that, I don't think it's even that pretty, haha. I like fancy polish bottles, but not like that. $5.00 or less is my preferred polish budget - I make exceptions for magnetics and Nfu-Oh. ^-^