Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NOTD: Lavender Purple

Hey dolls,

Today i have a quick NOTD for you all.. I found these cute baby polishes from Target for $5 each, bargain alert !! This polish is by Chi Chi in the colour Mile High.

I love this colour, cause it just makes your hands look so pretty and neat. Ive had this polish on for 4 days now and still not one chipped nail to be seen.

These polishes take a little while to dry, but the price and finished result make it worth it- 5 days with no chips must make these my new favourite polishes !

Lets hope i have this luck with the other colours i bought.. Have you tried these ?

Love S x


  1. Awesome colour. I have two Chi Chi polishes that I haven't tried yet. I really should give them a go.

  2. @olgiepolgie- Chi chi polishes are awesome, they last forever ! Ive been reading your blog but cant work out how to comment on any of your posts !!

  3. this is such a pretty color! :)

  4. That is a great colour, Im a pink girl but I would totally give this a go... it is so soft and pretty!

    Great choice :)