Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bobbi Brown Lipglosses

Hey everyone,

Today i thought id post on these two Bobbi Brown lipglosses i found in the back of my lipgloss drawer. These are the single lipglosses, which im not sure if they even make them anymore, cause i did purchase them over a year ago and I cant see these glosses on the website.

The first one on the left is a Glitter Lipgloss called Baby. Its a gogreous light pink gloss with golden glitter refelects. Normally i stay away from glitter based glosses, but this is not a gloss which has chunks of glitter in it, its like really fine glitter that just leaves a really pretty golden shimmer on your lips.

The one on the right is a normal gloss in the colour Nude Pink. I dont know why i havnt really touched this because i am seriously in love with this gloss. Its the perfect light pinky nude gloss.

(Nude Pink on the top, Baby underneath)

From memory, i believe i picked these up for about $36 each. Its worth the money because they do stay on for a long time and you can have something small to eat and drink and your gloss will still be there. The only thing i dont like about these glosses is that they dont have any applicators to go along with them. If i use them at home before i go out, i would use a lip brush, but once its thrown in my handbag, i find it really difficult to apply glosses like this because once i dip my finger in it, i never know where to wipe my finger while im out on the go and usually do it on my pants- its a bad habit !

So tell me, what do you guys think of these colours, especially the glitter gloss ? Whats your favourite Bobbi Brown product ?

Love S x


  1. I love Bobbi Browns lip crayons, they stay on for a long time and have a nice creamy texture and I cannot live without their long wear gel eyeliner!


  2. I've never tried Bobbi Brown Lip glosses. I own a bobbi brown blush and eyeshadow though. But now I really want to check out their lip glosses lol. Thanks for Subscribing suzie. You have a pretty rad blog too. :) Subscribing.

  3. @Tania ive always wanted to try a lip crayon !

    @Xtina, thanks for your lovely comment :) im actually reading your blog posts as i type this haha x