Monday, October 24, 2011

Love pink lips !

Hey girls,

I picked up a new lippie the other day and ive worn this all weekend because its too cute !!

I love NYX lipsticks for a few reasons being, the price, its creaminess, quality and staying power isnt too bad either.

I introduce to you NYX lipstick in Harmonica- a simple sheer baby pink lipstick.

This is going straight into my handbag to be that emergency lipstick because it will match any outfit or any style of makeup. Then i figure i will pick up another to keep in my makeup drawer so i can always have one handy (this is only because its sooo affordable)

Whats your favourite NYX lipstick shade ? Do you girls like NYX lippies as much as i do ?

Love S x


  1. I don't like NYX lipsticks :'( I like them as lipsticks I'd use for a particular look but not for a handbag lipstick! :(

    In the heat, they melt and just kinda break off! And I think they have this really weird soapy taste >.< Though I love the pigmentation, finish and everything....

    Thank you for dropping by my blog!! :)


  2. I love the creaminess of NYX lippies. So hard to get the good shades though at my local Groove store :-/

  3. Hi. New follower here.very cute blog.
    I've never tried anything NYX. Do we even have it in the state? Brilliant shade. It'll make a good emergency lipstick.

  4. @Tram- my nyx lippie totally broke haha im so upset.. i was literally putting it on while reading this !!!!!!

    @Vita- shades are quite hard to find down here, so i took the risk of checking out the website and then ordering in bulk on ebay.. worked out so much cheaper ! xx

  5. @girlie blogger- NYX is available everywhere in the states ! x