Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brush Cleaner

Hey guys,

Finally ive found it, the brush cleaner that doesnt make me choke from its chemicals, its almost a yummy sanitised smell which i loveee. My brushes smell nice always, even if i spritz one and leave it for weeks, they smell so clean which is what i love (oh and that it does what its supoosed to do !)

Artiste by Manicare Brush Cleaner can be picked up in any priceline store for $14.95 next to the Artiste brushes which are sold there, which arent too shabby either- its good for starters and when your trying to build up your brush collection.

This dries almost instantly and has a good price tag attached to it, perfect for everyday cleaning of my personal brushes and in between clients for my 'work' brush set. A brush cleaner is a must have product if your like me and a little on the lazy side, so you dont wash your everyday face brushes religiously like once a week how your supposed to ! Bad girls !!!

All in all, its my favourite to date, so well done on this product Manicare, a hefty score of 10/10 from Suzie :)


  1. this quite pricey xD. I'm using brush cleaner from Daiso though~

  2. Ive tried so many, i just love the smell of this one.. It actually lasts a while too ! x