Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chi Chi Body Souffle= YUM !!

Hey guys,

Today ill be giving you a super quick review on my favourite body butter ever, hands down !

This souffle/body butter has the consistency of a moisturiser, which i love because sometimes i find body butters to be too thick so they take more time to sink into my skin. This product sinks in super fast, so you can rub it in before running out the door. I love it because its a non greasy formula, but its super moisturising. The scent in absolutely insane, its peach and mango and just reminds me of summer days so it makes me happy using it every day, its just such a nice refreshing smell to begin my day. I use this every morning before i get ready for my day and i use it every night before bed and the smell lingers all day, so my bed sheets smell of it constantly which i love and even if i forget to put perfume on for the day, i can smell the peach and mango frangrance all day.

Ive repurchased this about 6 times now, and for $14.95 which is a bit steep for a body butter, i think its totally worth it. These are now available at Target.

Have you tried any Chi Chi body products ? Let me know.. I have actually spotted a peach and mango body spray from Chi Chi which i must get my hands on- heaven !!!

Love S xx


  1. Wow...that sounds soo yummy! I love peaches and mangos hahaha. I've been looking for a good moisturizer, so I'll definitely check this out next time I'm in Target.

    Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing! I've used the Victoria Secret body butters and they take SOOOO long to soak in. I will def try this out since dry winter air is coming ... I look forward to soft skin!

    ♥ Shia

  3. I love the Body Shop's body butters in winter, but they're way too thick for use when it's warm. I may have to go check these out now.

  4. @azu if you love peaches and mangoes you will love the body spray to- its to die for !

    @Shia i bought at VS body butter in hawaii and i also found it taking forever to soak in so i figured id use it in winter where i could use it under my tights so the extra residue from it wouldnt be on my bare skin, so i can get rid of that sticky dewy feeling.

    @olgiepolgie i think im seriously the only person who doesnt own anything from the body shop- i need to know essentials so i can fit in with everyone else lol.. i really wanna check out some stuff though xx

  5. I've not heard of Chi Chi, but it sounds like an interesting product.

    Nice blog. I'm following you hk.

  6. I've got the chichi body souffle in frangipani and it's really nice, smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling amazing. Nice review :)