Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kat Von D Palette

Hey guys !

I recently bought this palette on a trip to NYC and i never really did anything with it because i sorta forgot i owned it lol until now that is :)

This eyeshadow palette is the 'True Romance Eyeshadow Palette' in 'Ludwig'. Kat Von D says that, "A smokey eye adds an instant air of mystery" and how very true is this ! A smokey eye is so sexy, sleek and mysterious all at the same time and i know that this is one reason i love them.

I love the packaging- too cute !

This palette contains 8 shadows in the prettiest shades of bronze and greens i have ever seen ! Such a versatile palette that can be used during the day or night.

These were swatched in natural daylight, all colours are super pigmented, as these are all swtached with just one swipe. However, im not too happy about the black shadow in the palette, i had to keep swiping my finger over the swatch to try and darken it, but it wouldnt get to a darker black that i was after. But 7 out of 8 shadows being completely awesome means im not complaining.

These are just some closer photos on the swatches, again in natural sunlight.

I believe this was $35 from Sephora in Times Square NYC. They are such a good price, i wish i wouldve bought the palettes in all the other colours because i remember there being one in purples and blues- i have no idea why i opted for the greeny/ bronze palette, normally i would go for purple !

Has anyone else tried these or do you guys own the other palettes in blue and purple ?

I need to get my hands on them, not sure how much they would cost to locate these and pay the Australian rate (we get ripped off down here so bad !!!)

Love S xx


  1. The colours look pretty awesome. I wish we got this stuff here, but it still probably costs less to get it sent over from the States!

  2. I knoww !! I need to suss out the cheapest way to get these babies to sydney asap !! x

  3. I saw this at the store and wanted it so bad,but I am on a "no buy" lol..The colors are gorgeous!

  4. This palette is gorgeous!!! I love the colors!!! I have only tried a couple things from her line, but I will definitely have to go check this one out!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  5. I love the pigmentation of the colours! absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Hello Suzie:
    Thanks for following my blog!
    I now follow your awesome blog :)

  7. I was just looking this over at Sephora!
    I opted to buy some Tarte lip pencils instead. Ilike the shades though XOXO