Friday, October 21, 2011

Face of Australia lip definer

Hey everyone,

Just a real quick post on my new 'most used' lip definer by Face of Australia. Its in the colour perfect pink and its just that beautiful dark/bright pink colour which is perfect under all the brighter pink shades of lipstick ive got my eye on for the Summer months.

These are good quality liners and can be worn alone, because its like a thick crayon that doesnt budge, and the application is so easy cause it just glides across your lips. I purchases mine for $7 at Big W, what a bargain :)

I think this is my third liner from Face of Australia, my other two are the same colour in the most perfect nude i have ever seen, except they look like little stubs because they are literally 3cm long now..

Whats your favourite Face of Australia product ?

Love S x


  1. I don't have anything from this brand yet, but you made me get it LOL It's such a pretty color and looks very pigmented too :)

  2. i loveee it, i hope you get to try it and see why i love it so much ! xx