Monday, October 24, 2011

Love pink lips !

Hey girls,

I picked up a new lippie the other day and ive worn this all weekend because its too cute !!

I love NYX lipsticks for a few reasons being, the price, its creaminess, quality and staying power isnt too bad either.

I introduce to you NYX lipstick in Harmonica- a simple sheer baby pink lipstick.

This is going straight into my handbag to be that emergency lipstick because it will match any outfit or any style of makeup. Then i figure i will pick up another to keep in my makeup drawer so i can always have one handy (this is only because its sooo affordable)

Whats your favourite NYX lipstick shade ? Do you girls like NYX lippies as much as i do ?

Love S x

Friday, October 21, 2011

Breast Cancer Pink Nail of the Weekend !

Hey dolls,

Ill be attending a breat cancer charity event on Sunday afternoon, so i thought id paint my nails now and be prepared to think pink !

This is Revlon's 'Sweet Tart"- too cute ! :)

Ive never actually used it before, cause im not a huge fan of pink nails on myself, but i like it !

Just a random thought.. i feel as though my Revlon polishes last longer than my OPI ones ? What are your thoughts ??

Face of Australia lip definer

Hey everyone,

Just a real quick post on my new 'most used' lip definer by Face of Australia. Its in the colour perfect pink and its just that beautiful dark/bright pink colour which is perfect under all the brighter pink shades of lipstick ive got my eye on for the Summer months.

These are good quality liners and can be worn alone, because its like a thick crayon that doesnt budge, and the application is so easy cause it just glides across your lips. I purchases mine for $7 at Big W, what a bargain :)

I think this is my third liner from Face of Australia, my other two are the same colour in the most perfect nude i have ever seen, except they look like little stubs because they are literally 3cm long now..

Whats your favourite Face of Australia product ?

Love S x

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kat Von D Palette

Hey guys !

I recently bought this palette on a trip to NYC and i never really did anything with it because i sorta forgot i owned it lol until now that is :)

This eyeshadow palette is the 'True Romance Eyeshadow Palette' in 'Ludwig'. Kat Von D says that, "A smokey eye adds an instant air of mystery" and how very true is this ! A smokey eye is so sexy, sleek and mysterious all at the same time and i know that this is one reason i love them.

I love the packaging- too cute !

This palette contains 8 shadows in the prettiest shades of bronze and greens i have ever seen ! Such a versatile palette that can be used during the day or night.

These were swatched in natural daylight, all colours are super pigmented, as these are all swtached with just one swipe. However, im not too happy about the black shadow in the palette, i had to keep swiping my finger over the swatch to try and darken it, but it wouldnt get to a darker black that i was after. But 7 out of 8 shadows being completely awesome means im not complaining.

These are just some closer photos on the swatches, again in natural sunlight.

I believe this was $35 from Sephora in Times Square NYC. They are such a good price, i wish i wouldve bought the palettes in all the other colours because i remember there being one in purples and blues- i have no idea why i opted for the greeny/ bronze palette, normally i would go for purple !

Has anyone else tried these or do you guys own the other palettes in blue and purple ?

I need to get my hands on them, not sure how much they would cost to locate these and pay the Australian rate (we get ripped off down here so bad !!!)

Love S xx

NOTD: Lavender Purple

Hey dolls,

Today i have a quick NOTD for you all.. I found these cute baby polishes from Target for $5 each, bargain alert !! This polish is by Chi Chi in the colour Mile High.

I love this colour, cause it just makes your hands look so pretty and neat. Ive had this polish on for 4 days now and still not one chipped nail to be seen.

These polishes take a little while to dry, but the price and finished result make it worth it- 5 days with no chips must make these my new favourite polishes !

Lets hope i have this luck with the other colours i bought.. Have you tried these ?

Love S x

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chi Chi Body Souffle= YUM !!

Hey guys,

Today ill be giving you a super quick review on my favourite body butter ever, hands down !

This souffle/body butter has the consistency of a moisturiser, which i love because sometimes i find body butters to be too thick so they take more time to sink into my skin. This product sinks in super fast, so you can rub it in before running out the door. I love it because its a non greasy formula, but its super moisturising. The scent in absolutely insane, its peach and mango and just reminds me of summer days so it makes me happy using it every day, its just such a nice refreshing smell to begin my day. I use this every morning before i get ready for my day and i use it every night before bed and the smell lingers all day, so my bed sheets smell of it constantly which i love and even if i forget to put perfume on for the day, i can smell the peach and mango frangrance all day.

Ive repurchased this about 6 times now, and for $14.95 which is a bit steep for a body butter, i think its totally worth it. These are now available at Target.

Have you tried any Chi Chi body products ? Let me know.. I have actually spotted a peach and mango body spray from Chi Chi which i must get my hands on- heaven !!!

Love S xx

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bobbi Brown Lipglosses

Hey everyone,

Today i thought id post on these two Bobbi Brown lipglosses i found in the back of my lipgloss drawer. These are the single lipglosses, which im not sure if they even make them anymore, cause i did purchase them over a year ago and I cant see these glosses on the website.

The first one on the left is a Glitter Lipgloss called Baby. Its a gogreous light pink gloss with golden glitter refelects. Normally i stay away from glitter based glosses, but this is not a gloss which has chunks of glitter in it, its like really fine glitter that just leaves a really pretty golden shimmer on your lips.

The one on the right is a normal gloss in the colour Nude Pink. I dont know why i havnt really touched this because i am seriously in love with this gloss. Its the perfect light pinky nude gloss.

(Nude Pink on the top, Baby underneath)

From memory, i believe i picked these up for about $36 each. Its worth the money because they do stay on for a long time and you can have something small to eat and drink and your gloss will still be there. The only thing i dont like about these glosses is that they dont have any applicators to go along with them. If i use them at home before i go out, i would use a lip brush, but once its thrown in my handbag, i find it really difficult to apply glosses like this because once i dip my finger in it, i never know where to wipe my finger while im out on the go and usually do it on my pants- its a bad habit !

So tell me, what do you guys think of these colours, especially the glitter gloss ? Whats your favourite Bobbi Brown product ?

Love S x

Save your dollars: Olay Moisturiser

Hey girls !

Time for another "Save your dollars post" cause i got alot of good feedback from my other one, and i love telling you my honest opinion of a not so great product, so you guys can put your money towards something better.

I feel bad not writing a very good review on something like Olay, cause i feel as though its one of those classic brands, sorta like Vogue that you just dont speak bad about- so please Olay, dont hate me for this, its just really not one of your best products..

Here we have the Olay complete facial moisturiser. This originally caught my eye cause i was like "oh olay is a good brand and my moisturiser is running out.". My second thought was, "it has spf15 which is awesome along with UV protection" and then i was like, "its on sale for $14 so in my basket you go."

My problem with this is that, a moisturiser is meant to be moisturising and this is something that it just doesnt do. Especially in the winter months, when i have dry skin and some patches that are drier than others, it just doesnt help my skin what so ever. At first i thought my skin must be ridiculously dry, but i really knew that it wasnt.. The formula is quite runny and light which is good because its non greasy but its not so good when its non moisturising.

I even tried to give it to my sister and thought maybe she would have better luck with it than myself, cause she has non complicated skin that is fine with or without a moisturiser- even she gave it back to me a few days later.

All in all, im disappointed with it and i dont like that i have a 150ml worth of it, so ill probably use it to slather on my legs after shaving or something so its not a complete waste.

Have any of you tried this ? What are your thoughts ? I hope your experiences are better than mine.

Love S x

Brush Cleaner

Hey guys,

Finally ive found it, the brush cleaner that doesnt make me choke from its chemicals, its almost a yummy sanitised smell which i loveee. My brushes smell nice always, even if i spritz one and leave it for weeks, they smell so clean which is what i love (oh and that it does what its supoosed to do !)

Artiste by Manicare Brush Cleaner can be picked up in any priceline store for $14.95 next to the Artiste brushes which are sold there, which arent too shabby either- its good for starters and when your trying to build up your brush collection.

This dries almost instantly and has a good price tag attached to it, perfect for everyday cleaning of my personal brushes and in between clients for my 'work' brush set. A brush cleaner is a must have product if your like me and a little on the lazy side, so you dont wash your everyday face brushes religiously like once a week how your supposed to ! Bad girls !!!

All in all, its my favourite to date, so well done on this product Manicare, a hefty score of 10/10 from Suzie :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How expensive is too expensive ?

Hey dolls,

So quite often I find myself on a bit of a budget because like most of you, i like to blow my pay on makeup and even makeup items i know i wont use, but i just simply want it. I tend to buy that blush which is the hot topic of that month (happily blowing a whole days pay on it) and then realising that it doesnt suit my skin and its not pigmented enough for me and blah blah blah... epic fail !

So this brings me to nail polish.. because all nail polish will chip regardless on how fab it is, i dont mind using cheapo versions because i like variety, its better for my bank account and i really do enjoy changing my nail colour every two days, because painting them simply makes me happy :)

I cringe at the idea of paying something like $40 for a Chanel nail polish because i really think it cant be worth it, because it will chip eventually, it is nail polish at the end of the day so it will dry out and go gluggy like every other polish.

So how much is too much to pay for a polish ? I usually stay under the $15 mark- Revlon is priced at $15, I love BYS which is a lovely $4 and my local beauty warehouse sells OPI for $10 which makes me a very happy girl..

I guess my next question is.. would you pay $133,130 for a nail polish ? I know its unlikely for pretty much all of us now, but think of it in this way.. if you had ridiculous amounts of cash to throw around, would you spend $133,130 on a nail polish ? Keep in mind, it is limited edition, with 1,118 inlaid diamonds on the bottle even though the actual formula has no diamonds in it..

I introduce you to this beautiful bottle of Models Own polish is priced at a hefty $133,130.

To answer my own question, "would you buy this is you had ridiculous amounts of money to throw on stupid stuff?" - Yes i would ! The idea that its limited edition and a fancy bottle with DIAMONDS and in a pretty gold shade, i just couldnt help myself whether i actually wore it or not..

Back to reality, for now, it looks pretty exactly where it is- pictured in this blog post.

What are your thoughts ?

Love Sx

Magnetic Nail polish

Hey girls,

So now that crackled nail polishes are very 'last season' haha the new craze thats caught my eye is Magnetic Nail polishes. I was never too into the crackled nails, so I wonder is magnetic nails will tickle my fancy, but im still undecided.

How does it work you ask ? The polishes are just normal polishes with little magnetic particles in it. When you put your polish next to a magnet, the charged particles in the polish align themselves with the magnet poles and create all cute, little funky patterns on your nails..

My research shows that apparently this isnt the first time that we have heard of Magnetic Nail Polish, and apparently Lancome had these a few years ago, but it was too hard to get your hands on, so it never really took off, but hopefully LancĂ´me will be re-releasing its 2007 Le Magnetique polish... weeeeeeeee !!

Some brands have already released there magnetic polishes for 2011 and the word on the street is that they are a little bit pricey for now, so if you can hold on a little, more reasonable priced polishes will come out in about a billion different colours from different brands.

Im sure brands like OPI and Essie are working on complete ranges of the magnetised polishes and they should have their ranges available to us by early 2012.

These Magneffect polishes by Layla are currently $16 (in the UK and US) but im yet to find some available in Australia (i did read somewhere that they arent available to us yet), besides buying them online.
Heres another version of magnetic polishes by Nails Inc. which has been released in the UK.

Will you be purchasing these or have you purchased one yet ? Let me know your thoughts cause i think im still on the fence about this one.

Love S x