Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Newspaper Nails

Hi dolls,

I thought id get with the times to try the new trend of newspaper printed nails and you have no idea how freaking excited i am by the whole thing haha.. I think it kinda reminds me of my first pair of heels i had years and years ago and they were pointed heels with newspaper printing and they were soo pretty and i loved them and wanted to wear them everyday and everyone would always compliment on how nice my shoes were !

Anywho, back on track.. Today i will show you my nails that will carry me over the week- my newspaper nails which were alot easier than i thought they would be. I saw this in cosmopolitan magazine and was like i must try this nowww !
Basically, you just pick your favourite nudie coloured nailpolish and apply two coats as per usual and let them dry completely- I used a neutral orange colour from the Face of Australia Luxe range and i just realised that i dont have a picture to show you !!.

Then you find a newspaper, rip out a random page and rip little squares up- you obviously need 10 and probably 2 spare just incase. Then you need a shot glass with some vodka in it (and maybe one for yourself, if youve had a rough day !). Next you simply dip your finger in the vodka and press down a little newspaper square on it and wait a few seconds so you can get a good transfer.

When all this is done, just apply your fave top coat to lock it all in place and your done !

You have to try this if you havnt already, its seriously exciting- it feels like craft i wouldve done in primary school haha

I just realised i have nailpolish all over my fingers ! (how embarrassing lol)

So tell me, have you guys tried this and what do you think ? A little childish or just something cute and different ?

Love S x


  1. Oooo this was my next project! You did a gorgeous job :-) I think this trend should stick around for a while.

  2. You need to try this, ive had so many comments already.. let me know how you go.. if only I had prettier hands haha sighhh... xx

  3. I am definitely going to try this!.

  4. Hey!! Nice post as usual!! Haha, by the way sent u a blog award, chek it out!! You totally deserve it ;) xoxooo

  5. Hey,

    What an awesome idea, I'm gonna do that tonight. I am gonna try it with white nails, now that would have an awesome newspaper effect!

    Thanks for the tip Suzie

    Much love xox