Thursday, January 12, 2012

Im backkk :)

Hey dolls !!!

Im really excited to be back. I took a little break from blogging after Christmas Day cause its such a crazy time of year with so much to do.. I havnt spoken to you in a while so ill give you a quick update on my whereabouts !

So Christmas Day was such a nice day, which was celebrated at my house this year and was just so relaxing with so much food- which im not complaining about ! My sister had me as her Kris Kringle so i got such cute things, becaused she got most of her ideas from my blog posts, so obviously i loved everything i recieved haha..

Boxing Day was spent with my parents and my sister in Darling Harbour. Its a little ritual we have had for a few years now, we head to the city to have lunch and pass by a few shops in the area to see if we can pick up some sale items. I actually bought quite a few things, but obviously nothing i wanted was on sale lol

Then on the 29th of December, i went to Cairns with 10 of my friends and spent the next eight days there, it was an absolute ball and i got to get myself a nice bronzed tan which was pretty exciting cause i am quite pale.

I just thought id share what i got to look at for eight days :)

I also celebrated my 22nd Birthday in Cairns on the 2nd of January which was fun but i hate the mention of my birthday, id just rather celebrate someone elses than my own. But yayyy Happy Birthday to me. i am officially old.

And besides all of that, i had to go back to work as soon as i got back which as been super busy and full on and i also need to go back to uni for my final year in March. But the most exciting thing is that i can get myself back into blogging and i still need to locate myself a camera for posts.

What have you guys been upto ? Were you all lucky enough to spend your holidays with family or get away ?

Love Sxx


  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds like a wonderful break. Wow! That place looks gorgeous.

    Oh, happy belated birthday!

  2. OMG! Carins is stunning. Beautiful beach. Happy belated birthday.So glad you are back, and had a nice relaxing time with your family. Missed reading your posts.

  3. Thankyou so much for your sweet comment, makes blogging worth the time ! xxxx

  4. I love Cairns! Sounds like you had a great time. Happy belated birthday and welcome back to blog land. Oh, and 22 is not old. I must be ancient, then! The boyfriend and I visited his parents in the country at Christmas time and then went away to the beach for New Year's Eve.