Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spreets Voucher Giveaway !!

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So today I have a bit of a treat for you all- A guest post by  Becki Chester ( Senior Copywriter at digital marketing agency, Cayenne Red, based in Reading) aka a lovely lady who works with Spreets has written an article of why make-up is magical through her eyes.

Whats even more exciting is that there is a $25 Spreets voucher up for grabs. I don’t know about you guys but ive used Spreets a hand full of times and there are so many bargains and Daily Deals in Sydney to get your hands on.

 Why Make-Up is Magical
When I was little I used to watch my glamorous Auntie prepare for evenings out. I sat on her bed and witnessed the steady transformation from lovely lady to incomparable beauty.
Firstly, using a soft cotton pad and some lotion, she would gently wipe the day’s residue from her face. Then she would apply a clear tonic called toner to: ‘tighten the skin and reduce the pores.’
After that a creamy, rich moisturiser mixed with a hint of foundation was smoothed evenly across her features making her already clear skin look flawless.
Eye-shadow was then swept across her lids. She layered it, lightly by the top lashes and darker in the sockets which made her appear enigmatic and other-worldly.
A smudge of liner and thick, black mascara completed her look.  Instead of eyes she now had glistening oceans hinting at a million secrets but revealing nothing
Blusher was now swept across her cheekbones, lifting them so they almost kissed her bottom eyelashes; a touch of nude lipstick filled her mouth and made it irresistible.
A naturally pretty woman had sat before me half an hour before but a goddess now claimed her place.
This began my love of make-up.
Make-up can transform a pock marked complexion into an unblemished plane.
Make-up can turn tired eyes into clear, sparkling diamonds
Make-up can make the hung-over seem tea-total.
Make-up refreshes even the most work –weary face
Make – up allows the apprehensive to be confident.
Make-up lets the wearer be whoever they want to be.
Make-up is magical.

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