Monday, January 23, 2012

Tanning safely and maintaining your glow !

Hey girls,

Im so happy to be back blogging, but cause im still on holidays im a bit all over the place and feel like i have had some trouble finding time to blog- so here i am on Sunday night at midnight writing a quick post.

I always love going away and especially if im on a beach holiday, i love the golden tan that comes home with me but somehow i always end up crispy no matter how much sunscreen i use. I even went for the 50+ option and still managed to not be able to move my legs for two days..

So here are my tips..

1. Exfoliate your skin- now i know what your thinking, this is usually what you do before a fake tan.. After some careful research and by research i mean Google lol, if you exfoliate your before you head out to the sun, it removes all dead skin cells which prevents you from peeling after and getting yourself an even tan. But if your like me and are already tanned this is probably a completely void point, but keep it in mind for next summer :)

2. Sunscreen- yes i know what your thinking, well done Einstein lol but layer it on because burning means an uneven skin tone after. And more importantly it prevents premature wrinkles, which is a hot look in your bikini next summer lol

3. Water- you need to drink ridiculous amounts of water, to keep your skin hydrated and prevent peeling afterwards and also because a long day of tanning means you have had nothing by the pool to drink but that water bottle that then becomes a billion degrees after its been in the sun for 5 minutes.

4. Moisturise- this should be done every day- morning noon and night ! Lather your body up with a rich and creamy moisturiser to keep your skin nice and hydrated seeing as its gotten a tad damaged from tanning. This will also prevent peeling, because we all know theres nothing worse than looking like a giraffe !

5. Tan extenders- use a tan extender to keep your nice glow going for weeks later. I usually go for moisturisers with fake tan in them so you can slowly build the tan and stop when you start to look a little orange. It gives you that subtle glow which just blends in with yor natural tan most the time.

What are your tips on prolonging your tan ??

Love S x


  1. Lovely blog. I'm following you now ,follow me back if you want

  2. Thank you so much for the tips! I will definitely keep them in mind! I actually know all the things but don't always follow them! Especially the third one! It's hard for me to drink large amounts of water


  3. i know what you mean ! I think i drink enough water just to stay alive- i dont really like the taste of water lol xx

  4. Exfoliate, eh? Will have to do this next time because right now I look I had a game of paint ball with some tanning lotion :( My back is so brown and patchy! LOL.