Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maybelline Mini Colorama

Hey girls,

So the weather today is kind of crappy, its overcast and rainy and cold so what a better way to brighten up the day then with a bright nail colour !
I bought this a few weeks ago from kmart and once i got home i looked at it and was like what they hell were you thinking !! So its really just sat here for the longest time until i saw it this morning and thought id just try it out.

I love the brightness of it, its just such a happy colour. This is in the colour 100 Urban Lemon.
And for $5.95 its a total bargain and theres a mint green one which i really wanna pick up the next time im out.

As much as i love nudes, im still a little obsessed with brights.

Whats your favourite bright nailpolish that i have to try ? And have you tried this range ?

Love S xx


  1. I have a whole drawer full of these, they often go on sale for $1 at kmart so keep your eye out! I love the bright yellow shade, very pretty!

  2. lol. We all need to wear brights some time. Cute yellow color.

  3. I admire people who can pull off a yellow like this!

  4. This yellow rocks!

  5. love the colour!

  6. What a unique color and great for spring. By the way, you have been tagged by my on my blog. Check it out!

  7. love your blog <3
    i am a new follower ...
    -- would love it if you could visit me and follow back sometime ?

  8. What a beautiful color!


  9. wow!!! gorgeous color!!!

  10. Oww Great yellow <3