Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Hey girls !!

Its been a while, I've been super busy trying to get my life sorted especially around uni and I've enjoyed the longest break especially after all assessments are completed so I thought id get back into the swing of things...

I've just downloaded blogger for my iPhone and I think this is the best thing ever and I don't know why I didn't do it sooner !! Enough blabbing, I finally got my hands on the nail sticker things and I have one word... Amazing !!!

So the ones I tried, I only tried cause they were a freebie.. I never thought I would bother with these things cause I lack patience but once I sat down and concentrated its quite simple.. Even though it took me an hour, I became a bit of a perfectionist about it..

The good thing is that they provide you with 16 stickers which basically allows you six stuff ups ! Very handy..

They claim to last upto 10 days, mine lasted about 5 which is still really good before my nails started to chip and therefore made the pattern peel off. I wasn't too excited for the design I ended up with, only cause it felt so Christmas like so i intend on going a few packets where I can actually pick the design..

What are your thoughts ?? Have you tried these ??

Love S xx

Ps its good to be back :)


  1. This is really pretty, but I do agree that it has a Christmas feel about it. I'm personally not a fan of these nail stickers, but that's because the stickers totally don't fit my nails right at all! I'll be sticking with regular nail polish for now :D xoxo

  2. I think I prefer normal nail polish too.. I like the fun factor of these things because I'm not a nail art person lol..

    I wanna try the whole caviar nail craze

    S xx