Sunday, August 5, 2012

Revlon Eyeshadow

Hey girls,

I've never really purchased Revlon eyeshadows and it's never been anything that pulls me to their brand, I'm in love with their foundations mostly :)

But I was moving my makeup into my new tall boy and came across a palette which I had never used, it was still sealed so I figure I must have bought it one day, I just dont remember when..

What I found was a Revlon Custom Eyes palette which is so pretty and the colours have an amazing pay off so I did some swatches for you guys. It's my new favourite product now that I realised I own it.. I think the colours are in the perfect shade to compliment my brown eyes..

What do you guys think of Revlon shadows ? What's your fave cheaper alternative to higher end brands ?

S x


  1. Those colours look pretty. Now that you mention it I think I have one of those palettes that I never use either!!


  2. hahaha @ emma.. happy i could help ! x

  3. lovely swatches :D **New Follower via GFC**

  4. Love those colours !!!

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