Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas Shopping- MAC !!

Hey dolls,

Todays post is on MAC's Holiday Range for 2011, which im loving !! Ive picked out what i loved the most for a xmas gift and I also think that MAC has nailed it on the head this year with prices too !

Dazzlesphere Ornament in Coral
Contains 4 glosses :)

Dazzlesphere Mini Nail Laquer

Dazzlesphere Ornament in Pink
Ill definately buying this one on Saturday when i hit the shops- my own little gift for me :)

Dazzlesphere Ornament in Berry

The colours are beautiful !

Fabulously Festive Face Kit

Such a bargain !

So tell me your thoughts on this one, i personally really like it ! It just reminds me of snow and Christmas (even though it doesnt snow in Australia, but i know you get me lol)

Even if you dont love the range, you could buy somebody a single item from MACs normal range, but your saving so much money by purchasing a gift pack. I love gift packs, i buy everything in a pack !

Will you be buying anything from MACs holiday range ?

Love S x

PS. Completely off topic...Are you guys watching Gossip Girl Season 5- I love Chuck Bass !!!


  1. i love it!!


  2. I bought the nail polish in unconditionally fabulous. nothing else really stood out to me. i got the last one where i live and it wasnt on the aus mac website.

    mac giveaway on at the moment on my blog where you can win $124 worth of mac products. jaciwalker.blogspot.com


  3. Love love love it!! What great xmas gift ideas!