Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Shopping: Benefit Cosmetics !!

Hey dolls,

I was just on the Myer website, looking for some Christmas pressies, cause im all about online shopping and point systems (i love the vouchers you can get from your Myer One card) and you have probably realised by now, that i have a thing for gift packs.

I love Christmas time ranges and special gift packs, exactly for that reason- gift packs ! Its value for your money because its a discounted price and alot of gift packs only come out for the holiday season, which is probably pointless to say cause im sure you all know that haha..  I usually buy alot of these gift packs for myself, especially when i catch them in the post xmas sales, i like to be stocked up because you never know when your going to need something :)

I had a browse through Myer's beauty counter gift sets and the only ones that i thought were worth the money, and as it turns out, all my picks were from Benefit. Im actually quite happy with what they have to offer this Christmas, because Benefit is quite pricey here for those of us in Australia.

Now I have to be honest in the fact that, im not exactly 100%sure that these are exclusive to the Christmas season, except for one of them, but lets just say regardless, they all make great Christmas pressies :)

Glossytown Lipglosses

Is it just me or is this seriously cheap !?

Benefit Boxing Day Beauty

I'm Glam, Therefore I am

One word- CUTE ! This is probably my favourite item.

Finding Mr Bright

Im pretty sure ive seen this before, so definatley not a Christmas item lol

I also forgot to mention, that Myer currently has free shipping so yayyyy for us !

Also, to everyone else outside of Australia, Im sure you can locate these gift packs at places like Sephora for just a fraction of the price lol

Lots of love

S xx


  1. I love Benefit's gift sets. They're so awesome.

  2. I really want to try benefits some kind-a gorgeous. Would you reccomend it?

  3. @Beauty and Stuff- I loved some kind-a gorgeous, but i didnt love the price tag, so i never bought another. Just try and get a close match for your skin colour- i find benefits foundation colours are tricky !

  4. wow these sets could come quite in handy! I would want one in my purse for touch up through the day haha! Me like!

  5. Wow, great gift sets, I wouldn't mind one of these in m stocking this year..