Monday, March 7, 2011

Favourite product of February: Lipstains !

Hey guys,

Im doing my favourite product of February and i went lipstain crazy last month. I  used to think lipstains only came in colours like red and burgandy but freaked out when i saw they came in like mauve purplish colours and pinks and just cute colours all round.
I bought quite a few actually.. well a few is only two so i suppose i bought three times of a few lol.
Ill tell you the best bits of each one and my faves and ill post pictures at the end that ill look for online cause im really not bothered going upstairs to look for them and take photos haha !
So my absolute favourite is the Rouge Hi-tech lipstain by Borjois which i got in two different shades of red which i loveee ! They just look so natural on your lips and the packaging is so cute with a little sponge tip applicator in a nail polish type of bottle. Im not sure if you can use this as a lip and cheek stain but ive used it on my cheeks too so im going to say yes to that.
The Covergirl Outlast lipstain and the Revlon Just Bitten range are pretty much the same now that i think of it, marker type of application tip, with a lip balm on the other end. I wouldnt recommend the Covergirl ones, the two i bought both dried out within about 2 weeks but the Revlon ones have been good since i got them. These arent anything really special or exciting but the application is alot easier especially when your in a rush for something or somewhere and i found they were the ones that won their place into my handbag.
The Napoleon Set lipstain and lip plumper duo worked really well for me, it plumped and coloured so what else could i ask for ! These are cute in the classic NP set white packaging in a lip gloss tube.
The one ive been using alot lately is the Australia brush on lip and cheek tint which i actually really like the taste of and it does as it claims, it has a cute little brush applicator so its just like putting gloss on with a lip brush and it blends really nicely into your cheeks so thats an A+ !
Lastly, most expensive of the lot is the Benefit benetint which i love because the packaging is too cute, its like one big nailpolish bottle. It really does the same job as all of the above, no product will stay on forever so you will eventually need to re apply it like the rest. My advice would probably be, save yourself a few pennies and buy one not so pricey as the benetint.

Until next time,
love Suzie



  1. Love lipstain! i use the urban decay lip envy, its really good, it works best when u put some sort of a lip balm over it! :)
    you're blog is really interesting! i'm a follower, keep up the good work :) x

  2. Thanks for your comment and thankyou soo much for following :) I must get my hands on some of this urban decay lip envy haha. Ive actually replaced my lip liners with lipstains, it just makes my life so much easierr !! Hope to see you keep reading xxx

  3. i'm really tempted by the benetint lipstains

  4. I want to try this, but I can't find it in my country. T_T

  5. the benetint's really a cutie! i haven't had hands on them yet..

    please enter me on your giveaway. :)
    snow0016 at yahoo dot com