Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Beauty Blessing !

Hey guys,

Ive just jumped into bed and thought id do a quick blog post before i go to sleep, lets hope my sleep tonight is more successful than last night before i got attacked by mosquitos and had huge welts all over my body. Then the strangest thing happened, i woke up and i had no evidence of anything on my body and my mum looked at me like i was a crazy person when i explained the story to her haha

Anyway, back to the purpose of this blog post minus the rambling is that i purchased a range of new face creams last week and heres the beauty of it... They were $5 each !! woo hoo love a good bargain !

Its a new range that is exclusive to Coles called Derma Q10 and at $5 a piece how could i not buy the day cream , the night cream and the eye cream. Ive been using them for a week and the all smell delish ! The day cream has spf15 in it which is awesome and the night cream and eye cream both have anti wrinkle agents, so ive becomes to figure that maybe prevention is always a good thing considering how much makeup i wear all the time which cant be doing me any favours so maybe a little TLC is what my skin needs, especially with the horrendous dryness i had on my face the other week :(

I love the creams so far because they are all lightweight and i dont feel like my face is heavy like it does with so many other night creams. The night cream isnt extremely oily or anything, its just really moisturising with no greasy feel after and my skin just absorbs is asap ! It has a refreshing cucumber smell to it which is nice. The eye cream has a peppermint smell and is a cream but feels more like a gel which is nice and light too so i love it at the moment. The day cream is also non greasy which has bonus points for me cause i do have combination skin which can get quite oily.

Its a bit early to see extreme results but so far, im loving it and a $5 a product, even if i didnt love it i could throw it away without a second thought. I reserached it just before and saw that this is apparently the new miracle cream with such a small price so i wonder if maybe the prices will boost eventually.. My mum actually bought the Derma Q10 face wipes from the same range and they worked so well removing all my makeup because they have a rough kind of texture to exfoliate your face but it feels so nice and smooth when you wipe it across your face and these were only $1 !!! I know right, its ridiculous even, so obviously when i went to Coles to get these they were all gone and that was where i first saw the Derma Q10 range cause i was originally after the towlettes.

Let me knwo if youve tried these, would love to hear what you think.. Ill definately do a proper review in a few weeks to see if this little cheapie really does work miracles,

Until then,
kiss kiss.

Suzie xxxx


  1. i've never tried these products... too bad it's only available at coles

  2. haven't tried these but love to see what it accomplished on your reviews.. ^^

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