Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I think im blushing ! :)

Hey dolls,

Now that summer has ended in Australia i find myself pushing my bronzers into the back of my blush drawer and reaching for blushes as i love the pinky cheeks in winter for day and a darker maroon toned blush for an evening look.

So theres a few which im a little excited about this winter so i figure id list them all and describe them and hopefully post a photo by tomorrow because surprise surprise i couldnt locate my camera !

Here we go.. by day time im loving, Benefit blushing bride which is actually an eyeshaddow but its like a really nice pale pink which is a little bright and warms so nicely to your skin tone but it doesnt have the best staying power, but maybe cause its an eyeshaddow and not necessarily meant to be used as a blush ?. However, it is really silky though which i like so sometimes i just use it over a cream blush to help the staying power.
 Maybelline Dream Mousse blush in the colour number 20 which is a cream blush in a really pretty pinky peach colour which gives such a nice natural glow with a bit of colour. This one stays on forever because its cream based which i then set with a translucent powder.
The next two are both from American Beauty and are medium pink toned in Flamingo and Apricot Twist which i bought forever ago and never used them and now i loveeee them ! I was very surprised by these ones because i got them for $2.50 each from a beauty outlet store so i thought at that price they would be complete duds, but oh how i was wrong.. The colour range is pretty good with about 15 different shades to choose from and the staying power is great. I definately recommend these.

And by evening i swear my Mac's matte blush in fever which is a darker maroon colour and the best way to describe it, is something between a bronzer and a blush and cause its matte it shows up beautifully in flash photography especially..

While im on the topic, I might aswell do a quick recap on the bronzers that ive been using through summer. I used an Australis bronzer by day which had a bronzer on one side and a highlighter which was soo shimmery on the other side which was so convenient cause i used it all as a bronzer and eyeshaddow when i was in a rush cause it had a highlighter all in one. Alternatively during the day id use my Stila bronzer in shade 2 or for a more natural look id use Mac matte bronzer in coppertone which is a medium type brown. For an evening id normally reach for Mac Mineralize Skin Finish in Deep Medium or my Napoleon bronzing brick which i think ive repurchased atleast 6 times so far- its an oldie but a goodie !

I think i might end this here before i publish a book by the time im done with the bronzing and  blushing blab haha..

Speak to you soon..

xxxx Suzie xxxxx


  1. yay an aussie chick!! me too, soo exciting. love reading aussie blogs. check out mine if you want:)
    where abouts are you from? i'm in melbourne. its jolly cold here atm, terribly depressing reading US/UK blogs they are all going on about the start of spring...i'm digging out my winter coats

  2. haha its always exciting to find another aussie !! Im from Sydney and i loveee winter so im pretty happy about this time of year, maybe cause we dont get it as cold as you guys in melbourne ! I just checked out your blog, I will definately keep my eye out for updates xxxx

  3. i love the Maybelline Dream Mousse blushes, there is a very gorgeous peachy one