Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fave nailpolish atm !

Hey guys,

What a week I have had ! I had no internet access for about two days cause my computer went completely dunzo and I never realised how important internet is in the 21st century ! For the first time in forever, i had to actually use a street directory instead of, i had no idea what was going on in the news because i had no ninemsn updates and i couldnt even track my internet shopping parcels because im not sure if you can do that if its not online and importantly i couldnt blog.. I had the most fabulous idea about a post for you guys about mint green nail polish which is my current fave colour for nails but then i had this internet problem and i forgot what i wanted to blab on about. But back to my point, i found one which im obsessed with and its by BYS and its called Minte Green but its a matte polish and im in loveeee ! Now that i look at my nails its not necessarily mint, its more like a bright mint medium happy green haha, ill post a pic below and then maybe you will understand my not so logical explanation.. It cost $3.75 which is a bargain and the application is so good and easy cause the brush was really nice, so ill definately get some more by BYS, its such a cheap alternative to OPI with a huge range of colours too which is good. Ive had my nails done for three days now and i still have no chips or anything which is great seeing as its such a cheap polish and i must mention again that there is like a billion colours available !!
Ive also had my eye on B by Bloom that they sell in Target but none of the colours a really appealing to me.. Has anyone tried these ? If you have please shoot me an email or comment below and tell me what you thought of them.What other brands have awesome green polishes ?

PS. for those of you that will ask, i got my BYS nailpolish from a store called Gloss here in Sydney and im sure they have heaps of locations.

Until next time,

Love Suzie xxx


  1. wow! ... i love, love, love this colour ♥

  2. I love this colour! I'm trying to find one like this.

  3. I love this color! It's awesome!

    Thank you again for your giveaway!
    U are a really kind person! And i'm happy to "know" such an amazing person!
    Thank you again!

    I would love to see swatches for every nailpolish u have. I'm jealous because where i live there aren't a lot of nailpolish brands.

  4. oooh, i love that color! i don't think i've seen BYS on our country though..

    please enter me on your giveaway. :)
    snow0016 at yahoo dot com