Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eye Primers

Hey all,

So the most important step to applying eyeshaddow is to ALWAYS (and i cant stress enough) apply an eye primer before your eyeshaddow. This to prevent creasing of your eyeshaddow and to make it last longer as well as stopping your eyelids producing oil which is the ain reason why your shaddow will crease to begin with.

Ive tried a few, being Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance but with the big price tag attached to them, i was so happy to find something a little cheaper such as the Face of Australia Eyeshaddow Primer which comes in matte and shimmer. I purchased the matte one seeing as most of my shaddows are shimmery anyway and i must say i love this product and it works exactly the same as higher end brands. It cost me a whole $7 which is a complete bargain and its so creamy that you only need to just tap your brush or finger into the product and its enough to cover your whole lid. Ive had mine for about 3 months so far and have used it pretty much every time i wear shaddow which is about 4 days a week (cause i dont wear eyeshaddow to uni).

If any of you have this, let me know what you think cause i love it !

Speak to you soon

Suzie xxx


  1. I've never tried that primer because I live in America, but another good, cheap alternative to UDPP or TFSI is the L'oreal Decrease primer that you can get at drugstores. I love your blog! I found it on elleandblair.com, haha. I would be so happy if you would check out my blog as well! <3

  2. I saw your comment last night and today i went out and bought the Loreal Decrease primer !! So im pretty excited about that.. Im coming to the states in July and i cant wait to do some shopping there because our drugstore prices compared to yours are two completely different worlds ! I will definately keep my eye on your blog xxxx

  3. i also want the Urban Decay Primer Potion and Too Faced Shadow Insurance, but they're not very cheap :( ... on the bright side, the girls that use them say they last forever, so i guess they're worth the money

  4. None of those brands come to my country. u.u

  5. you think, mac paintpot can do the same as primers if used as a base?

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